Chapter 3: Seradane

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Chapter 3: Seradane




After the titans had been stripped of all cosmic power, and thus become the titan-born, they were sent to the worlds they would inhabit through portal engines that the constellons had placed, in the case of Ranquillion, on a landmass connected to the southern pole. From there, they went northwest to a land bridge that connected the south pole to another much larger continent, named Seradane.


On the land bridge, they founded the city of Sarebas, which was created with the help of titan-born magisters, whom were the elite mages of the titan born, as well as the spirit sages, masters of spirit magic, whom are considered a high tier of spirit shamans.

This great city rose  up as a great circle spanning the width of the land bridge, and within the city walls arose great white marble spires, decorated with matching marble columns with azure blue coloured pointy roofs, as well as canals on the ground level that connected the southern Boiling Sea, which is named so due to it’s volcanic islands further west, to the northern Azure Sea, which is named so for its white beaches, clear blue waters, as well as for the many tropical islands scattered throughout its borders.


Not long after they had settled down, many of the various spirit magic users of the titan-born, such as spirit sages, shamans and druids felt drawn to the forests further inland on the continent of Seradane, namely the Emerald Wilds, a great big forest spanning the entire south east continent, down to the borders of Sarebas.

These forests have three great rivers running through them, whom all begin at Lake Calaedras, the biggest and deepest lake in all of Ranquillion. From the depths of this lake emerges spirit energies in great abundance, breathing life into the Emerald Wilds.


In the heart of these woods, another race native to Ranquillion resides, namely the Seradani Woodsmen. They appeared on the planet before the constellons set their eyes on the young worlds of the cosmos, created by the spirit energies that surged through the universe in its early ages.

These people usually stand tall at two meters at an adult age, with a variety of skin colours ranging from the most common gold, grey, pinewood brown and bronze.  

Their hair colours are always white or blonde, except for the woodsmen with brown skin whom often has dark green hair. All Woodsmen has green glowing irises, with no visible pupils to be seen.


The Woodsmen are purely spirit magic users, and often incorporate animal companions in their society, which extends to having contact with the lupine aspect Lupinos, the great wolf aspect of Seradane.


Seeing as the titan-born whom came to the Emerald Wilds came there because they were drawn to the spirit energies, they became natural allies of the Seradani Woodsmen, and together they shared their many arts of spirit magic with each other.

Further west in Seradane, past the Emerald Wilds, lies the Taurus Plains, which is the name given to the seemingly endless grassy plains of central in-land west Seradane, home to Bovinos, the bovine aspect.

Further northwest, past the pinewoods of Faraldren, the land slowly becomes more elevated from the rest of the continent, until it meets the ocean in the west and the north. On the westernmost tip of these highlands, named Seraviribus,  another sentient race appeared a few eons after the titan-born had arrived. These newcomers became known as humans, and they spread quickly throughout western Seradane.


Their origins were unknown, but it seems to have a connection to the constellons and the titan-born, seeing as they look somewhat similar, as well as being able to use arcane and spirit magic.

A few places in Ranquillion contains places that the constellons aimed to use in their various endeavours, and one such place was located in Seraviribus, which the humans whom remained there explored. Eventually,  a religion was born from what they managed to decipher, picturing the constellons as gods, which they named The Makers.

Slightly east, near Faraldrens northern coastland the kingdom of Paremus formed, which bordered the Seradani Spine in the east, a great mountain range that splits the continent in the middle, save for a passage in the south that connects the continent, Seraviribus in the west and the Taurus Plains to the south.


The humans that settled in the Taurus Plains began worshipping Bovinos which in turn infused them with aspectal power, a very focused form of spirit energy. Over the ages they became less human in appearance, looking more like humanoid cows and bulls. There were no arcane users among the Taurus people, even though they’re able to wield the arcane, because of their highly shamanistic culture.

East of the Taurus Plains lies the Paremi mountain range, which begins in Paremus in the north and ends in the south of the Taurus Plains, split by the colossal gates of Seraviribus, which had at this time formed into the Golden Empire of Seraviribus.

South of Seraviribus lies the Savage Shore, a great desert wasteland with various nomadic peoples consisting of humans and Taurus people, many whom are at constant war with each other, there are no arcane users to be found here either. The only exception is the peninsula of the west coast, which houses the city of Artis, considered the best traders in the world, due to their naval fleet, whom sails to all the coastal cities of Seradane except for Sarebas.

Artis has never been attacked by any of the war tribes of the Savage Shore, due to Artis being their only source of trade goods, seeing as the burning steppes that is known as the Servus Wastes is bordered in the east by the Paremi mountains and the South Wall, a mountain range going from the west coast east towards the Seradani Spine.

Only a narrow desert valley connects the Savage Shore to the rest of Seradane, seeing as the north is closed off by the great cliffs of Seraviribus, which is elevated above the flat lands by over a thousand meters at the northwestern edge. The Taurus Plains has been attacked by savage invaders from beyond the Servus Wastes many times throughout history.


The southern coast of Seradane is known as Serache, a fertile tropical area bordered by the South Wall in the north and the Boiling Sea to the south. The humans here practiced primitive forms of arcane magic, which were much more difficult for mankind to learn than spiritual magic, seeing as spirit magic were taught to them by the aspects that they met.


Many city states emerged in Serache, most of them hugged the coast, with the greatest one being near the western edge, named Serachihiri, the first of the Serachi city states to officially fully embrace the arcane, many of the other city states followed in later years.


Further west however, further than western Seradane ends in the north, the land goes on, with a wide land bridge connecting Seradane to yet another continent, these were the lands of Faldren, they were never explored by Seradani humans however, seeing as it was mostly swampy, and the tribes of the Savage shore did not dare venture into the swamps due to superstitions.



Throughout the ages, the races of Seradane thrived, with many unique cultures popping up. The east coast had become settled as well by humanoid fox men that had come from across the sea from unknown lands, and they settled the Duskshore, which is the name given to the forested shore north east of the Emerald Wilds.

The Duskshore is considerably darker in colour than the Emerald Wilds, and it is closed off from the west by the Seradani Highlands in which Lake Calaedras is located. A river flows through Duskshore that begins at Lake Calaedras.

Eventually, the foxmen encountered Lupinos, whom they started worshipping instead of the fox aspect they had worshipped back in their homelands.

Their origins are similar to the Taurus people, and after embracing Lupinos, their physical appearances changed in a few generation, until they had become the Wolfmen, whom now lives in Duskshore, the Emerald Wilds along with the woodsmen and the titan-born, as well as in Lupus Convallis, a forested mountain valley in the Seradani Spine near the grasslands of the Taurus Plains, where they have three major settlements.  

The wolfmen of Lupus Convallis however, came from Seradani humans from Paremus, though they were connected to the eastern wolfmen through their worship of the lupine aspect.



A portion of the titan-born of Sarebas however, wanted conquest above all else, seeing humans and all their descendants as inferior beings, they wanted to purge the continent clean of them.

This initiated the Seradani crusades, large armies of titan-born magisters, battlemages and foot soldiers charged through the south eastern lands of Seradane south of the Emerald Wilds, spilling into Serache and the Taurus Valley through the passages south of the Seradani Spine.

The crusade lasted for many many years, the arcane magic that the titan-born wielded were unlike anything the humans and Taurus people had seen.

Most titan-born however, did not have anything against the other races, and the ones who didn’t take part in the crusades conspired together with the humans of Serache, teaching them some of the advanced arcane arts of the titan-born, and through their combined effort, the crusaders were defeated and banished to the southern landmass from where the titan-born first came from.

Submitted: May 17, 2018

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