Art Class

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Ah got to love art class, always my favorite class!

It was the beginning of class, it was pretty normal too despite that it was the first day of college. “Hey, babe.” A tall boy with brown hair walks in and puts his arm around a cute, blonde girl who was already there, looking around in awe.

“Oh, hey Russell. Look how cool this art room is, its so much better than ACHS's.” Russell laughed and leaned down to kiss her.

“Dont art-geek out on me Allie. It's only the first day of our first year of college, just think of how huge the gym must be.” Allie smiled and then turned to the door when she heard a big crash. A small guy with glasses had dropped his stuff, and was lying awkwardly on the ground, books and papers on the floor beside him. His glasses lay crooked on his face. Allie smiled,  walked up and crouched down to his level to straighten his glasses.

“Hi there, what’s your name?” She asked kindly. The man looked up at her, his face red. “Uh, Um, My n-names Alabaster.” Allie smiled and laughed, looking at him meaningfully. “Well, Alabaster, it's nice to meet you, my name’s Allie and this is my boyfriend Russell.” Alabaster looked up at Russell and went pale, probably from years of being bullied by jock guys like him. “Nice to m-m-meet you guys.” Russell gave a little nod as a response and then helped his girlfriend and the scrawny boy up from the ground. Two more students walked in after a few minutes. One of them was a guy in dark clothes, his dark hair covering his face, and the other a hyper looking girl with a horrible fashion sense, all bright colors and a tutu. She looked like she had just popped out of an anime or something.

“Hiya! My name is Kitty and this is my friend Luther, well I say friend but we just met on our way here. Oh my gawd, is this all of our art class? Whoa it's nice to meet you guys, hehehe, too bad its so small, I like meeting new people!” Russell forced a smile, but his eye ticked in annoyance. Her voice was extremely high pitched. He turned toward his girlfriend and whispered in her ear, shooting glances at the girl.

“Babe, this girl talks way to much, and she looks like she’s from a cartoon or something.” Allie rolled her eyes. She gave him a look with a single meaning. At least try to make new friends. He cleared his throat and put on the most friendly facade he could muster; He wasn't very good at it either.

“Hello. I’m Russell, this is my girlfriend Allie, and that, over there by the desk, is Alabaster. Welcome to art class, it's nice to meet you Kitty, and you too Luther.” Luther heaved a heavy sigh and gave Russell and Kitty a meaningful look. His bangs hung over his face as he looked up at the large guy, indifferent to how he was at least a foot shorter.

“Russell was it? You don't have to act like you like us. We're not friends here,” He shot a withering look at Kitty. “Just classmates. Plus I know Kitty can be irritatingly annoying, since she talked my ear off enough to last a lifetime in the 7 minutes it took to get here.” They were all quiet, stunned for a moment until Luther spoke up again quietly.

“So, all of us are here, but where is this art teacher at? Class is about to start and I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be here before us.” The students looked around and a second later the bell rang. The students still waited and after a few minutes a dark haired, pretty woman ran into the classroom and stopped dead in her tracks, curly hair flying everywhere when she saw the group.

“Well hello there! My name is Mrs. Jakobs! I’m your Art teacher for this year!” The students looked at each other than back at her. She walked over to a teaching pedestal and stood at it, beckoning towards the students, a big smile on her face that reached all the way to her ears. “Come, come students sit where ever you want! This isn't high school!” She smiled bigger and the students hesitated before doing as she said. Luther was the first to speak when they were all seated, asking or telling it how he saw it as always.

“Soo, what made you so late, Teach? Aren't you supposed to be here long before now?” He swept his bang out from in front of his face, revealing beautiful blue eyes. The teacher laughed.

“Luther is it? I like you! So perceptive! Well I was filling out paperwork in the teacher’s lounge and i lost track of time, rookie teacher mistake. When i saw that class was about to start, I tried to rush downstairs and ended up falling down the stairs, haha.” She laughed uncomfortably. “Clumsy me, surprisingly hasn't been the first time though.” The teacher got quiet and Luther gave a huff of disbelief. The students waited for a bit while an awkward stare off between teacher and student occured between Luther and Mrs. Jakobs.

“Anywho, Welcome students! Today, since it's our first day officially of class, we will be going back to the basics and learning about the wonderful masterpiece that is, well, art!” Mrs. Jakobs laughed and then stood smiling for about 2 minutes, confusing the students. “Well, ok, so first off, what is the definition of art?” Alabaster lifted up his hand slowly, hesitantly unsure that he could answer this question to his new teacher’s liking.

“Mmm, yes. Alabaster, was it? Mind if I call you Al? Ok Al, what is your answer? I assure you that there are many correct ones, so it’ll be hard to get it wrong.” She smiled and Alabaster lowered his hand and cleared his throat, looking around nervously.

“Um, is it the expression of human creative skill in something like producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power?” He mumbled. The other five students in the class looked at him surprised, he didn't seem like the kind of person who could even say that much at once.

