will I ever know

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Romance

a poem about a questionable love.

Submitted: February 26, 2018

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Submitted: February 26, 2018



This feeling inside 

Do I...love her? 



I don't hate her 

That's for sure

Maybe...I like her

One day I find her 

Doing her homework

Then I stroll over

She gets up from her chair

I quickly get behind her

We are by ourselves

Secluded in our own little world

I put my arms around her stomach

I think about kissing her smooth neck

Hair in a ponytail

But I hold back  

I said how I feel 

She does a little laugh

But does not say the same thing back

I wonder

Does she feel the same?

Does she like me?

Or am I chasing a hopeless dream


For now, I will settle for this

Even if I don't receive a kiss

Even if she never says yes

I will cherish the moments like this

Maybe one day 

She will say

I feel the same way

I like you as you like me

One day 

She came up to me

And said to me

I'm sorry

It must feel horrible

For me not to say 

Those three words

Constantly going through your head

You say I like you, I only want you, and you are beautiful

Those words of yours are sweet 

It is time I say

How I feel 

About you and me

She takes a deep breath and smiles at me 

I left hand...it's... shaking

Is she going to let me down easy? 

Or will she say yes and be with me 

Then she finally speaks

I will say three words to how you feel

For your heart says it only has me in it 

I often thought if this is true or not 

But I will reply the answer you sought


© Copyright 2020 chaotic Quietness. All rights reserved.

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