The Heart

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A few of the things people say about the heart.

Submitted: February 28, 2018

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Submitted: February 26, 2018



The Heart


Creation sings as does every living being.

Our bodies resonate,

Singing a song that can be heard and observed.

Our hearts cry out,

Constantly the sound is heard.


There dwells a desire within all to be Loved.

Loved with an everlasting Love.

A Love that goes beyond the grave.

The heart, the heart longs to be filled.


A man sings a song in the night.

Everything he loves has gone, still he sings.

The song is heard, although no one is around.

Constantly the song goes out and it is heard.

His heart swells as comfort is found in the song.


The One in Heaven looks on down,

Not with anger, not in pride.

Great joy is found, happiness overflows.

Over this soul, the Mighty One spins around

And heaven rejoices.


A heart so full of pain,

Of broken choices, a broken name.

Cried out at the end of a road.

For the questions had stopped

And what filled the space inbetween the silence;

Was a Love that could not be understood.


Hands lifted high in surrender,

A voice broken from the tears.

This heart, this man, this Son.

A man whom the Father has called Son.

No more to wander far from the Heart of Love,

But found and pursued by never ending Love.


A Heart at the end of it's tether,

A soul with no place to call home.

The Father reached down in His Splendour,

And beckoned, ran after and brought home.

For the Father is always looking, searching and listening.

He is the Good Shepherd,

He will leave the ninety-nine to find the one lost sheep,

The black sheep, the awkward sheep.


The Heart of the Father is towards all.

His Heart cries out to Creation and Creation answers.

He Speaks and So it is.

Many have not seen, many do not know.

The fullness, the goodness and the Love,

That the Father is constantly giving out.


The Heart of the Father calls out.

His Heart is Calling out to You.

Will you answer?

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