A Poignant Reunion with an Old Flame

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Avinash and Savita had fallen madly in love with each other while studying in a graduate college. They both avowed that they would marry each other, come what may. Avinash becomes an oncologists
and settles in Washington DC, while Savita, after getting PhD, starts working as a zoologist. Their wish to be life partners is never fulfilled but their love for each other never dies too.

They meet each other in a peculiar situation, which is suffused with poignancy. The story runs like this .........

Submitted: February 25, 2018

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Submitted: February 25, 2018



Part 1 -

Dr. Avinash Singh, who is a world renowned hematologist-oncologist, settled in Washington DC, is in his chamber examining patients in a famous Multi-specialty Hospital in Mumbai, which he visits once a month regularly. He has been regularly visiting the hospital for a couple of years to offer his expert advice to the patients suffering from blood cancers. Today he is somewhat out of sorts as tiredness of air travel has its effect on him, though mostly he doesn’t have such a feeling.

As he has no patients waiting for him, he decides to take some rest in the staff bed room in the hospital. No sooner does the thought strike his mind, a patient - a lady of about fifty years - enters his chamber for his consultation. On seeing her, he reckons that she is very much familiar to him. When she comes nearer, he recognizes her and exclaims saying, “Oh! Is it you Savita? What a surprise?”

She also immediately recognizes him and expresses happiness by saying, “Wow! What a pleasure meeting you after so long? Where had you been hiding all these 25 years? I am happy you could recognize me in spite of drastic changes caused by my illness.”

Avinash tells her that he has settled in USA and works as an oncologist in Washington DC. She tells him that she has been working as a Head of Department of Zoology in a university in Mumbai, where she had joined three years ago and before that she had worked as a professor of Zoology in Lucknow University.

They both continue the conversation exchanging all the information about them. Tiredness engulfing Avinash has vanished altogether because of the unexpected encounter with his old college flame. In fact, he had never forgotten Savita as the sweet memories of their time spent together often came back, though they both had not communicated with each other all this time.

Savita tells him that her husband died in a tragic road accident after three years of their marriage. Since then she had been living alone and hadn’t thought of marrying again. She told that, in fact, she had been enjoying her singlehood but, unfortunately, this deadly disease had struck her from nowhere four years ago. Avinash listens to her intently, feeling extremely sorry for the woman he loves the most.

Avinash also informs her that he somehow he couldn’t bring himself to the idea of getting married because whenever he had thought about it, memories of their love had overwhelmed him. And so he had kept himself quite busy with his professional work and patients.

Thirty years back –

Avinash and Savita Dixit both studied in a post-graduate college in Lucknow in the same class pursuing biology stream. They both had fallen head over heels in love with each other within a few months of joining the college. Avinash always reckoned and still reckons that it was the happiest time of his life. Savita never let a chance go by to express happiness in their relationship. They had a great time, seeing movies together, exploring different market places to buy things, visiting historical places and doing myriads of other things together, which have left indelible impressions in their mind as sweet memories.

After graduation, Avinash got admission in a medical college in Nagpur, while Savita continued pursuing post graduation in biology in the same college. She continued to study to complete her PhD while Avinash continued to study to get his post graduate degree in Medicine. They were in communication with each other often meeting whenever possible in their busy schedule, defying the distance between their cities. After finishing his post graduation, Avinash moved to the USA to specialize in oncology. They stayed in communication with each other.

One day Savita informed him,” Dear, I find myself in a conundrum because my parents have decided to marry me off to a boy of our caste. I have tried my level best to convince them that we both love each other and would like to marry. But they have turned a deaf ear to my requests and entreaties since you belong to a different caste. I am in a dilemma and don’t know what to do.”

Avinash replied, “Savita, I am unable to come to India at present. If you can convince your parents to hold off their decision for some time, I may be able to come over and try hopefully to convince them.”