Mrs. Jakobs smiled. “Yes, Al! Very good! That is a very good definition of art, almost perfect at that! Now, can anyone give me some examples of art? Any kinds accepted.” Allie’s hand shot up in an instant. “Ah, yes, Allie, go ahead and give some examples for the class.” She smiled again as Allie sat up straighter. 

“Some art examples could be like filming, painting, sculpting, and photography and stuff.” Allie smiled and Mrs. Jakobs laughed and clapped.

“Wowza! My students are so smart, and flaunting their skills on the first day too! But, you did forget one form of art dearie, a few groups throughout history think it to be the most important!” She smiled, letting her gaze wander over the class. “Does. Anyone. Know. What. It. Is? Bonus points to whoever can guess it.” After a few minutes of nobody knowing, a man stepped up from the back of the room, producing a knife and flaunting it around.

“Hello there, I'll be helping Mrs. Jakobs teach you this art since none of you seem to know it, unfortunately.” He smiled and walked up to Russell, who turned around to look at him, confused. When he saw the knife, his eyes went wide.

“What the fu-” The man cut him off and grabbed him by the head, viciously pushing the knife into the base of the college student’s skull. The man walked around and faced Russell from the front. Blood began to spill out of Russell’s mouth, and the dying boy coughed it onto the man’s shirt. The man pulled out the knife in disgust, letting Russell fall to the floor, not yet dead but quickly dying. Allie screamed and lifted her hands up to her face, covering her mouth and pushing tears out of her eyes, she lowered herself to the floor and slowly crawled over to her boyfriend.

“B-babe, please be ok, you’re going to be ok, tell me this is a dream please, babe…” The man decided to ignore her for the moment and slowly turned toward Alabaster, walking toward him slowly. Alabaster stood up, putting his hands up as if that were going to stop the inevitable.

“You’re sick, m-man you’re seriously c-c-crazy.” His gaze flicked to the door, and he took a step toward it. Suddenly, the teacher was behind him with a knife of her own, smiling. She moved forward, and stabbed him three times slowly in the back, twisting and turning it to make it more agonizing. Alabaster let out a groan.

“It’s ok students, this lesson will be over soon, but as for right now the door and windows are locked so you cannot escape until class is over! And if you haven't figured out by now, which I believe you have with how smart you are, this wonderful art form is a lovely thing called murder, or better yet sacrifice, very important!” Greg’s head rolled back, blood pouring out of his wounds. Then the man turned toward Kitty who shrieked and began begging for her life, she stood up and tripped over her chair, landing hard on the floor. “Please, Please, sir! Dont hurt me! I have two little sisters and a cat and an older brother who need me! I don't want to die! Please! I'm so scared please! I'll do anything! Want me to kill people? I will, just pl-” The man gave an annoyed grunt and walked up to her, crouching down to her level on the floor as her back hit a wall. He slit her throat with one clean swipe. Her hands flew up to the slash as blood gushed out of it, soaking her neon pink shirt with scarlet.

“Well that shut her up, didn't it?” He said to Mrs. Jakobs, who just laughed and turned to Allie with a pitying look. Now two were left, Allie who was now on the floor beside Russell, sobbing, and Luther who was watching it all in silence, who had seemingly puked on the floor at some point in the onslaught. Mrs. Jakobs walked over to the girl and sat down behind her and the now dead Russell. Mrs. Jakobs brushed Allie’s hair gently from her face, the man standing behind her watching solemnly. Mrs. Jakobs hugged Allie from behind. She reached the arm she had the knife in to where it was positioned in front of Allie, right over her heart. Mrs. Jakobs shushed her gently. Allie looked up at the wall, not an ounce of fear in her posture. Mrs. Jakobs plunged the knife into Allie’s heart, then removed it as quickly as it was done. She whispered something to her husband who laughed. Then pushed Allie’s body onto that of her boyfriend’s. Mrs. Jakobs stood up to face the man behind her. The man was the first to speak.

“Oh my lovely, dearest wife, look at this masterpiece we made! Isn’t it just so perfect?” He stepped up closer towards her and they began kissing dramatically. Mrs. Jakobs pulled back for breath and looked at her husband with a smile.

“Oh my love, it’s just like when we were younger! Ah I still remember the first time, it was so romantic!” They launched back into the vicious kissing. This lasted for a minute before the man broke away from her again, still clasping his hands around her torso. He looked back at Luther, who had stood up and pointed a gun he had hidden at them. A smile spread across the man’s face like a wildfire in a forest.

“Don't worry kid, we always leave one survivor to tell the tale and remember me and my gorgeous wife. We do hope that you have learned something from today’s lesson, Luther. Well, goodbye then.” He turned back to his wife, love in their eyes as they looked at each other and their masterpiece.

“C’mon, my love, let’s go now. More places to be and art to make!” And just like that they were gone. All that was left to tell of their presence was the two knives lying on the floor where they had stood. The bell for the end of class rang. Luther sat in the dark classroom, a tear running down his face and the gun he had hidden fell to the floor beside his. He stood up and walked out of the classroom, leaving his dead classmates for another art class to find and learn from.


Submitted: February 27, 2018

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