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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Blacksmith

Submitted: February 27, 2018

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Submitted: February 27, 2018



Blood on my hands was a common thing it became easier and easier, but it never became normal I eventually got used to it though. But one kill forever changed my life, and how I viewed the gods.  First though let me take you back to the beginning.  To the first kill, I was working as a blacksmiths apprentice, for about four months every day was pretty much the same as the day before but one day for some strange reason a man decided he was going to try and rob the blacksmith but on this day the blacksmith left me in charge of the shop, now I'm not a big guy, surely this man would beat me to bloody pulp if i even attempted to stop him, so I did what I had to do and i grabbed the sword i had been hammering and i drove it right in to his throat, his juggular bursts open and the robber drops to his knees, reaching out for anyone who might stop to help him, and died. 
later on that night as I'm laying in my bed chamber i hear a voice, but it wasnt coming from any one area. it was all around me; "Sky Father?" I called out. "You served justice swiftly, Adonis the gods could use your services" His voice echoed. i was sure anyone around would hear and burst in but no one ever came.

"your town is plagued with murderes and rapists, your king is corrupt and he will not do anything about it" The walls shake, "But sky father why dont you do something about it" I asked "the gods cannot assasinate the people, that is why we are coming to you. Adonis the lord of Blood." "But I am no murderer." My fist getting tighter and my blood boiling harder, "No?" the sky father says "and what would you call what you did to that man right over there?" I look over at the man the blood was beginning to harden, it was time to move him. "I call that justice." I go to the door and peek out to see if anyone is around "And that is exactly what we are coming to you for, to serve justice in our name, but with your hands." "And whats in it for me?" "You will become a legend, you will be known as the blacksmith apprentice who became the first assasin hired by the gods of all gods." My mind was blank, I could not give a resonse then and there, all of this was so much to take in, and while being remembered as a legend by many would be a great deal of joy. Being remembered as a an assasin now that is completely different story. 

"Will you let me sleep on it?" "Of course, but only tonight, I will return tomorrow for your permanent answer."


Scurring through the hall, his blood leaving his body with every step he takes, his vision become impaired, he's confused, doesnt know left from up, He begins to lose strength in his legs, he's been running for quite some time now, he tries to hold him self up with anything around him, but his skin bursts open from his wounds, the man falls to the floor, his sword falls from his hand. he crawls for his blade, his only hope for life.

My shadow emerges over his body, I kick his blade out of reach, "Look at me." i said in a calm tone. the man hesitates, but eventually finds enough strength to roll over and look at me, "Do you know why you are here?" I can see that this man knows exactly why he is here, i can see all the evil this man has caused, I've seen the children he has enslaved, the mothers he's forced himself upon, the fathers he's murdered. He knew why he was here, I just wanted to see if he would deny it. "So, do you?" the man nods. "Then you know who I am?" I lift the tip of my blade and place it above the mans throat. "You're the Lord of Blood." and I pierce through. 

The life in his eyes escapes him fast, Hades has him now. "this man will no longer hurt the people, the families he has destroyed can sleep easy knowing that justice has been served, and more will be served. Now come Adonis, there are some ladies I'd like you to meet."


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