Inside The Woods of A.O.N.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

[Sci-Fi] In 1993, a tree service company demolishing a camping ground known as A.O.N. discovered a notebook laying in the woods with terrifying information written inside. What you're about to read is from
a writer named Tony Brown. He and his camping group are yet to be found.



1988, June 3rd

My name is Tony Brown, and I'm a bit of a bad writer. It’s what I love, but I'm not trying to get far or anything. Some people like to read what I write—some don't. The reason for me writing this time is due to my friend and I leaving for a 5-day trip tomorrow. My plan is to write a daily journal throughout each day of the trip. Whatever catches my eyes with interest, I’ll definitely write about it.

There's a camping ground known as A.O.N., which stands for Adventure of Nature. It's on Nature's Way Road—a wooded area. It has some history behind it too—creepy history. I've been doing quite some research on it. It's been said to have more than a handful of strange disappearances of campers. It was shut down back in '81. They say evil spirits are out there in the woods. They also call it Devil's Way as a nickname.

Another thing about myself though, I'm a college student who is now banned for a year because of a physical fight I had with a loudmouth moron, but 'til then, it's simply best to just enjoy life. I feel like doing anything just to get out of the house at this point.

I am a bit spooked about this Nature's Way place but I do find this slightly difficult to believe. Some say they've heard creepy laughter in the woods, strange noises and some other odd activities. Tomorrow morning, I leave for this wild trip. We'll see how this goes. My friend Megan and I will be meeting up with a group of six for this camp trip. Megan ran into a guy one day who reached out, hoping to find people to build a group to check that place out and find out the truth about all of this.

I just feel this could be a bit dangerous for Meg. I guess she's just bored or wants to get freaked out but it's something to do. We're friends but feels as if there’s a deeper connection, if you know what I mean. It's no secret either. We both joke around about that. I guess you could say we are together but not worried about the label.

We stay in Norfolk, Virginia and are heading out to Chesapeake in one of the rural areas to meet up with the group—or crew to make it sound better. After meeting up, we'll get picked up by Victor—the man Megan ran into. Victor's going to be driving us all the way to North Carolina where A.O.N. is located as long as we all individually pay $5. All of our belongings are packed and ready to go.


1988, June 4th 2:42PM

This morning, we made it to the meet-up spot, which was at an old barn. I'm not understanding why Victor had everyone going to that address to meet up. He says he doesn't want everyone knowing where he lives. It still makes it hard to trust someone; maybe I'm overly cautious. He came through with his cargo van and gave a speech about the walkie talkies he handed us, the extra food and water in his van and some other things, then we all hopped in the van. It just seems a bit odd. I may have made the dumbest choice to tag along on a trip I hardly know much about just to get something interesting to write down. I'm sitting in the back of the van beside Megan just in case something crazy happens. I can protect her.

Most of them are Freshmen students in college who just need something to do. One guy back there, named Henry, brought a couple bottles of liquor with some shot glasses. We all ended up taking shots and having a bit of fun. Maybe Victor isn't so bad after-all though, but I'll still keep my guard up. He had the music going and singing along to some songs while driving us. It sorta caught us off guard when the song “I think we’re alone now” by Tiffany played. Whatever radio station he had us listing to, there were plenty of songs for us to party to.

The girl beside Megan kept trying to flirt with her and ended up puking her guts out onto the floor. Yea, this girl Amy is something else. She devoured the most shots. Victor had to pull the old van over to the side of the road to clean it up back here, but we all joked around about it. These guys seem as if we're almost like family.

At the moment, everyone is pretty much asleep in the van and it's not even late. Like a party pooper, I only had one shot while everyone else had multiple. I don't really drink so I'm okay with tha...we just got a flat tire. I'm going out there to give Victor a hand with replacing the tire. I'm surprised everyone is still out.



We're here at the camping ground now. Victor ended up breaking the lock to the gate and getting the van through, then closed it and put a new lock up there—that he had stored in his van—just in case the cops come by to see if the lock had been cutoff. I guess you could say we're criminals, but I say we're badasses.


