Chapter 4: Faldren

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At the same time as the first humans came to be in Seraviribus in the far west of Ranquillion, they also appeared on the island of Manheim, located right outside of the northern part of the eastern continent named Faldren.

By the time the Faldrenese humans had a written history, their island was already overpopulated with the natural resources nearly depleted.

By the time the titan-born had established contact with the Seradani woodsmen, the Faldrenese humans had built a great navy with the intentions of settling other parts of the world, inspired by the many islands in the nearby sea that could be seen during clear days.

Half of the navy set sail to the south and west, to explore the uncharted seas. Later on during their voyage, a few ships split off from the main force in the southwest, and went directly south towards the Azure sea, while the rest discovered the continent of Sky Oram, located in the middle of the planet.

The eastern half of the Faldrenese navy however, went to the previously discovered island of Midway, from which they went even further east, which is when they arrived in Faldren for the first time.


On the northern tip of Faldren’s crescent-shaped north western shore, the Faldrenese founded the kingdom of Lindros, which introduced chivalry to the world.

These humans had very few arcane users, though spirit magic is common practice. As the humans settled further south however, the variety of magic practice broadens.

On the mid-western part of central Faldren, the kingdom of Kaywen was founded on the hammer-shaped peninsula named after its shape, The Hammer. The Hammer is located near the great volcano called “the gates of Smolderas”, which is the site of where the religion of Smolderas was founded, whom are the worshippers of the natural force of fire on the world of Ranquillion, whom are one out of four entities placed upon the world in ages past by the Constellular collective.

This religion was present at the founding of Kaywen, and the worshippers of Smolderas has always had great influence in this region through their fire priests, fire sages and flame wardens, warriors wielding fire.

At Kaywen’s eastern borders, the denizens can gaze upon the great cliffs of Sadeiro, which houses the Holy Kingdom of Sadeiro at the top, an elevated landmass located on Faldren’s north-eastern back, accessible only by two valleys on each side of the great cliffs.

At the founding of this kingdom, they faced an unfamiliar people in the deep forests, namely the Faldrenese woodsmen, distant cousins of the Seradani woodsmen.

Conflict soon erupted between the two peoples as the humans started chopping down the forests to build their kingdom.

As the Faldrenese woodsmen were masters of spirit magic, the relatively low command over nature that the humans of Sadeiro had was not enough to win the war. Although uncommon, arcane users were present in Sadeiro, and they tried to teach the spirit users the powers of arcane.

As they reached out to the skies in order to try to harness the arcane, something else took notice of the desperate population.

The Great Light took notice, and infused the people of Sadeiro with a form of magic described as holy magic by the now many users of it, and thus defeated the hostile woodsmen, whom could not defeat the holy knights of Sadeiro.

However, The Great Light is actually a vampiric cosmic force that masks itself as a holy being to lure in worshippers, whom will be slowly drained of life, though this would never be known to its victims.


The remaining woodsmen retreated even further east to the deepest parts of the forests which is where they founded their own kingdoms around the twin lakes of Faldren, connected by a great river, which all served as a great defence again any would-be attackers from the Holy Kingdom.


The northern woodsman kingdom was named Deepglen, with its inhabitants living all over its flourishing forests, and their capital city Lesheni being hidden from human eyes through some of the most advanced spirit energies the woodsmen could channel into their nature spells.

The southern woodsmen kingdom named Feralia became more involved with human culture as they allied with the Kaywenese, as both peoples were proficient in spirit magic, seeing as the fire elementals of Smolderas that gives the fire sages their powers are fire spirits. They both shared a common enemy in the Holy Kingdom of Sadeiro as well, and they often clashed with each other in the lowlands of Faldren where the three nations shared borders.

South of the northern kingdoms lays the narrow nation of Caedway which hugs the great maelstrom of Ranquillion, which starts in the sea outside the crescent south of the continent.

This country is largely human, but it also has an considerable woodsman population, and marriage between the two races are not uncommon, with the offspring looking mostly human.

Southeast of Caedway lies the great swamplands of the Faldren Glades, which remains unclaimed by any governments by modern times.

It is through this swamp that humans started settling from the east, instead of from the north. After being driven there by what these humans calls the “horned giants”, creatures wielding powerful arcane powers, which the humans learned, and drove them back. By this time, the south of Faldren was well settled, and on an island right outside of the southern crescent tip of Faldren they founded the first free city-state in Faldren, named Ri’hiri, the city of Arcane.

Ri’hiri rivalled the grandeurs of Sarebas to the far west, or the far east according to the Ri’hiri, a perspective they have ever since they came from Seradane through the land bridge.  

Another wave of humans came over the land bridge from the Savage Shore in Seradane, being less superstitious than the other tribes that inhabited these wastes.

After spending some time on the land bridge, they discovered the lands of Argos bordered by the Glades, Caedway and Feralia, though Argos is isolated by tall mountains, namely the Faldren Barricade, which is the name given to the great mountain range that goes from the Glades, going around Argos before continuing north along Feralia and Lesheni eastern backs before ending where the Faldren highlands meets the northern kingdom of Lindros.

A few hundred years after the defeat of the titan-born between Faldren and Serachihiri in Seradane, a series of earthquakes in the southern seas of Ranquillion started eating away at the shores of the Faldren glades land bridge, and at the land bridge which Sarebas is located on.

The spirit sages of the titan-born had foreseen this, however, and before disaster struck, the city was moved away by the use of arcane and spirit magic, to the central woodlands of Seradane, floating in the air above the shores of Lake Calaedras until the end of time.

The titan-born of the southern landmass that would try to re-discover Sarebas would always find nothing but an open sea, even the few whom have sailed to the original site of the city has found nothing by swampy shores past the city borders.

Luckily, parts of the Faldren Glades survived, along with all of Caedway, Argos and Ri’hiri. While Caedway had previously had been entirely covered in forests and grassy plains and hills, the swamps now claimed its south-eastern border, reaching all the way to the borders of Ri’hiri on the mainland,

Argos would be near depleted within a few hundred years after the collapse, which is the common name given to the catastrophic events that severed the continent near the south pole from Seradane, and Faldren’s connection to Seradane.

This would result in them invading mostly the northern kingdoms by using ships, which the rest of Faldren had long since stopped using after finding the great continent.

These invasions rarely lasted long, long enough for the Argosi to return goods to their distant homeland. They also sail the waters of the former land bridge, mapping many of it’s scattered islands which are havens for pirates, being one of two great pirate societies in the world, the other one on the islands near old Sarebas, outposts can also be found on the islands between Sky Oram and Faldren, which the Argosi often use as base during their attacks on the northern kingdoms.

The southern lands are protected by the great malestream which separates the Azure sea and the Boiling Sea in the south east of Ri’hiri, as well as the Glades south of Argos, which serves the sailor people poorly due to the density of the woods, and the hostility of a large variety of plants and creatures.


There are some however, that can sail the waters of the east Azure sea, and these people are the citizens of the Coral Isles, an archipelago in the middle of the Azure sea near the ever-moving areas of the sea touched by the great maelstrom.  

These ebony-skinned islanders worships Aquados, lord of the seas, one of the four entities in which Smolderas can be accounted amongst, and in turn they gain complete control over their ships through magic, which gives them the optios to sail faster than anyone as well as being able to sail near the middle of the great maelstrom without difficulty.

They often trade with Kaywen, Caedway and Ri’hiri, whom are amongst a few places in the world that the Coral Islanders frequently trade with.


Submitted: May 21, 2018

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