Three White Roses

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having to have three roses for three different people tied by misfortune.

Submitted: February 26, 2018

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Submitted: February 26, 2018



The first for my wife

I had watched her burn that very day

The high pitched screaming coming from her still ringing in my head to this day

Trying to help but useless to

The window won't break

The door won’t open up

I watch as her skin begins to fall off

Seeing the blood from falling skin 

Tears and screams echo in my head

I cannot hear any other voices but hers

As I kneel

Tears and no emotion come from my face

Wondering if reality or just a fake

I felt my heartbreak

She bangs on the glass trying to escape

She falls onto the passenger seat laying

The skull can be seen from her bloody face

The sirens finally heard but it was too late

I had watched my wife burn on that day

The second for my son

The tumor had spread too far

He had been hospitalized already there to the point of the New Year

Life signs stopping and going

Breathing and exhaling is all he can do

My three-year-old son not knowing what to do

I drew him pictures with the time able to do

He tries to smile with no luck

The drawing of his favorite creature a duck

No emotion on his face with no mistake

He died in the hospital on that day 

All I can do

Is look into his eyes

Close them and say goodbye

Feeling horrible to have to let him go

They come to get him

Later we bury him saying our last goodbyes

The third for me

to plan to leave

Though others think this is crazy

This world has cost me

Writing this down will do me well

The time spent here had given me the chills

I am done writing now

Saying these words out loud

Goodbye cruel world

I put the pistol to my temple

Pulling the trigger knowing I will be with them now and forever


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