Forbidden Boundries

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The Kure family tree, a powerful branch of natural born soldiers that played apart of many wars. Their lineage starts in the Kingdom of Zielian at the heart of what Acrine is, a rural place that
was built into royalty from the ground up by the first Kure there ever was - Takeshi Roland Kure.

Alongside them, stands the Zephirin family - Greatest of friends with the Kures'. Their lineage starts in one of the most noble lands there are out of the other 25 kingdoms - The Kingdom of
Asirenn. First ever of this family that made a legacy - Geoffrey Lyman Zephirin.

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Submitted: February 25, 2018

This first page is about the characters, and Lore. Everything in this is just going to be information that I suggest should be read, so please take the time and read this! Thank you!
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Chapter I

Submitted: March 04, 2018

Kingdom of Zielian, the birth of a new story begins with the one and only family there connected to the legend of history. The Kure family, giving birth to a healthy girl with a blossoming soul.
Shall we?
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