1988, June 5th 10:00AM

That was an interesting first night. Victor parked the van on the side of the road by a lake. We grabbed all of our belongings—especially food and water—and headed deep into the woods, then started a campfire before it got too late. On the first night, they decide to bring up the creepy stories of this place.  I wasn’t trying to be spooked—not on the first night. Megan and I had a small tent that we never used so we had to get a little assistance from Rogie and his girlfriend, Heather, to set it up. We're actually the only two mini groups out of this whole bunch. Everyone else is solo. We all get along pretty well though. It's almost 2 AM, so we're all in our tents for the night. Tomorrow we'll be checking out the area and see what we can find.


1988, June 6th 9:24AM

Last night, Amy left our camp to walk to the outhouse toilet not too far from us and radioed us from inside—freaking out about hearing what sounded like a falling tree close by it. When we got out of our tents, she came running back to camp in her wet jeans. It may have been a bit creepy, but it was quite funny that she wet herself. Today though, we found that fallen tree; there's just one weird thing about it. There were symbols of some sort on that tree written in red—which looked a bit like blood.  Neither one of us could understand it. Victor said there's probably some others out there playing games. That makes sense as long as I can trust him.


1988, June 7th 9:51AM

I hate to say it, but last night, we all heard creepy laughter from a distance while sitting at the campfire; the sounds appeared to come from every direction around us. This crap is creepier than I expected it to be. We all just looked at each other, slightly panicking, wondering where the hell it came from. It really freaked everyone out, but I'm hoping we can trust Victor. He worked at trying to calm us down, saying that a big group like us would be safe as long as we stick together. We really do need to get the hell out of this place, but we're staying for this 5-day challenge, I guess.

We all have our walkie talkies that Victor handed us when we were at the barn. It’s easy to get lost in these woods. I still don't know why I agreed to this crap. When Megan and I got back into our tent to head to bed, she told me she wants to go home. Well, I don't blame her, it's just we have no choice now but to wait till these days are over. Neither one of us were ready for this.


1988, June 8th 8:47AM

There were strong winds that partially destroyed Drew's tent and the tent Rogie & Heather were in last night. The winds lasted about ten minutes. This stuff is just way too freaky out here. I don't know what the hell we're dealing with, but I don't think it wants us here. We leave tomorrow though, that's all that matters. During the day, everything is fine. During the night, there has been some type of strange activity to occur. During the night, it doesn't even feel right; it's dead silence out here until something happens out of nowhere.


1988, June 9th 9:12AM

We don't know where the hell Henry is. He got drunk last night and walked off. We all thought he went back into his tent. This morning, Drew woke up before everyone else and saw that Henry's tent was wide open. Henry wasn’t inside—just his walkie talkie.

When we all eventually woke up, Drew informed us. We gave it a few hours, but Henry still didn't show up.  I don't know what the hell is going on, but this is pretty damn serious. We can't take the risk of leaving and call the cops. We're already doing something illegal in the first place.

In a few we're going to spread out and look for him. If we have to search all night, we will. I just hope that guy's okay and just out there knocked out from a hangover. Maybe that's what it is, hopefully. We need to leave now. Megan is getting really quiet now and shaking and I want to leave just as much as her. We're not the only ones scared out of our minds. Amy cursed out Victor, tearing up and going crazy because she wants to leave now. We can't leave Henry behind though. We need to find him and get out of here. I have to go.


1988, June 10th 09:38AM

What if all of this is just one big joke and Megan & I are the ones getting fooled. This could possibly be a TV show with everyone in on it. I just don't see how this could be real. Megan also agrees with my opinion now. I kind of heard Heather crying a bit in the tent she shares with Rogie, last night. She's effected by this terribly too, if they're not in on some joke. Megan & I invited them into our tent about an hour ago to inform them that this could all be one big joke. They're with us on this now but this is pretty cool though if I'm right about us being fooled, but there's no way this is real.

The single shower cabin still has a flow of water when you turn the knob. It's slightly cold but why would it be working at a shutdown camping ground? It's all starting to make since now.


1988, June 11th 05:13PM

This isn't all that funny anymore. Victor has disappeared now. We all woke up but his tent was closed for hours so Drew and Amy shouted his name multiple times but he wouldn't respond, so Drew slit a hole in the tent with his knife there was no presence of Vic. There was a note in there that read “You are all hers now”. Really, is this some fucking joke? Amy and Drew ended up walking their way out of the woods to see if the van was there, but it wasn't. It took them about forty minutes to get there and back. I don't know if I should take this seriously or as a joke. It's creepy, that's all I know. I'm tired of this crap now.

