*Tournament of the Spirits: Universal Combat!!!!!!!* (chapter 16)

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Chapter Sixteen – Oh, How The Tables Have Turned!!!



From atop the colosseum, the five Guardian Watchers pondered quietly. Six of thirty-five contestants had been eliminated, but they were growing rather impatient. Every time a contestant had been eliminated, their respective Guardian Watcher had called out their name, teleporting them to the safe zone where they would await the rest of their teammates. They conversed quietly as the battles raged below, magic, bullets and punches flying back and fourth with little to no effect – how, oh how, could the five Watchers make this a little more entertaining?


Axel leaned forward, pulling a joint from his mouth, ‘’yo, Ben just fucked Sabrina up big time – and those other poor shits’’ he mumbled, looking at Eurie and Erick, but then looked to Kathrina, ‘’he’s got anger issues – ain’t you got some kid with anger issues down there?’’

Kathrina frowned, staring out at the battle, ‘’no’’ she said, ‘’I had to drag him from an earlier point of time in my Universe, so he’s not his current self’’ she pouted.

Everyone looked to her as she shuffled uncomfortably in her seat.

‘’Ka-chan, can’t you do something about that?’’ Ma’am Joan asked.

Eurie nodded in agreement as he leaned over Erick’s shoulders, ‘’yeah, Sensei! You made the rules, I’m sure you can bend them!’’

Gaining a sly smirk, Kathrina glared down at the area where the huge dispute between Ben, Lydia, Elijah, Alpha, Sabrina and Ryan had happened. The group had dispersed now, backing off to either gain healing from their healers or to find a new target. She watched as Elijah sped towards Opus and Kathrina, Tsunami and Anikan not too far from each other, Space rushing to his aid. The Sekaimotte group had huddled back up, the MTD group were scattered everywhere just like the Warlock and Generation group, and the Omega Event group were now in two separate groups at either end of the colosseum. 

‘’What’s that smirk, Senpai?’ Zexal asked sceptically, tossing his finished joint on the floor.

She looked over at him, ‘’I made the rules’’ she grinned.

Zexal frowned, a slightly intrigued smirk appearing on his face, ‘’what are you planning?’’

‘’You’ll see’’ she said mysteriously, leaning back in her seat, ‘’I’ll wait for the right moment’’

Antonio then leaned forward, ‘’so, while my guys share cupcakes and pancakes with yours,’’ he said, looking at Ma’am Joan, ‘’the rest are gonna beat the hell out of each other and completely ignore them?’’

Ma’am Joan shrugged.

Erick laughed slightly, ‘’someone better calm Ben down’’


Richard stared warily at the enraged Ben, holding out his hands in an attempt to calm him – ‘’Ben, calm down!’’ he yelled, but there was no indication that he was going to do so.

Everyone else who had witnessed Ben’s change of sanity had took off when they had the chance, leaving just Richard there to deal with him. He had caused the elimination of one of his own teammates, and two other contestants, and now, if Richard couldn’t calm him down, he might just end up eliminating even more.

Gripping his scythe, Richard eyed the devilish Ben as he prowled towards him, a bloodthirsty look in his eyes. He looked more dangerous than Richard could have ever imagined, and something within him was causing him to hesitate – he didn’t want to find his own teammate, his friend… but there really was no other way to stop him from going insane and wiping out everyone. He frowned, keeping his calm composure – he was going to have to fight him.


Anikan and Axel stood back to back as Space teamed up with them. Tsunami had regrouped with Kathrina and Opus – now it was even… somewhat.

Space gripped onto her railgun tightly, watching as the three Warlock members stood a fair distance away, ready to fight. The small girl, Kathrina, had her purple one-handed sword at the ready, and Tsunami had his glowing blue sword at his side, ready. The old-looking man, however, had no weapon at his side. They had seen him summon a sword earlier on, but now, it was no longer in his possession. Where had it gone? Space felt as if something bad was coming, but she couldn’t even try to focus and think of what it could be – where was Lilitha with her psychic powers?!

