Dreaded Light | Twilight Parody

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All credits to Stephanie Meyer.

Do you enjoy Twilight? Read on! Do you mildly tolerate Twilight and wish there were something like it? Read on! Do you hate Twilight? Read on, I might entertain you!

Isabella Swan is not a normal girl. She can smell blood (cause of course it's not normal to have a good sense of smell) and she's really really pale with dark brown hair that makes her look almost
goth. Her mother wanted alone time with her new boyfriend, so she sends Bella to Sporks to her father (take in mind she hasn't seen him for ten years). Bella is scared, but that doesn't last long.
She soon meets a boy called Edwin--*cough cough*--Edward, and is reunited with her old best friend Bacon--Excuse me--Jacob. But something is strange about Edward. He's not like the other people
there, and Bella is determined to find out why.

[A/N]: This is a story I started when I was, like, 12 and I think I wanna finish, so read on and five me some feedback!

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Submitted: February 24, 2018

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Submitted: February 24, 2018

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