An old poem from 2006 I wrote while in my high school English class!

Eclipse by Justin George


It’s hard to believe it’s been 29

years since the first time.

As usual, it’s a nice, warm

April 29th. The trees are halfway

complete with their yearly bloom.

Birds are chirping and the bees

have started their yearly jobs.

The grass is greener than ever and

the cherry trees, the only one on this

hill, overshadows its pink flower buds

over the stones below.

More people have started to make

their way up the hill now.

A breeze began to blow when the family

made their way to the stone.

It is much easier this time.

The breeze blows a bit harder

as a cloud blocks the sun.

Old faces began to appear, and the

old air they carried with them,

started to manifest around the stone.

They’ve been through the phases,

and this time is no different.

The white collars began a solemn tune.

Candles were lit, incense burned, people

began to circle the stone.

Each person took a look at the portrait

engraved on the stone, which has slowly

began to fade away.

I too took a long moment at the engraving.

Suddenly, time bent around me,

the moment in My Khe, the grenade,

the jungle, the humidity, the explosion,

flashed before me.

I’ve been through this phase already,

I lived he did not.

When all was said and done,

People cut the silence with a

paraphernalia of daily talk.

Grief of the first time was erased by now-

an inherent problem with memory.

The cloud passes and the sun continues its

shine on blooming life.

There were only two people remembering

the pain, me and the rain-laden clouds

upon the horizon.

I put a bouquet of flowers on the stone,

for the man who rose in 1942 and eclipsed in 1971.

Submitted: February 24, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Justin George. All rights reserved.

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