Anikan remained close to Axel, holding tightly onto his black scoped golden revolver, his short sword sheathed at his side, ready to be wielded at any time. He was pretty worn down after the fight he had had with Tsunami, but now, he had teammates – but so did Tsunami. Axel was holding tightly onto his M4-A1, his hands visibly trembling – why did he seem afraid?

Tsunami glared at the three Omega Event team members, panting slightly, still slightly worn out from the fight he had had with Anikan. He was glad to have Opus and Kathrina at his side to assist him, but his anger was causing him to wish he could take them on by himself – he wanted to show these people just how formidable he could be… did they think he was weak?! Did they –

‘’Dunce one’’ came Elijah’s voice, interrupting Tsunami’s train of thought.

‘’What?!’’ Tsunami replied mentally, angered.

‘’I’m coming to assist the old man and Kathrina – go and help your weak ass brother’’

However, Tsunami didn’t want to leave. He wanted to show these Omega Event douches that he was capable of taking all of them on at once!

Kathrina nudged him irritably, ‘’go!’’ she growled, having heard Elijah’s call. She could tell that Tsunami was frustrated – his ego was bigger than Elijah’s, and right now, he was most likely thinking about how he could take on everyone here – even though he couldn’t. She knew as well as he did that he couldn’t take on more than two of these people at once but getting him to admit that would be as impossible as trying to get Elijah to admit he cared about anyone else in the group other than Kathrina.

Just then, Anikan spotted the incoming Elijah – warning Space and Axel, he crouched down, preparing to fire…


Richard grunted irritably as Ben’s claws collided with the blade of his scythe, the metal scraping eerily.

‘’Ben!’’ Richard called, struggling to hold him back, ‘’wake up!’’

But there was no response from Ben other than a demonic growl – he slashed his claws forward –

Yelling painfully, Richard stumbled back, and as his back hit the floor, Ben kicked his scythe away and leaped over him –

Reacting quickly, Richard grabbed Ben’s wrists, keeping him from digging his claws into him – he had to do something quickly, or he might just end up being knocked out as well…


The Watchers set their eyes upon the conflict between Ben and Richard, some of them worried, some of them amused.

Axel laughed, ‘’yo, Erick, you need to keep better restraints on those kid’s powers, or they might just end up killing each other’’

Erick shook his head, ‘’I can’t just let either of those two eliminate each other – neither of them would ever forgive themselves for hurting each other’’ he frowned, ‘’I should probably go and –‘’

But before he could stand up, Eurie grabbed his shoulders, forcing him to stay in his seat, ‘’you Watchers can’t physically interfere!’’ he insisted.

‘’But I can’t just sit here and watch my students kill each other!’’

Ma’am Joan looked to Kathrina, ‘’Ka-chan, can’t you change the rules? Can’t you disable friendly fire?’’

She shook her head, ‘’nope’’

‘’But… why?’’

Kathrina looked down at Ma’am Joan and shrugged, ‘’where’s the fun in that?’’

‘’Can’t you do something, Sensei?’’ Eurie asked, struggling to hold back the worried Erick.

‘’Yeah!’’ Axel called, ‘’show us what you had planned a few minutes ago!’’

Erick calmed down at looked to her, ‘’what do you have planned?’’

Leaning back in her seat, Kathrina sighed, ‘’well, I could keep those two from killing each other, but it would probably cause a lot more trouble than it would negate’’

But then, Axel stood up, ‘’wait! I got this!’’ he said, and then, he clicked his fingers, a sly grin on his face.

Unsure of what he had just done, the Watchers leaned forward and stared down at the battlefield, waiting.


Racing towards Elijah with Pharaoh, Tyler of the Generation Universe suddenly felt a strange surge of power build up within him, his instincts telling him to look to his left… frowning, Tyler glanced to his left – he spotted two of the MTD contestants, but they were fighting each other – why? And why was he gaining a burning desire to rush over there and intervene?

He stopped, skidding across the ground, and as Pharaoh stopped to look at him, he frowned, ‘’you uh… you deal with him, I’m gonna go see what’s going on over there!’’

