Gagsna's Comfort Zone

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The things that go on in amusement parks just shouldn't Otta happen. Someone otta investigate, or some-thin.

Submitted: February 26, 2018

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Submitted: February 26, 2018



"Come ride the Ferris-Wheel

For 25 cents it's quite a deal.

Take your love in the air,

Way up there

Then try a kiss if you think love's real!"

That was the pitch that the Huckster named Rick was making to the couples that were strolling by.


"Hi Rick, Ronda tells me that you could give us a ride to the top," said a man holding the hand of one of the street-girls that frequents the amusement park.

Rick looked down on the couple and told the man, "Scram Sailor, I got no time for this tonight!"

"I got a name and it's Dave! Just because I’m a sailor don’t mean that’s who I am!

I also have 20 bucks here and this won't take no more than twenty minutes up there. So what is your problem?!?"

Rick thought for a second or two, then replied, "No dice Dave, now scram!"

Suddenly the girl popped a Double-Bubble bubblegum bubble, that she had expanding in her lips, and said, "Aw-come-on Ricky. You won’t make a Jackson worth of quarters in hours on a slow night like tonight. Just take the 20 and park us at the top. Go take a wiz and buy yourself a coke on the way back. That's all you got-ta do."


"Alright, alright, right after I bring those kids down," Rick grumbled as he pushed the engagement lever.

Rick took the $20 and sent the two to the top of the wheel. High up in the night where no-one on the ground could see what was going on up there. Then he locked the controls, hung up a "out of order" sign, and went to the bathroom.

About 15 minutes later Rick returned, unlocked and started the drive motor to let it warm up.

Rick checked his watch and then he engaged the wheel's drive lever; down and around the top cage came, until it reached the exit platform.

Once at the bottom Rick unlatched and removed the safety bar and Ronda stepped out while adjusting her clothing.

"Did that one satisfy your hunger, Gaggsnar?" Rick questioned.

Gaggsnar. Oh, sorry! --- Ronda popped another Double-bubble bubble, smiled, and walked away.


D. Thurmond / JEF


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