After few weeks, Savita informed him with a heavy heart, “Avinash, I entreated my parents in every possible way but couldn’t succeed to change their decision. So, I would be married off next month. I would never forget the time we had spent together as embers of my love for you would keep on simmering forever.”

Avinash felt as if he has fallen down in an abyss of sadness and replied after he recovered, “I just don’t know what to do. Alas! I could be there to sort out the matter. I would always wish you happiness in life wherever you may be.” 

Couple of days later, he receives a letter from Savita that reads:

“I can’t imagine my life without you as I love you madly. And I know that your love for me is equally intense. I cry frequently whenever I think of living life without you. I have miserably failed to convince my parents that I wouldn’t be happy living without you. I am sure I will never cease loving you. I desire that one day we meet again in life. I am yours forever - Savita.”

After reading the letter, he experiences extreme bewilderment, not knowing what to do. He keeps looking blankly in the distance for a very long time before he comes to sense the reality. Though heart-broken, the letter gives him a purpose to live life – their love. He silently resolves that he would live his life purposefully for the sake of Savita’s love. He picks up courage to write a couplet on a stationary paper and sends it to her by courier after neatly folding and placing it in an envelope.

“Darling, our love is infinite encompassing both of us wherever we may be in the world;

We will meet someday somewhere to show this reality to the world.

Dearest of all ……….our waiting will one day culminate in the fulfillment of our love!”

Avinash plunges headlong into his work and studies in order to forget the emotional turbulence caused by the decision of Savita’s parents to marry her off with someone else. After eight months, he completes his specialization in oncology. Over a period of time, he develops interest in hematology as an oncologist and specializes as hematologist-oncologist. His acumen in the subject makes him a figure of international renown.

Part 2 –

Avinash goes into details of the disease of Savita and finally reaches a conclusion that she had been suffering from acute myeloid leukemia, which is in an advanced stage. Though she had been undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy for more than three years, there was hardly any improvement except few short remissions of the disease. On the contrary, the treatment has started showing some of its side-effects. She is quite emaciated and easily gets tired after some routine task. So he decides to take Savita to USA for targeted therapies since targeting treatments may be able to reduce the general side-effects seen in the more generalized chemotherapies.

Therefore, he proposes that she come along with him to the USA for specific therapy. She readily agrees to the proposal. Avinash feels happy that they will recreate together their beautiful world again even though its duration of existence can’t be predicted. At the same time, he expresses his gratitude to the Almighty for all this.

After making Savita comfortable in his apartment on arriving in Washington DC, he begins consulting his colleagues about her disease. He begins instituting treatment in consultation with other experts taking meticulous care that no negligence of any kind occurs.

They both are happy together though her condition doesn’t show significant improvement. Their being together ensconces them in the ambiance of happiness.  He takes her to explore different places in Washington as far as her condition allows. He ensures that they spend as much time together as possible despite his busy schedule, as he wants to give her all attention and love that she had missed all these years.

With the passage of time, her condition doesn’t show much change for the better in spite of best of treatment and care. But Avinash doesn’t lose heart and continues with his sincere efforts. Further, things indicate that her immune system has greatly weakened. After about a month, she develops pneumonia resistant to multiple antibiotics, which may prove to be catastrophic. This greatly upsets Avinash who consults others to help him out but it appears that she is losing the battle of life.

One fine morning, she gesticulates, summoning him and asks in a very weak voice to place her head on his lap as she is going to say goodbye forever, tears rolling down her cheeks. He does as bidden, having a feeling as if his heart is sinking down into a deep abyss.

Savita haltingly says in weak voice, “Avinash, this is the end of our journey together and now we have to part our ways. I am happy since I have achieved the culmination of fulfillment of our love. I wish you the best of life. And she goes limp as she breathes her last.”

Avinash suddenly starts sobbing uncontrollably and says, “I just don’t know what I will do without you. The void you have left in my life can never be filled up! But the journey of life has to go on!”  




© Copyright 2020 Dr. Pran Rangan. All rights reserved.

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