Things got a bit wild about thirty minutes ago. I shouldn't have said anything to the couple. They went and asked Amy and Drew if this was a part of a joke. The two of them got to fussing back. Rogie & Heather put us on the spot by saying that all four of us believe that it's a joke. Things were just a mess earlier. Amy and Drew did seem like they were  really pissed off. I don't know how to look at things anymore.


1988, June 12th 08:02AM

The campfire we had going last night blew away in front of us all while sitting around it, trying to figure out what's really going on around here. We all tried to start another one but for some odd reason, the logs wouldn't ignite anymore. I've been trying to keep Megan calm, but she's losing her mind. I don't know what to do. And where the hell is Victor and Henry? I'm losing my damn mind too.



About an hour ago Henry came crashing to the ground from the trees. We should've never come to this dark place. He's dead. This is no god damn joke. We need to get the hell out of here. We all agree to leave in the morning. We laid Henry in his tent because we didn't know what else to do with him. Looking at a dead human being like this, I don't know how I should react. We all messed up coming here. Megan and Heather broke down a bit. Drew wanted to, I saw it in his eyes. We don't know what the heck we're dealing with. Victor must've known about it. We can't trust that mother fucker. I knew it. We knew nothing about Victor. They always say not to trust a stranger, now I really hope we can make it out of here.


1988, June 13th  08:52AM

Nothing happened last night but we're still on our way out of here in an hour or so. I feel bad about Henry—not knowing what happened to him. Thinking this was a joke was the biggest mistake we made and not respecting the stories of the missing campers. We're paying the price


1988, June 14th  10:40AM

Believe it or not, we walked for an hour, then realized we were trapped in repeat. After walking about a mile away from our camping site, we kept ending up right back to the same spots. I don't know how to explain this—I really don't. It's like we kept ending up where we were when we were a mile away from camp. The same trees kept popping up and other things which stood out. They kept popping back up.

Once we realized what it seemed after about an hour of walking, we decided to see how long it would take to head back to camp. It only took us about twenty minutes. This is weird as heck. What are we supposed to do? I literally feel like going crazy, but I have to be strong for Megan. Heather broke down again and Megan keeps getting close to it, saying she's sorry for bringing me. I'm helping her the best I can. Rogie flipped out though, and Heather held him tight to calm him down a bit. We don't know what to do.


1988, June 15th 06:58AM

I don't know what to say anymore—or what to even write. I'm too stressed. Around four something in the evening yesterday, it got dark—pitch black I mean. I don't know how it could be dark as night this early. I'm too stressed to freak out anymore. We all have our flashlights, but the batteries kept dying within hours, and we had to constantly replace them. We couldn't get the campfire going no matter how hard we tried. Megan cried on my shoulder yesterday, asking what we should do while Rogie had to deal with his girlfriend asking the same. We have to work as a team here.

I had to step up for Amy, Drew and the rest of us to get us all to come together and stay together and work this out together. I'm not a leader, but someone has to be for now. There's something out there hunting us down.


1988, June 16th 08:16AM

I don't think we're going to make it out of here—I really don't. We all heard what sounded like a loud evil noise, then trees started to fall—a bunch of them. The sounds of the tree falls came closer and closer, so we all grabbed what we could and ran away from our tents, but a little scattered and panicking. Drew was snatched by something and pulled into the trees. I didn't see anything behind him when I saw him get lifted up and pulled back. We were all running for our lives, then he made a scream. I looked back. I regret seeing someone's last moments. We all know that was it for the poor guy. Amy's acting a bit quiet and to herself so we're trying our best to comfort her. Megan keeps freaking out as well, but she's trying her hardest to tough this out.

I don't know where we're going to go but we definitely can't stay at our camp spot. We're only going to get picked off one by one. We're going to make a move again and try to escape. We all lost each other last night, but found one another and regrouped ourselves earlier. Without the walkie talkies, it may not have happened.


1988, June 17th 10:03AM

We slept together by a tree, taking shifts observing the area last night. No way we can go back to those tents. Something terrible happened as well and I'm trying to be tough here. I really am. On Amy's shift, she popped handful of pills and overdosed. She overdosed on sleeping pills and wouldn't wake up. She's had enough of this, so I can understand. I’m crying internally, trying to hold it in the best I can. We may not make it out of these woods—as much as I hate to say it. I'm only keeping that to myself. Megan keeps trying to get me to stop writing, and calling it a stupid journal—not understand I'm writing this for anyone now, in case anything happens to us, and this notebook is found.

