Beastly Beautiful

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“The beauty of the moon is in the gaudiness of its scars.” The story revolves around a curse which makes Jacob eager to unveil the truth of beauty

Submitted: February 26, 2018

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Submitted: February 26, 2018



“The beauty of the moon is in the gaudiness of its scars.”

Jacob, spruce and fine proportioned but implanted with high self-conceitedness and haughtiness woke up on a Sunday morning. Everything was going for him. He started his day as conventional. Proud of his exquisiteness he went straight to see his charming face in the mirror. But something unusual happened; a face, like never before, the most unprepossessing face reflected back at him. In a state of shock he realized embedded tattoos, emerged red nerves, thorny skin with black structures covered whole of his body. He looked something he never wanted to. He cried out loud, screamed, shouted ran in his house like a rat, a wild rat. He couldn’t find his family, unaware of what was happening he just ran, he ran to a place which even he didn’t know about. He ran everywhere out of his house in search of someone, in search of what was being hidden, in search of his family, in search of the truth. He had a sudden blackout and didn’t know what was happening. Then,  appeared a lady more like a witch with an unpleasant laugh with the same body features as him but more conjuring. She said- “laugh, laugh now, just laugh”. He was still in the blackout and couldn’t utter a word except crying and scratching his head. He flooded her with questions about what was this, what was going on and felt helpless. With a strange laugh she replied- “Remember me you sweet-beastly-heart !? That night, in that party, you called someone an ugly face but I-I-I just smiled; you never know what a smile can hide. Now go through this incurable curse, you’ll never get your so called fine looking face, never. He begged her to cure this curse but she just said- “purify the beauty of your soul” and disappeared .Something  happened, he woke up from his blackout, still crying He could not really understand what was happening; somehow he gathered courage and went straight to his home.

But thunderbolts never leave his back. He could find his family sitting there practicing their normal routines. Where were you, I was looking for you, said his mother. Nothing, I just went for a walk, replied Jacob. He was astonished by the fact that no one reacted differently after looking at his new beast looking face. With a hope that his face is gradient face is back, he ran towards his room to see his face in the mirror. Disheartened, he was after seeing the same ugly face reflecting back at him. Exhausted he went to take a bath. Feeling and rememorizing everything that happened from the nigh of that party were already enough to get him goose bumps until he felt a layer of skin tearing out from his body. The skin spread on the floor like a carpet and vanished. He went to the mirror to see himself and was frightened but delighted to see his charming face reflecting back at him again. Gleeful and carefree he went down through the stairs towards his family; but…he couldn’t stabilize himself after seeing a gathering of his friends, family and that girl. In a chorus, everyone wished him “happy Halloween”. Shocked but happy he wished them all as well. Everyone seemed happy, moreover beautiful to him; he too felt delighted from his soul. The girl whom he met in the blackout came to him and said- In every beastly thing has something beautiful in it, it just takes for a person to see it. He just smiled.

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