It's a jungle out there.

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Submitted: February 25, 2018

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Submitted: February 25, 2018




The young couple were fighting again like they often did. They would fight and argue and then make up and make love. Over and over again they did this. It was like a game to them.


“You're a pig” she said.


“So. You're a cow” he retorted.


“Well that's better than being a dog. Which you are. Trust me on this” she replied.


“Oh is that so? Well that's not what you said last night. You said I was a stallion” he said, smiling broadly now as he looked at her, almost laughing as she blushed from his comment.


“Don't kid yourself. You're as crazy as a squirrel” she said.


“No I'm sly as a fox and you know it” he said.


She got quiet for a moment. She couldn't stay mad at him for very long. “You're right my big panda bear” she said.


He hugged her now as he kissed her and pulled her closer. “Come here my turtle dove. You know you love me. I love you” he said softly before they began kissing again.


“Lets go to the bedroom” she softly said. “Tiger” she added.


He growled at her now and smiled as he wrapped his arms around her and they went off to make love like wild monkeys in heat.

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