We've been here for—I think—twelve days now, and are starving. We were to leave on the 9th, and completely ran out of food and water yesterday. I don't know what to say. I don't know what to think. We're starving. That's all I know. Heather has been going on a barrage of breakdowns each day. There's nothing we can do. My flashlight is dead and out of batteries just like the rest of us. Megan managed to save hers though. We need to find the other flashlights


1988, June 18th 07:22AM

It's getting dark earlier and earlier now. Around 01:00 PM, it gets pitch black.

There's a beat-up cabin we found out there while looking for the other flashlights. It looks like something that could've been built way before any of us were born. It had to be at least 50 years old. We're staying inside of it for now. There's nowhere else to go.

I used Megan's flashlight for the dark basement we found inside of the cabin. It smelled awful. There were weird symbols written on the walls in the basement. I don't know what this is. Witchcraft? Demonic? I'm just freaked out and need to get out of here. And we're hungry.


1988, June 19th 10:03AM

That evil intity found up and tried to break it's way in last night. Our hearts were racing in there. We don't know what the hell to do; stay in the cabin and hope for someone to find us? We're out of luck. We're out of god damn luck—stuck being hunted by some evil spirit or whatever the hell it is. I can't take this. No choice but to breakdown. Manning up ain't solving a thing.

Megan went through this journal earlier and read where I stated how I didn't think we could make it out of here. She's pissed about me calming her down over and over as if there was a great escape to be made. There is no escape. I only convinced her to keep her calm. It was pretty wrong of me and I regret it. I love her, but only thought about it from my point of view. She's not talking to me. I messed up.

We're all going out to find some food. Bugs or whatever we can find. Neither of us have been in this situation before but we have no choice. God, I need you


1988, June 20th

We lost Rogie and Heather. I don't know what to say. That entity came back again last night and caved the roof in. We decided to flee, but that's when Heather got yanked back into the cabin as it was collapsing. Rogie went back to get her, but the whole roof crashed down on her. I just remember Megan and I running away, glancing back as it happened. Rogie got on his knees and gave up. I don't know if he's still alive or Heather.

I don't even know what time it is anymore. When I woke up, my watch has been going crazy and still is. The two hands are spinning rapidly. We found a river. We're going to follow it and hope for the best. If someone finds this notebook, it most likely means we're dead. We did the best we can and I don't think it's possible to make it out of this, but we're not giving up. The river may be our only hope left. Amy, Rogie, Heather, Drew, Henry, Megan & I all...we all went through hell. There's no way to go back in time but I wish this was all a dream because that's what it feels like—a nightmare. We're about to get going. Megan and I love each other to death. We may not make it out of here, but lord have mercy on our souls. I don't know what else to say but this may be the last thing I write. If so, I'm dead.

Submitted: February 26, 2018

© Copyright 2021 The Ghost-Bull. All rights reserved.

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A. K.Taylor

The story is okay and it does have the feel of a good deep woods haunting aspect, but its too vague on many details to be truly horrifying. This is basically a campfire horror story that gets told over and over again to frighten younger children.

The last portion of the story where it says: Written by Troy Powell... Needs to be removed, unless this is intentional. I'll tell you why now. This portion serves as a final notation that someone made it out alive or at least that's how it seems, but no one in the group is named Troy so either Tony Brown wrote the journal entries or Troy Powell wrote the journal entries which makes no since when the notebook was found in the woods. This segment serves only two possible purposes 1) It's a disclaimer that none of the events ever really happened and your writer made it all up, for whatever reason but was somehow using a different name. 2) This is your name and it really doesn't need to be here if you're going by TheGoldBull on the site and don't want people to know your real name.

Also, it's mentioned in the story that Victor disappears leaving a note that "You are all hers now." This is a detail that would add some weight to the story, if the group had been told the so-called back story to the haunting or whatever its believed to be.

Overall, the execution is good for the type of story you've produced. It's kinda-like a low level creepy-pasta, but missing some details to give it more depth. I did like it though, despite the shortcomings.

Sat, March 17th, 2018 4:27am

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