The Progressive Diversity Of Fight Club.

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The First Rule Of Fight Club, You don't talk about fight club, second rule of fight club, see first Rule!

Submitted: February 26, 2018

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Submitted: February 26, 2018



The first rule of fight club is ‘Don’t talk about fight Club’.

Of course, I’m not talking about fight club, it’s just that I’ve always liked that title because it immediately puts a spark within the mind that your about to read something that’s very interesting and entertaining.

So’ if you think I’m going to talk about the secrets of fight club, well, I’m not & you’ll be sorely disappointed, remember, the first rule of fight club is too not talk about fight club.

I think the title probably describes the internet pretty well these days.

There’s a host of various ways to comment or leave a remark on a particular subject, everywhere on the internet and it’s a middle-of-the-road 50-50 chance that not all comments or remarks are going to be friendly and positive ones, that’s for sure.

I mean, is the internet turning into a virtual fight club where comments & remarks are mostly left or written by angry or down-right insane people, people who seem to have no other option but to criticize or object to others opinions?

Yes, of course, everyone has there own agenda when there on the internet, that’s what the internet has been designed for, everyone has their own opinions and objectives, their own set of rules that they have always followed.

And lets face it,

You can’t have nearly 2.5 Billion people using the internet & then expect everyone being friendly to each other, that’s not how the internet is designed and in a virtual democracy it’s a guarantee that there will be friction against some longstanding historical event.

As I recall the first & second world wars didn’t have a friendly feel to them either and as such no one can expect harmony within such a tight space as the internet feels these days.

Everyone is an expert.

Yep, that’s so true of the comments or remarks left these days, some people just have to type away ’as though there on some keyboard warrior quest’ to rid the virtual world of intelligence and common sense, they seem too type as though there entire existence depended on it, as though they are on a mission to eradicate everyone else’s humble opinions.

There are some generally, great and thoughtful comments but more than usual there always over ridden by the sheer number of troll-like comments or comments that have zero bearing on what the subject or article is about.

Its just one of those things that is putting genuine people off from commenting, they read the article or subject matter and then move on, hence they can’t be bothered with commenting anymore.

Of course,

We all like to leave a well written and informative reply or comment but (here’s the problem) these days…. The comment has to conform with the bizarre integrity of those who moderate these comments and depending on what the moderator has been told and the direction of the website, some perfectly good comments will either be deleted or suspended.

This leads genuine users to just stop using the comments section and ’that’s not what the internet is all about’, it’s about freedom of expressive thought.

Someone, somewhere, will undoubtedly take offence and click the report button and it will suddenly (and at times, will not even be read by the moderator) and it will be deleted.

This is how things are escalating within the comments sections everywhere now, it’s the troll-like element that is destroying what has always been a user friendly experience, they seem to be on a mission to click as many report comments and replies as they can during there internet usage time.

Thus’ destroying a websites user base.



The cyber world doesn’t have the ability to run by itself so that’s where the humble Information Technology Technician comes in.

Big companies like Microsoft, Google, Face-book, Twitter & many-many others have an army of Technicians working along side the inner workings of the internet.

So there they are,

Carefully and professionally creating and tweaking algorithms, silently moving various bits of code, writing code so that it can embed into a website of there choice, making the user experience just that bit better for all of us.

Taking a pride in what they all do, being sensitive and selective in there approach to what is acceptable on a particular website.

Taking down troll-like comments (never happens), encouraging users to express their own educated & unique opinions (that depends on it being progressive) and it depends on if the moderator is male or female!

Generally, it’s a female decision because the male is scared stiff of losing his job. (Or so I’m lead to believe) anyhow.

Abandon Democracy, it’s just not worth losing your job over.

So in a democracy, the rule is that we all have freedoms to express ourselves (within reasonable actions and words) but its appears that early indications are that a persons perception of democracy is not necessarily acceptable within a democratised society.

The new democracy within society is a one that includes progressive diversity, whatever the hell that means!

I have been a user of the internet for years & years, there wasn’t even a Google Search engine when I started using the internet and I must admit that I still don’t use anything Google orientated (there predominantly an advertising company) so I have no’ use for them, although I do pop over to there video website sometimes. (YouTube).com

If the powers that be continue on there own path of self destruction, well, is there any wonder that user base is declining.

Then again, some websites do seem to attract the troll-like insanity within today’s society.

My Thoughts By,

Left On The Shelf.







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