This is the tale of histories first assassin

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Blood on my hands was a common thing it became easier and easier, but it never became normal I eventually got used to it though... Read Chapter

Nights Daughters

For weeks we travelled, crossing over mountains and passing through the long woods, and all the whil my hands remained clean of any blood... Read Chapter

The Lost Thread

Atropos reaches out to hand me the blade she has in her satchel "This is the blade I must use every time I cut the thread of life, you mu... Read Chapter


"Arimanes what are you doing here? why are all these people in here?" I think Arimanes was in just as much shock as I was, the two of us ... Read Chapter

Oracle at Delphi

I was sent to kill my best friend, and I had no idea why, my mind was running wild with scenarios, obviously there was a mix up. But then... Read Chapter

Death Blade

"What is he talking about, Adonis?" Arimanes and everyone else stare at me "What is he talking about?! why were you sent to.. Oh no pleas... Read Chapter

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When writing in the first person (telling the story from the protagonist's viewpoint) do not use present tense, eg I am throwing the ball. Instead write it like this, I threw the ball. You are telling the story as if you have already lived it, not as if it is happening at that precise moment of writing.
You could check out any of my first person stories: Merlin the true story of my life. The Egyptian, or Shards of a time traveller for examples.
Good luck with your writing, hope this helps you.

Sat, September 29th, 2018 2:50pm


Thank you!

Sat, September 29th, 2018 7:55am

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