The Mirror

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Horror. Fantasy.

The Mirror


  Old Alf liked to think of ways to improve the world. When

he drank his wine he came up with some really great ideas,

well that's what he thought. His latest great idea was to invent

a mirror that didn't reflect. He thought...

  I mean why should ugly people be discriminated against

by reflections, why should they have to look at reflections

that are demeaning?

  Alf told his neighbours about his scheme.

- You're mad Alf! A mirror that doesn't reflect isn't a mirror.

That's what a mirror does, reflect! You stupid old bastard!

- You've been drinking too much Alf. You better get over to


  But Alf wasn't deterred. He slowly built his special mirror.

It was quite an acheivement. He stared into it each day as 

he drank his wine. It definitely didn't reflect. But Alf thought

there was something strange about the mirror. Each day as he

drank he felt himself been pulled towards it.

  One day after Alf had consumed more than his fair share

of wine, he felt his body been pulled towards it again, he

couldn't stop himself being pulled. He found himself against

the mirror staring into it, and then it sucked his head into

the glass. Alf screamed, but he couldn't stop his body being sucked

into it too. Soon all of him was inside.

  Alf floated in a huge aquarium filled with Moselle. He knew 

he would never have to think again, all he'd ever have to

do now was drink.

  Alf drank.

  The bemused dental patients stared!

Submitted: February 26, 2018

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