The Dragon and His Captive - Short Story

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In this fantasy world, dragons have to steal to be happy, unfortunately for Calve, the dragon who hates to steal. Even so, he comes across an opportunity that he can't pass up. A prince and all his
treasures right in front of his nose...

Submitted: February 26, 2018

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Submitted: February 26, 2018



The Dragon and His Captive

Sharp rays of light rose up from beyond the hills, warming the backside of a slumbering beast. This particular beast was- believe it or not, a winged beast known throughout the lands as a dragon. Resting upon his hoard of gems and jewels, Calve blinked open his eyes and let out a yawn so monstrous even sharks shivered in the distance. But despite his monstrous form, Calve the aforementioned dragon had the heart of a newborn puppy.

He stretched his muscles one by one before finally getting up to find that once again someone had dared to steal from his precious hoard. A hoard was a dragon's identity, it's soul. He needed his hoard like he needed oxygen. Unlike most dragons, Calve hated the cocaine like high that came from stealing gems and jewels. It made him feel petty for the longing in his heart that desired a hoard. But despite this, he stretched out his wings and leaped into the sky, soaring above the hills and into the sunlight.

Thoughts raced through his head, memories of his mother shoving him and his brothers out of their lair and telling them not to come back without a hoard, to teach them how to be happy. He furrowed his brow, not enjoying the memories of starving for days from refusal to steal while his brothers mocked and teased him from their mother's lair. He had finally grown so hungry that he gave in and flew to the nearest town and stole from the local merchants. Calve still remembered the high he got when he crushed that first merchant's cart with ease and sent the rest screaming for help. He wasted little time in raiding all the carts of their valuables. He ended up returning to his mother's lair with the least amount of valuables but the high- oh how he craved that high in his heart.

He swallowed nervously as a kingdom came into sight. Before the guards could even notice the movement, he had slipped into the prince's chamber and back out with the prince desperately clinging to his back and a mouthful of shiny gems and jewels and coins and all that a dragon could ever want in a hoard. Calve panicked as he wrapped his tail around the prince to ensure he didn't fall off. He hadn't meant to capture a prince! Calve attempted to focus on his breathing as they both glided to the forest ground, now far from the kingdom. He couldn't fly without his tail and the prince was clinging to it for dear life.

"Give me back my valuables!" Screeched the prince, seemingly unaware of the harm the beast could easily cause him. The prince was short, around average height for an adult, but he looked to be about sixteen or seventeen. He had messy dark hair and stunning green eyes. He was still in his silky pajamas. Calve clutched his face in embarrassment. "Go back or I'll hurt you." Calve lied. It was hard to make out what he was saying with all the treasure in his mouth. The prince pushed his chin up. "I, prince Cameron of green kingdom refuse to leave without my possessions."

Calve swallowed as he got an idea. A horrible, awful idea that would haunt him forever. He easily could have left the prince there. Oh how easy it would have been. But somewhere in his selfish dragon heart he knew the hoard in his mouth wouldn't be enough. Or maybe, just maybe, his puppy dog heart knew that the prince would never make it back home without a dragon's help. The self critic he was, Calve went with the first one, and grabbed Cameron, being careful not to hurt him with his claws. He flew them both back up to his lair and set him gently on the cold rock floor. "Either your kingdom brings me all the loot they can carry, or you die." Calve smiled grimly, trying not to let Cameron see through his lie. Cameron swallowed. He believed him. That was only the beginning of a long and winding friendship between a dragon and his captive.

The end of book one. Want a book two? Let me know!

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