Accountability of Freedom

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Who has the courage to enter the world of accountability?

Submitted: February 27, 2018

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Submitted: February 27, 2018



Time is a playwright

With each word written by a separate hand


We view the world through a looking glass

But watch our lives through a wide-angle camera inside a box

The box expands and contracts

Much like our understanding of the variables within our life

How can we find a sense of self from within a box?

But to destroy the box, would we not need a sense of self?


We forge the chains we seek to break

In those chains, we grow comfortable;

A certainty that there is a constant in our life:


Yet we continue to strive

To shift away from that certainty;

Break the bondage

And live a life without comfort; without a constant; without the shackles of bondage

Without the shackles of society’s bondage, at least


That is the freedom we seek:

To live afraid of the unknown while seeking it out is freedom

To find comfort in the discomfort of uncertainty is freedom

To break the chains and shed our bondage to society,

To bond to our sense of self is freedom


It is the freedom we seek

The one we rail against

Fear makes us resistant to freedom;

Responsibility is a burden

To be free means to create our own responsibilities

To be free means to be accountable for them

No one wants to create or accept their own burdens



Freedom is enticing

The laurels of its promises are tempting


We seek it and desire it

But in a half-hearted way

Once we’re on its doorstep and it invites us in

The fear takes us


Who then has the courage to step in?

To enter the world of accountability

Where we create our own responsibilities

Where the blame will always live with us,

Because every choice is ours,

Because we are free

© Copyright 2018 Jeff Bezaire. All rights reserved.

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