The Unrequited Love Poem

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High School student Alex finds the courage to express his love

Submitted: February 23, 2018

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Submitted: February 23, 2018



The rain was relentless. Nothing but the cracks of lightning ripping through the atmosphere and the thunder booming its dominance could be heard in this maelstrom of nature. Trees conceded to the downpour and students stooped beneath their umbrellas as they ran for cover into the shelter of passenger seats of friends and relatives rides or scarcely built overhangs.
Last day of 10th grade. To everyone else, that's what it was. A promise of Spring, of parties, and movie nights and vacations out of state. But not to him. No, as he watched her eagerly from the other side of the school's front lawn, he knew he might never have this chance again.
A slightly wrinkled, folded note clutched in his right hand, he watched as she leaned against the wall of the entrance to the school, breath foggy and straight auburn hair tucked behind her right ear. She must have forgot her umbrella, he thought. Maybe I can use that as an excuse. Looking around at the campus, grey and shiny from the ever-worsening storm, he made up his mind. Taking a slow, deep breath, he focused his attention on her and gave himself no time to back out. Nearer and nearer he got, and the blurrier his vision became. The storm seemed to be nothing more than an audio track that someone paused, for his heartbeat was all he could hear now, pulsing like a gong in his brain. Breathing shallow, he approached her.
Their eyes met.
"Oh hey Alex. You waiting for your ride too?", she said, teeth chattering ever so slightly. God, that smile made him melt every time he saw it.
"Hey, uh, I, I know we, we never really talked a lot this year, you know, with me only meeting you halfway through it, but um." He gulped.
"I um." She was so beautiful to him. She was a new student, across the sea, from Italy, and her shy and kindhearted personality took his breath away the moment they had met. His confidence grew a little.
"I wrote you something. I know it seems silly, but I, uh.." Nervous laughter.
"I've been thinking of you, not in a weird way or anything, I just haven't been able to think of anything else. Ah that sounds silly".
"Oh. really? That's sweet of you", she told him, with a sincerity in her voice that he and others have always admired.
He couldn't stop biting his bottom lip now, and he was starting to shiver a bit. Fumbling with his hands a bit, he reached out and extended the now heavily creased paper to her.
"You don't have to read it here. I know it's raining and cold, and it's kind of embarrassing. I've just been meaning to tell you for a while."
As he spoke she slowly unfolded the paper.
"Tell me what?" A confused smile spread across her face.
"Uhh..well,..that...I.." Another nervous chuckle.
In that moment, she had began reading the poem.

if angels were flammable
you would be my inferno
wings aquiver, soul set ablaze
a single smile; a wildfire
singing of serendipity
untamed sparks seizing your singed fingertips
heat adrift on a gentle breeze
you levitate
and I am beheld in awe

She suddenly relaxed, no longer concerned about the cold weather creeping all around them. "Listen, Alex." His eyes met hers. "This is.. so sweet of you. Really. You have no idea how much this means to me." His heart fluttered. "But", he inhaled unconsciously "I don't love you the way that you love me. You are an amazing friend, and I cherish every moment we spend together, but I'm sorry, I have to let you know the truth. I'm sorry."
If he hadn't known better, he would have thought the entire storm burst into existence in that exact moment. Static. Empty noise. Rain was all he could hear for what seemed like an eternity. His ear started ringing.
"Alex". Clarity. All of the sudden, everything was clear again. He looked at her, as if seeing her for the first time. Downwards his eyes slowly shifted to his left hand, which she was holding, gently rubbing his hand with her thumb. "Thank you." There was that smile again.
"Hey, my dad's here. I got to go." She hugged him close, "I'll see you next year, okay?"
Everything in him wanted to crack, to break down and release this torrent that had now built up inside of him. But he knew that it wouldn't be fair to her, so he smiled and nodded his head, still buried in her shoulder. "Yeah, I'll see you then." He relaxed a little, his broken heart temporarily under control. Slowly, they parted , the small distance feeling like an ocean to him.
Making sure her jacket was zipped up all the way, she ran off through the rain to where her father was parked, soaked clothes and wind-worn hair unable to dampen her forever enchanting spirit.
Alex watched her go, knowing that he wouldn't see her again, as he and his family were soon moving far away due to his mother finding a more promising career opportunity. He would reflect later. He might even laugh about all of this and think of it as silly. But for now, the storm was crashing down with a new onslaught of rain.
Once again, he was cold, chilled to the bone. Most of all, he was numb, and he couldn't figure out if it was from the chill in the air, or from the shards of ice in his newly shattered heart.

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