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A new exploration in the art of story telling that is mysterious, mystical at times but mostly meant to be entertaining.

Submitted: February 23, 2018

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Submitted: February 23, 2018
















Ask of Mr. Gaberlunzie Bindlestiff from where he came and you would receive in answer, "O'er Yonder" which would be somewhere to his right, in whatever compass direction he happened to standing at that very moment. And of course if you were to extend your question to a specific town or city or village he would smile politely and reply, "Just a little hamlet off the beaten path and of no consequence, but most delightful indeed."

There are of course a few indications of his origins, being, a distinct accent familiar to the Welsh but a little awash from being years away.


There is also his curious cuisine which among other delicacies includes, a typically traditional Welsh breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs, laver bread and cockles. Welsh tea in the late afternoon consisting of bara brith, 'speckled bread', a sweet fruit bread and Welsh cakes and Welsh rarebit for supper, sometime about 8 pm. But such items are not always available so he suffices with fish and chips from a reputable vender. I believe he even enjoys a good feed of hamburger and french fries when all else escapes him. Of course, according to himself, no meal is complete without a fine wine and later a dram of brandy....hand warmed.


Mr. Gaberlunzie Bindlestiff travels hither and yon aboard a magnificent silver land yacht, driven by his man Winslow, whom serves as Butler as well as chauffeur, valet, cook and first, second and third foot man. Himself does not have a license and never has and finds driving a dreary vocation, mostly because he is not at all good at it, spending too much time rubbernecking instead of paying due attention to the road ahead. His one experience behind the stirring wheel nearly proved an irreversible accident. Fortunately he missed the person walking across the street in a perfectly legal cross-walk. He never again indulged that curiosity.


Mr. Bindlestiff's man, Winslow, refers to his employer not as Sir, or Mr. or any other prefix save My Lord. In fact listening to him one could mistake the title for the man's name if that is all they ever heard. This of course would indicate that Gaberlunzie was of some aristocratic position and the title was a carry-over impossible for Winslow to discard. And it might be said that it was not discouraged to continue the use of such titling. Bindlestiff on the other hand treated Winslow with the utmost respect and at times comradery. Particularly in the evening over Brandy and chess.


Of Mr. Bindlestiff's personality it could not be said either way, whether he was of a friendly or unfriendly disposition. It can be said, he never spoke ill of those whom did not deserved to be spoken ill of. On the other hand he was harsh with those who did deserve such attention.

He enjoyed certain games of skill, such as chess and on a more social level, darts, Skittle Pool and Pocket Billiards. It can be noted that he was not beyond a wager in the latter categories of gaming.

Mr.  Bindlestiff was also an avid reader of the newspaper in whatever form he could acquire them, often perusing a dozen different periodicals a day from across the country, which will be a significant piece of information in future readings.


There are certain bits of information My Lord Bindlestiff considers unmentionable in these tome-ish editions. One being his settled home. "It is enough for readers to know of my Kale-ish abode for it is from here that these stories ahead shall be attended." Another is the condition of his economics. "They have no need to know if I am rich or poor, however if they require something to relate to it could be told that I am in a state of Elegant Sufficiency, which is say enough."

It is absolutely forbidden to speak of his arrival to Canada, by means or for reason. It is the utmost private concern of his own, and of course his man, who knows all and everything about My Lord.


Now Mr. Gaberlunzie Bindlestiff does have an interest that claims a great deal of his time and energy and there is plenty of it to fill his days. He is nearly obsessed with "Puzzling Riddles" as he calls them while other may refer to them as mysteries. "But nothing my dearest Winslow is truly a mystery, merely a puzzle or riddle that needs unravelling." Which My Lord is a Master.

Of course he enlists the aid of Winslow who in turn enlists the aid of certain advanced technologies not in common use among even the best of, dare I say, hackers.


And of Winslow, well, he is an enigma unto himself and take great care to keep such knowledge under raps for it could cause him an alarm degree of discomfort if such information should fall into the wrong hands. Even Mr. Bindlestiff prefers not to be overly acquainted with his man's private affairs. "If it comes down to brass tacks, I cannot reveal what I do not know, so the less I know the better for all round."

To be sure of a point, Winslow has not acquired any criminal records though I might suggest that is because he has been clever enough never to have been caught.


Of course there are some indicators that note from where GaberLunzie Bindlestiffhails. Such as his license plate which indicates his settled home is somewhere in Nova Scotia.  However, that may be of no indication since the motorhome is licensed to Winslow and thus the plates would be in his name as well, and so would the insurance be I believe.

It's enough to keep all guessing for those who have an interest in such people. I believe he enjoys some sense of enjoyment on the matter.


And now I believe you know enough about Mr. Gaberlunzie Bindlestiff for us to go on and share his adventures in Puzzling Riddles resolutions. Of course as the stories progress I suspect some finer details concerning his nature, disposition and position shall creep into the text, un-noticed by himself. I doubt he ever will ever read any of these tales.

Please note that some tales involve a death by murder but not all puzzling riddles include such atrocious happenings.

Watch for the first Puzzling Riddle Coming soon

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