the game not to be played

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some kids get bored so the oldest one suggestion something but what is it find out

Submitted: February 27, 2018

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Submitted: February 27, 2018



 The game not to be
It was a innocent saturday morning in a town called maytown in this town down a neighborhood in a white suburban house there was two brothers sitting around there house bored out of their minds when the older brother named josh got an idea.He turned to his brother exited on what he was fixing to tell him “,how about we do this  game my friends were talking about all we need is a doll,a knife,some rice,”his brother thought about it for a sec and agreed because let's face what else has he got to do so he agreed and they both went to gather what they needed,josh went in the kitchen to grab the rice,”where are you,”he said looking through the cabinets stopping on the top shelf and pulling out a box of mayberry rice,he then slam the cabinet shut and ran back to the living finding his brother also there he handed josh the rice he put it down and grabbed the doll turned it around and drove the knife into its back not cutting through just to get the stuffing out,as he done this his 11 year old brother watch in assessment as he went to the next step,once he was finished he sew the doll back and they headed to the bathroom and layed the doll in the bathtub and turned on as he done so a question came from his brother”,why we put the doll in the bathtub,”he ask this with a bewildered look on his face“,well that's what my friends told me to do bro,”his brother’s bewildered look disappear and he answered with only a ,”oh,” josh then finally turned the faucet on and they walked back to the living room”,so what we do now,”josh’s brother said when the reach the living room,”well we wait til the bathtub fills and go from there,now we just do what we ah find a perfect spot”an hour later 
“Josh wake up josh”he said as he was shaking josh with all he had when finally woke up he turned back around to face his brother and ask what he wanted”the bathtubs full can we start now”, he said as excitedly as if he were getting a big surprise”, fine “josh then got up from his comfy spot and they both walked back to the bathroom”,so we forgetting anything”, josh said half a sleep still “,i’m not to sure your friend told you”, his young brother said angry a little bit”oh yeah sorry”,he shook himself to get woke up from the slumber he had had in the living room”ok let’s go though what they told me:put rice in the doll we did that uh...o cut open the doll we did that what else put it in water now next I got to take the doll like so and put right here and leave room like so”you stay here bro” go back in and say I found you stab three times and say your it “now let’s hide we only have a few before it finds us”wait sec it finds us” his brother said with a terrified look “well yeah of course what else would it do”josh said with half scared stiff and the other feeling that this was a bad Idea and a little feeling like he forgot something but he threw them a side and carried on to find a hiding place,when they found one in their mothers well underneath the bed once they were there they stayed quiet but his 11 year old brother broke “you didn't tell me this what else do I not know about this game”well”josh interrupted”oh we could possibly slight chance no big chance we may”josh held it back but he knew he just couldn't”die!”he said with a I’m sorry look his brother “why you didn’t tell me this”his brother now hateful to him but he had the right to be if you think.”keep it down will you”josh said whispering “no I won’t you should've told me!”he said with fire in his little eyes “please just keep it down,we still do have a demon or whatever shoot”josh said”shoot” “shoot” ,”whats wrong now”his 11 year old brother said”well I might have forgot a step”josh said rubbing the back of his head”so that means you didn't summon something here shoo”his brother said calming down ,”no there was a Important part actually this part was supposed to protect us so what I’m telling you is we are in big danger”just as josh said that they heard strange pattern padder feet on the floor behind the bed “what was that….ahhh  he was suddenly dragged from under the bed following by blood curdling  screams,josh was shaking with fear while trying to think on what to do so he had two choices run like coward or save his brother that could be alive he then decided the best chose he reach for his phone and held it out like a weapon and gunned it out from under the bed and was nearing the door he also heard footsteps  coming behind him so he picked up speed and got to the door josh opened it and never went back he then pulled out his phone and called 911 once the opeater picked up she said,”how may I help you,” “I” josh sturned and try get past it when he finally did he told them to come to sunrise avenue once the police  arrived they investigated the house and question josh once they were done they ended up cuffing him and putting him in the police car just as the police were telling him his miranda rights a grey chevy impala pulled up.Josh knew that vehicle it was his mom! And my story is why you should never play this game(josh not writer)

(people reading story do you think josh made the right choice tell me in the comments)

(this is supposely a real game but do not condle playing this game if is real you can never tell)

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