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Ok..I am nuts, crazy, absolutely insane....but I am happy. brahahahaha

Submitted: February 27, 2018

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Submitted: February 27, 2018







I don't know why I am still alive, or how. Getting shot in the head is usually a non-stop ticket to the morgue especially when the bullet goes in between the eyes, just above the bridge of the nose. I don't know how I am still alive since the damn bullet is still lodged somewhere in my brain and I can't figure out why I have manage to retain all my faculties. I function pretty much like I always have though I am prone to really nasty headaches where the piece of lead entered. I guess I am lucky it did not shatter or mushroom or explode on impact.


There is something else really strange. It's my vision. I see things happen, usually bad things like violent bad, muggings, murders, rape....and..... But not just anywhere. I have to be looking at a flat surface and the best views come on white. I can see them on other surfaces but not very clearly and to top it all off these things always happen in real time and no more than a mile from where I am standing, or sitting. I have stopped driving because a vision I had nearly caused me to kill a pedestrian. It scared me as much as it did her.


I got the bullet in my brain when some creep decided to rob a corner store I was in and felt it necessary to shout everybody. Unfortunately, of six customers and the clerk I was the only survivor. Though I have no recollection of the action I attacked the shooter and pushed him through the glass window in the front of the store. I shard of glass broke of and went through his neck. He died. No charges were ever laid against me. At the same time no one has ever offered to help me since I was initially tended to at the hospital. They kept me there for three weeks then decide there was nothing more they could do and cut me loose.


My visions begin about ten minutes before the crime is committed. Several times I have recognized the site and managed to get there before the muggers and one rapist managed to assault their victim. I usually arrive in the nick of time.

It is pretty incredible and the victims are usually grateful, but not always and for the life of me I don't know why. You would think they would happy to have someone save their live, or stop someone from raping them. It is like they are embarrassed to have allowed themselves to get into that situation.





On those occasions I have not be able to get there in time I have called the police and given a precisely detailed outline of the incident. I never do so in person nor do I reveal my identity. You will notice I have not offered my name, and I won't. It's too risky. The cops more often not think I am the perpetrator at least until the real one is caught. Sometimes I track the creep down myself, tie him.....yes it's always a male... and call the police. The newspapers have dubbed me the Vigilante Samaritan. I guess that is ok. They could have picked something really nasty.


The one thing that happened was that I got on a financial assistance program. It's thin but I manage. It seems walking around with a bullet in your brain is considered a viable disability.

I live in a second story, studio apartment with my computer, two rats, which I feed to keep them from chewing the place up and a flock of pigeons on the roof just above the window that looks out onto the street. I'm a down town dweller now though once I had a great job and a great apartment on the edge of urban and suburban land. Needless to say I lost the job because....well... because they figured I couldn't do it anymore. I took a lot of time off because of the headaches and I guess that is why they canned me.


One of the walls in my little cubbyhole apartment is painted white and I keep a light pointed at it at all times. When I get a vision as soon as I recognize the location of a crime I hurry out. Like I said, I can still see it on other surfaces but it is unclear and often translucent. I have learned my way around vision perimeter. Of late I have been getting them quite often, a least every ten days though sometimes it is a little longer. Sometimes it will happen two or three nights in a row and most of the time those are muggings. I have stopped two potential murders, but premeditated.


Recently I have decide to start a blog about my visions. Not to brag but to get people to become more aware of the dangers out there. I have also expanded my territory to three parks outside the range I acquire from my apartment. Parks are dangerous places for lone strollers, especially girls. Why just the other night I helped a young girl escape a date who thought he had more rights than he did. She was thankful and the date limped away holding his private part.

I have taken to wearing a Zorro mask to protect my identity.


Well. That's about it. You can look in now and then and check out my blog, just as soon as I get around to it, which may be never if this bullet in my brain shifts. On my last check up the doc said it was stable but there is some inflammation around it. That could be why I get the headaches. Also, I might decide telling my story is too dangerous. Sooner or later someone will put two and two together and come after me out of vengeance or to put a stop to the Vigilante Samaritan.TTFN.

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