Before Pharaoh could refuse, Tyler sped off in the direction of the MTD quarrellers. Sighing, Pharaoh chased after Tyler - that kid was always so reckless!

Rushing through the conflict, Tyler felt an extreme excitement surge through him… this was going to be fun!


Looking down at Tyler and Pharaoh as they approached Richard and Ben, Watcher Kathrina looked over at Zexal who had a sly grin on his face, ‘’did you just do what I think you did?’’ she asked sceptically.

He nodded, ‘’yeah, I did’’

Kathrina grinned too, ‘’fine, let’s make things a little more tricky for them – all of them’’ she said.

The other Watchers looked up at her as she stood up and walked over to the edge of the booth, staring down at the fight below.

‘’What are you doing?’’ Antonio asked.

‘’Even if it is just for a brief moment, I will alter my contestant’s abilities – lets shake things up a bit’’ she grinned.

Erick leaned forward, ‘’are you pulling them from a more recent time in your universe?’’

She looked back at him and shook her head, ‘’no, I’m just gonna give them whatever comes to mind. I made the rules, right? I can add and take away what I want. In this case, I’ll give some new abilities to my contestants for a few moments’’

They all stared at her, interested to see what she would come up with.

Frowning, Watcher Kathrina looked back down at the battle field, trying to think of what to add to her contestants to make the fight more interesting.


Rushing towards Kathrina, Elijah frowned, noticing Anikan aiming a rifle right at him –

Just as Anikan fired, Elijah suddenly dropped to his knees, yelling in what seemed to be agony, placing his hands on his head, gripping it tightly. Anikan lowered his weapon, confused, staring at him as Kathrina rushed over to him.

‘’Did I do that?’’ Anikan asked, looking to Axel, ‘’I didn’t even shoot’’

Axel shook his head, clueless.

Tsunami also rushed over to them, confused as to why Elijah had suddenly dropped. But as he and Kathrina stared at him, they felt as though something ominous was hovering around them… whatever was happening, it couldn’t be good – but who was doing this?


Grinning manically, Tyler raced towards Richard and Ben who were still tackling each other, but as he came just a few feet away from them, he sensed something dangerous incoming – but he didn’t stop, whatever it was, it wasn’t going to keep him from –


A bright flash of red lightning erupted from in front of him, striking the ground which instantly shook and cracked, visibly splitting beneath their feet. Pharaoh caught up to Tyler, grabbed him and held him back as they stared at the epicentre of the lightning strike…

They squinted, trying to make out what lied at the hit point… a black blur stood there – it looked like the outline of a person, but there were two other shadows behind it – three people, perhaps?

However, as the dust cleared slightly, both Tyler and Pharaoh shuddered. Standing there was but a single man, one they both recognized… as Elijah of the Warlock universe, the two shadows not people at all, but feathered wings, black in color.

As the ground shook again, Elijah stretched out the wings he had somehow gained, staring at them. Clearly, he had just as much of a clue where they had come from as anyone else. He assumed that this was the doing of the people watching, and so, he wasn’t going to disappoint. This new power was not his, and he felt as though it would not last long – holding up his right hand, he glared at Pharaoh and Tyler as his wrist was surrounded by red colored sparks of lightning, fizzing loudly. A red mist suddenly formed at his feet, and as the ground jolted, it cracked and split from the point he had landed.

Suddenly, from the point where Elijah had landed, the ground split, huge chunks of the ground braking up and floating up into the sky – in a matter of seconds, half of the arena was now floating in mid air like an asteroid field – the perfect terrain for a one-on-one between himself and the brat that had challenged him before.

Staring at the terrain change, Tyler grinned and fell into a rather strange stance, glaring at Elijah as he folded his wings back, ‘’ENTER: FALSE MAXIMUM STATE!!!’’

‘’Tyler, no!’’ Pharaoh disagreed, but it was too late.

Elijah grinned evilly, his green eyes shimmering brightly – this kid really never gave up, did he? Elijah had no idea how long he had been granted this power for, but he wasn’t going to waste it. This little shit needed to be taught a lesson, and he was going to teach it.

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