The Broken Down Hangar.

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Invited to a late night party, I accepted. Ended up in a hangar on an old abandoned airfield.

Submitted: February 24, 2018

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Submitted: February 24, 2018



The broken down hangar stood there for ten years. The runway was half covered with grass. It was about 8 kilometres out from the town. I heard rumours about music being played in that hangar at the weekends. When the pubs and discos closed, they'd all drive out to the broken down hangar. I was out there for the first time. The hangar looked solid to me from the outside. Inside was something different. It was a bit tatty. The disco was on the right as we came in with the door broken off leaving a big gap there. In one corner were many aircraft wheels; and grey tattered seats all around. Already half drunk, my senses were still there, and if I were in hell I would not have cared about it. I knew quite well what these type of music parties were all about. There were quite a number of decent cars around, and I got the feeling that some of them came from good families.

I wasn't wrong at all with my feeling. Many young girls were there from rich famous families. I don't know but every time I'm in this sort of situation I'm always planning secretly within me, escape routes. You never know with this sort of music parties what can go wrong. But it so happen, I was told that these parties had been going on for years all over the country without any problems. We were all young people there and capable in any situation in handling ourselves. And in fact too, no one came all on their own. There were no hooligans among us only people who love music, chatting, meeting new friends; and going with the night right through to 06:00 am.

I'm glad this only happen once a week and not every night, I would not have had the enrgy to see me through. The music started off with the group ''Seet'' and a number entitled 'The Six Teen.' Talk about sweet, their music is sweet. One gets pleasure from just listening to them. Then followed ''WishBone Ash'' with a song 'The Errors Of My Ways.' They have knocked up this one beautifully. Mary Chapin Carpenter came on with the song ''Almost Home.''

Looking around I saw that the place was now pretty packed. People standing around, some sitting down in groups, some even on the bare floor. Many more songs came tumbling out, and by this time my head was spinning round, not being dizzy or anything like that; the beer had hit me. I was still sensitive of where I was. I've been in this situation where the beer gets hold of me, and I get that feeling which is really weird; yet exciting. It's like driving in a fast lane in a sports car. You've hit a speed that's fantastic; there is more on the clock; and you start controlling whether to do more, or to stay at the speed you're at.

They started dancing in a line with someone holding your shoulders with both hands, and you do the same with those in front of you. Not every one was in this line. How I managed to make it a few times around this ring is anybody's guess. I was still solid, and proud of myself.

The Beatles songs were playing when we rested and sat down again. The Carnival season was only a few months away, and I think they were beginning to practise for it. Well, we shall leave that until it come. Someone metined leaving and heading for someone' house. Itw as getting close to 03:00 am. I found myself in the car, sort of heaped in, and they set off. The house wasn't very far away, it was rather large. Inside the house the living room was long, with stairs on the left going to the next floor. I dumped myself in the first chair I saw and asked for a hot coffee. No sooner did I ask, it was there on the small table beside me.

I took the cup and brought it up to my mouth. Through the steam, my eyes picked up this photo on the opposite wall staring down at me. It looks like someone in the Navy. I eased the cup down and took a deeper look. Things he had on his shoulder told me he was someone of great rank. I later found out that it was so. It was Daphne's grandfather. Daphne was the girl who came and got me to parade round in the line back in the hangar.''How are you feeling now?'' She asked.
''I'm getting back to normal. That was some night!''
''Every weekend we are there in that hangar. Are you coming next week?''
"I have to get to the gym, and make sure I'm fit. Sure, Ill be there.'' It is really amzing what we go through when we are young and fit. For those of us who get on the beer, living it up every weekend, we have to make time to get ourselves fit for work as well. That body of ours is really something. You look after it, and it will reward you. If you disown it, you'll be let down and won't be able to enjoy yourself weekly.

Daphne said  to me, ''Later on, I'll get me eldest brother to take you home. He's a non-alcoholic and thinks we should try staying sober''
In the house people were coming and going, and quite a lot of different music were being played. There were plates with cheese, sausages and onions.
''I think what your brother said is right. I'm actually planning to do that!''
''And give up the double life?''
''We're just escaping in another world which is really mysterious. To stay sober is a good thing.''
''You cannot stay sober and enjoy yourself!''
''Many people do, ''I said. ''They have abandoned the beer.''
''What a pity? What fools?''

The End.

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