From somewhere far away

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A short-story about a big, deep love between two young lovers that are struggling thousands of miles far away from each other.

Submitted: February 26, 2018

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Submitted: February 26, 2018



Last night a girl was going back home after a long night at work. While she was getting out of her car locked it and walking towards the entrance, her eyes got all wet. A tear, ?rst on the left chick and after on the right started dropping. She was thinking about so many things. And it hurt.

She opened the main entrance. She had left to climb 26 stairs to her house door, per total 38 steps. It usually took to her 25 seconds. 

How many thoughts can a human mind elaborate in 25 seconds? You don’t know? Well neither she knew it but she found out that night that there were thousands. Not just thoughts but also feelings. 

“I love him. I love him so much and I never knew that a person can be capable to feel such a thing. Ok I’ll write a letter and send it. It will say something like: “ you made me believe in forever because I know it exists because of you. You made me believe in one truly love because that love it’s you”

No no no! Wait! I can’t write a letter it will never arrive in time and it has to be tomorrow the day.

Oh Alice you are such a disaster!

I miss him! I miss him so much! I need him. I need to feel that face, those lips. I want to just touch his face with both my hands and close my eyes to feel his soul, his feelings! 

I just love him more then I can realize I do. 

I’m such a mess. Why didn’t I think about all this earlier? Now what am I supposed to do? I wanted it to be special! But of course I failed! I need to think better! 

I’ll not sleep tonight until I’ll ?nd the way to make it special the best!

He deserves the best. He deserves special. He is my everything and my love.

Wow! Yeah I do love him more then....I don’t even have a comparison to it. I just do. 

I could dedicate a song to him. Nah that’s something I do every day. 

Yeah I think the best idea is to make a game. A crossword puzzle. He is gonna have to work on it and to ?gure it out. It has to be a hard one. Like the hardest one ever. He’s gonna work that lazy ass. That ass!!  Yeah but I have to think about what is gonna say this thing.

This is so complicated! It’s gonna take forever! I don’t have time. I don’t have time for anything! Not even for thinking about it.
Uffff why didn’t I think earlier? Why do I love him so much?

He does everything perfectly. He is my favorite person. He is just all I want. Yeah we have to work on a couple of things, like communication.  Work! We have to work on a way to make this distance feel not so awful. We have to ?nd a way to make things easier for us!

I want to don’t miss him so much. Yeah sure it’s impossible! How am I supposed to tell my heart don’t miss him?!  I love him! He has my heart. He is my heart.”

And that’s just a part of things she was thinking about when her thoughts stopped at the 25th step. 

She saw on her welcome mat some beautiful roses and a box of candies, some Valentine’s candies. 

Her ?rst thought was: “My sister wants me to make me feel his absence less so she got this for me” 

She took 7 more steps.

Her wet eyes became more wet.

She was now able to read what the note said: “For Alice from Ameer”.

She reached the top of the last step and she sit.

She started crying. 

Once more she realized that her love for that guy was the most right thing she could feel. That love that she feels is exactly the same that he feels for her. That is their unique and most beautiful on this planet for her. 

She couldn’t stop crying. She was happy. But she was also sad. Happy because he was so careful with details that were so important for her. Sad because she couldn’t run to him, into his arms. 

All she could do was crying. Crying happiness and sadness. Crying all the pain. Crying all the satisfaction. Crying for missing him. Crying for loving him more then anything.

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