Rocket hill

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Rocket hill

A young boy appeared a walk away from an old vineyard. He took a step forward and steped on the fence, almost a story high. Then he jumped and fell on hes feet right over the top. He wore a black

Today i will meet the wierdest chain of events. Im not prepared and ready to stay here. The morning im alone as usual. I Skip the breakfast thats standing on the table covered with the dish. I ran
out with my bag. I went to the stairs it had an now anciet writing, it sayd idfc, painted in pink colors, ones you take from your laptop palets, its written on the metal holders, that have an
orange shine. It has a hole and has a smell its fresh, a pink tiny writing. Me and my memory, well im too young to experience different reality. As i step down, i walk forward a very big man
appeared right in front of me, im moved on and ended up in the history cabinet, with a rotary device, showing signs of occupation. I had planned to go for a an english, and i waited for the second
history class. It sayed on the paper that the modern world had many things in front of you one of those a rocket. Its an explosive, so it must be underlined for you to remember, it has no purpouse
for some reason everyones so in to it it makes me believe that theres some meaning to all of this. I take my bag as the bells for the class to ends its todays lesson and walk right out towards the
entrace, and step into full corridor its full of people, makes me think that this is going to be a long and tiresome day. I have to make it to the shop, to buy a a soda can. As i do i see my
teacher in the shop, probably wont be late. The schools entrace is full of people, something mustve happened or the doors have been just locked. I realise im right in front of the school and
everyones behind me. Im in a silence my pose isnt going to move. A group of smaller children look for the doors to open, but nothing happened, i think im starting to look red. My shirt is getting
red, im starting to bed my vision gets a position down, and suddenly everythings blurry and then it gets dark. Its probably not like me but home now, and its been two weeks since im out of school,
i wear a cap, thats covering my eyes, from the light. Managing to hold my own position here is getting hard for you to understand since im feeling alone, with my book on the right side, and a brick
right by it. We all had such a great time, hope this wont sadden you but im alone know free to do as i want it to, so i will. I spend another couple days, by the bed, and then im trying to use my
laptop. I have this playlist i have been making im using during my excersises. It helps. As im running circles around my village someone has any idea of what happened. Stuck again in my bedroom.
The laptop now has weird imaging of you holding a sleeping position. You try to see in it but you just will get canceled out. It has a program in it thats doesnt alove me to use it as i used to. I
remember that when i visited the church right on the hill everything was already done. Now the new shine has been going on for a while, here in my home, im wearing the same orange jacket. I wake up
looking at a video, its so popular people use it daily. My videogame experience is very weird its so outlandish no ones playing these games. Makes me feel like the guns im shooting dont do any
damage. The training range is practicly set-up. So for now im going to be sleeping putting all of my anger on the wall thats in front of me. I sleep the night away. Its been like this for weeks
now, its winter time, but somehow it doesnt bother me. I put a couple snowballs on my garage door. During my sleep it hollows an well known but not yet discovered diagramm into my dreams, i tells
you how to evade and escape quickly from the traps that are unknown, and make it right to the end. The mathematics at home are like dots, on the lines, and they make sense. But the logic
experiences some god like meaning. The books are gone in the red. And tells a very blank story. You cant find a good book. But thats all i have for the end. I think the year has gone by, i will
tell you if something happened. Dead man tell no tales An open home, im alone, but the search opened me to an unstoppable picture one not to miss, its me in it. A couple days later theres a message
adressed for my fathers account that was ment for me, but i gave it no answer. Another day In a way i was set free in something like a second. A final showdown for color to sink in, an few harsh
word for you to remember a logo, a response set free on the concrete wall. Its been another day a days walk leads me back to monument, as final down for my last trip its finally has been some
meaning to me. As i sleep i see visions of people shooting right in public, no one hits me but im forced down on by stomach, with my hands behind my head.

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Submitted: February 23, 2018

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