Dream Pictures.

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Doctor Chiselfoot is attempting an experiment to capture dream pictures.

Submitted: February 24, 2018

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Submitted: February 24, 2018



The room was ready. It was spanking brand-new. All the machines were there in place. The whole room had been cleansed from top to bottom to make sure there weren't germs around. The bed was there with all white sheets and pillows. The bedstead was white. Entering the room the volunteer was met by Doctor Chiselfoot. ''You know what we're going to do, don't you?'' 
''Yes,'' the volunteer said. ''It would be amazing if you got to see pictures coming from my dreams!''
The Doctor said, ''This is the first experiment, and I don't know what to expect. You're a good dreamer, so that's a start.''
The volunteer said, ''Sometimes I do get some shocking dreams!''
''Your unconscious state of mind is responsible for that.'' The Doctor told the volunteer. I'm going to get you ready now.'' In his hand, he had this head cap with many small cables attached to it and going to different machines. The volunteer was securely placed in the bed, and the head cap was set on his head. Straight away, many lines showed up on the computer. Doctor Chiselfoot punched  a few codes in and pointed out to the volunteer what was going on. A broad band was placed around his chest and back with a cable attached to it. The Electrocardiogram machine was now functioning.It showed that the heart was functioning good. There were lots of lights flashing on and off. The Doctor said, ''We want to catch you in the state of Rapid Eye Movement (REM). That's when the real dreaming starts.''
''I tell you, Doctor, you're going to be shocked by what you see, if you should manage to get any pictures.''
The Doctor said, ''We're hoping to get in that area where we could penetrate to the brain, and try to transfer the signals from the optic nerve.''
''Isn't that dangerous, Doc?'' The volunteer asked. ''I thought such a thing was impossible.''
''Where your concern, you're safe. Nothing can harm you. We have to keep on trying for this sort of experiment hasn't been done before. It was the same with DNA, they kept on working on it, until they finally broke through.''
''When I wake up, I'll see what you've got.''
The Doctor said, ''A friend of mine who is an electrical engineer has built this machine to try to capture the wave signals coming from the brain. It is not an easy thing to do, but this experiment with you will decide if it really works.''

The volunteer asked, ''Have you had any dreams?''
''Loads of them,'' said the Doctor. ''I've got this book and a pen beside my bed, and I write down everything that happens from the time I go to bed to the time I wake up. Do you want to hear one of my dreams?''
"'Go on, Doc, let me hear it.""
''WEll, there's this woman who I like very much. I have great respect for her, and I think she knows it. I cannot do or say anything against my own will because she's married. Then came this dream about us travellin g together and all went well. It's like the dream is telling me not to be afraid.''
''You know what Doc, If I wake up and see my dreams on your screen, you'll be the greatest researcher of all times.''
''The hardest part is getting the signals from the optic to the brains, and for us to bring them over into dream pictures.''

''What is the real meaning of a dream> Because there I am dreaming, thinking it's real, only to wake up and find that it's not so. What's going on . Doc? Are we being taken for a ride?''
The Doctor said, ''Every human being has within them, their energies that they use to create their own way of life. Within the brain there are frequencies known as Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. Each one of these has its own cycle and shows the activity of the brain. The back part of the brain is very active during REM state of sleep. The question you ask is a good one, but very hard to answer. There's still work going on to find the real answer. The brain is of a grey colour known as matter. Its workings affect everyone. Think about 12 hours of the night and multiply it by 60 minutes, we get 720 minutes. Would you believe that we only dream about 90 minutes out of that total.?''
''So dogs and cats, dream too? The volunteer asked.
''yes, they do, but their dreams are a bit different from ours.''
''I think those who created man in the beginning kne what they were doing, for in the daytime, we are collecting quite a lot of things in our memory, and our minds cannot be busy sorting them out right at that moment. So, then, when we go to sleep, that's where it becomes active, bringing out all we've been through, and sorting them out. I read this in a magazine.''
''That's exactly what happens. The frontal lobes of the brain are where memories are formed and stored. They become inactive when one is in REM sleep. These lobes help the individual with solving problems, and memory.''
''That's really complicated. Here's anothe question, Doc. I'm dreamimg, I wake up, can I go back into the same dream again?''
The Doctor said, ''That's possible. But in order to do so, you have to remain still, not moving your body at all. Then you could find yourself going straight into the same dream.''

The volunteer fell asleep and started dreaming on and off. In his REM state, the brain wave decoder machine was hazy, then there were pictures coming through.

The End

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