I really like how fire cannot only be red.


The heat is hot from the fire

It can be started from a wire

There is need for new hire

It can take what you acquire.


Just look at the flame

It is to blame

It goes to claim

And it cannot be tamed.


It is a blaze

Can catch anyone’s gaze

It can become a red ball of haze

It doesn’t always stay.


It really does gleam

Shines just like a beam

Sometimes it feels like a dream

Others would like to scream.


Sometimes it’s just a flare

Watch out it can get your hair

Other times it is a glare

You should be aware.


Fire contains a lot of heat

Sometimes it can be sweet

Or you might need a sheet

Just don’t go and tweet.

It not only red
But teal blue too
It can also be purplish-blue
Even orange too.

Submitted: February 25, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Devilcoco101. All rights reserved.

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