Number One Narcissist Tips with Bruvton

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Aspiring celebrity, Bruvton, teaches you how to live well. After reading this book, your life will surely change. Maybe not for the better.

Table of Contents

Tip One

In order for the world to revolve around you (which it will anyway), you must be popular. There are a few ways to achieve this popularity... Read Chapter

Tip Two

  Meet Jim. Jim is trying to escape prison. How does he suppose he can pull this off? Simple! He walks out the door! Here's how:... Read Chapter

Tip Three

  Remember, no matter what happens, it's not your fault. This works in every situation if you are fast at coming up with things ... Read Chapter

Tip Four

I am a celebrity. I am a professional writer. I am a famous YouTuber. You may doubt these claims, but they're all true. Or... Read Chapter

Tip Five

There is nobody in the world as good as you. Except for me. Nobody is as cool as you, nobody is as good-looking as you, nobody is as humb... Read Chapter

Tip Six

Always think about others. The world may revolve around you, but people won't love you unless you love them. Be kind and considerate. Hum... Read Chapter

Tip Seven

Think about the world we live in right now. Think about starving children, and desperate parents working long hours in abusive factories ... Read Chapter

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