BORN – Dreamed – Devastated – “Re-Birth”

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You are going to feel the weights being removed. Everything you do will become more enjoyable. only when you express the truth by developing Courage. #soulfulLife

~David R. Hawkins M.D., PH.D. (Letting Go)

Submitted: February 26, 2018

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Submitted: February 26, 2018




450 BC Ancient Philosophy Era


On a Sunny day, Socrates with his followers Plato and Xenophon was discussing about weighing of objects. Discussion was followed by the question, “How can we weigh something which doesn’t have a physical form?” by Socrates. Plato then tried to explain the procedure.

Plato's measurements …

I travelled to Athens this Summer, there I met one of my most interesting cousins.

He started his dialogue work on peculiar behavior of human heart feelings and instincts.


“Nicomedes, he is the one who travelled the most, covering boundaries, oceans, colonies, experiencing situations that one could never think of. In his tour, he finally reached a locale, that he envisioned all this while, where he found solace.

But you never know what is designed for you.

Nicomedes met Philoxenus, a poet and educator in the local community. Philoxenus deciphered that he is a traveler looking at his attire and baggage. Philoxenus offered water and food to the hungry Nicomedes. When Nicomedes was about to take his leave, he saw Phil’s daughter Daeva, a beauty and felt alot of weigh inside. He looked for a cause to stay there longer. For the first time he felt that his baggage is heavy, and he is tired. He wanted to relax for a while. He didn’t know that it was love then.

He requested Philoxenus to accommodate him for a month, in exchange for wool/ Stone. And then he would head home after he is back in full health. With the time passing Nico spent good time with Philoxenus and enjoyed his discipline of living with little, adjusting to circumstances, what may come by.  This is something which he never understood before.  Also, a small hope spurred in him – To have a companion beside him, someone to care, to look after, to have a family of his own, and a beautiful soul to love, Daeva in his mind.

One fine day, Philoxenus and Nico travelled to a mountain near Syntagma. A situation came across where both of them needed an aid of their own to reach the mountain top which they did, by helping each other. Upon reaching, they found a place to rest. They laid their backs to the ground, gazing at the sky, Philoxenus then said the following to Nico, “My daughter really likes you. But I wanted to know if you like her too?”. Nico replied “Yes” just when Phil finished his question.

Nico stayed here for months, season by season. Philoxenus fell sick by a contagious disease, due to brisk climatic changes. But locals thought he was cursed. To help save others from being impacted, locals decided to burn Philoxenus away from Athens. Daeva was left alone now. But Nicomedes supported her in every aspect. Her nightmares were now gone. Though Nicomedes could not get enough time to love her, he found love just caring for her. 

As the climate started to get better, people went back to graze cattle and cultivated seasonal crops. Nico and Daeva worked together and spent enough time with each other. Their bonding grew much stronger and they shared their dreams. Daeva expressed her inner thought of moving to Greece, so that they can live a life of riches, unlike her father who lived minimalistic, teaching Philosophy. Nicomedes was shocked to see this version of Daeva. He then started to explain to her how difficult it is to move North from his own experiences that his brother was assassinated travelling North. He explained that it is not an easy journey and not quite comfortable to leave family, friends and a waiting mother in South. Daeva became furious and asked him to leave the home immediately. He tried to console her and said he will abide to whatever she says. This is the first time he was not happy doing what Daeva asked, he still is not ready and could not quite figure out what to do. As he so far did not do anything out of his comfort zone, he was skeptical and uninterested to do anything.

They got married around 492 BC at the Athens God of wind Hours. They stayed together and Nicomedes battled everything with peace. But never got the courage to tell the truth that he no more loves her, and he was just trying to explain her all these days. This is something he fought within himself each day, each hour. He was tired of living a life like this, being caged by himself.


Plato’s answer to Socrates Question “How can we weigh something which doesn’t have a physical form?” went on something like this:

“Humans must remove the weight of the feeling they have at the right time to measure and realize the weight of feeling they lose.”

Like Nico stopped his journey after meeting the love of his life and

Like Phil expressed his daughter’s marriage wish before he died.

2 situations where we need to express ourselves truly are before starting a new life and before life ends. But Nico failed to express the truth of his inner love.


A person has a truth to comfort himself, one's  truth is much more powerful than other’s inner Truth.

You got to live life. It means you should never try to live a person’s life, where it is highly addicting to be a lonely warrior… whom you are not.

It requires a lot of patience to hide the truth, but it also takes plenty of courage to tell the Truth.

There are situations where we need to try and explore both the Keys, but the order of usage differs.

One need not be courageous at a point where your inner truth is not matured enough to explain and stand before the love which would not be able to accept it.

Be Patient and Let that courage develop in you and one day, disclose the truth. 


~ Thanks Swathi and Manasa for Editing 


© Copyright 2020 sravan bandi. All rights reserved.

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