Elion's Tale: Part One

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

The adventures of a tribesman named Elion who struggles to survive after his exile

In a vast, lush forest teeming with life, there lived a peaceful, nomadic tribe. The tribe was split in to four
categories. The leaders of the tribe, who decided where to travel and when to leave a camp behind, the hunters, whose job
it was to search for game, the gatherers, who searched each area along their travels for berries, nuts, and various other
useful natural resources, and the basic workers, who prepared everything from the clothing worn by each class, to the
weapons used to defend the tribe and hunt for prey. Despite their success, the tribe had fallen on troubles times. The
workers of the tribe felt that they received little respect from the other classes, though they provided most of what was
needed for the ongoing existence of the tribe. One such worker was names Elion. He had devoted his life to assisting the
tribe in their journeys and was always proud of the work he had done, however, with each passing day, he grew less patient
with the treatment that he and his fellow workers received. The hunters mocked them for their inability to defend the tribe.
The gatherers ridiculed their choices in meals, claiming that it was a great waste of the recourses provided. The leaders
were the worst of them all, berating the workers every day for various reasons, from their attire design to their weapon
crafting. Elion demanded fair treatment of his class, but the leaders shrugged off his complaints. Determined to make a
change, he rallied the workers together and refused to produce for the tribe until a change had been made. The strike lasted
a mere three days before Elion and his two main followers were exiled from the tribe. Faced with the challenges of surviving
the forest on their own, the three set off, unsure of where to go or how to provide many of the items they would need. Despite
this, Elion led them with confidence. Never faltering, never second guessing his decisions. He felt the most important aspect
of their survival would be the hunt. They knew how to provide themselves with clothing and shelter, they even knew which nuts
and berries were safe to eat, and how to prepare the food they would need, but they had no experience hunting, capturing, or 
killing prey. On the second day of their exile, Elion began practicing with a spear, swinging it wildly at vines and branches,
however, his technique proved to be lacking. With each passing day, his followers began to lose faith in him. They even considered
attempting to find the tribe and pleading with the leaders to allow their return. But Elion pushed forward, refusing to return to
a tribe that had no appreciation for those that kept it running. One morning, he woke up to find himself alone, abandoned by the
only two friends he had left. Regardless, he continued to practice with his spear, though with a bit less vigor. Alone, betrayed,
and forgotten by the tribe he had once held in such high regard, Elion found it difficult to press on. He struggled with his
isolation, doubts creeping in to his mind. He grew weak over the next several days, and soon found it difficult to train with his
spear. Seemingly on the verge of death, Elion had nearly given up when he spotted a wild boar. This was his chance to prove to
himself that he had not made a mistake. He grabbed his spear and followed the boar to a stream, watching it closely, carefully
inching his way forward. He was nearly in striking distance when the boar turned and spotted him. In a panic, the boar rushed across
the stream, violently lurching through the waters and squealing loudly as Elion gave chase. He followed the boar through treacherous
terrain, dodging vines and low hanging branches, as he searched for an opening to strike. After what felt like an eternity, he had
cornered the boar against a rock wall with no visible exit. He took a moment to catch his breath and prepare for a battle when he
heard a load cry rip through the forest and pierce his ears. He hastily turned to see a creature that he had only ever heard stories
of. The name changed throughout the tales, but the description was the same and unmistakably the creature he saw before him. It stood
nine feet tall with broad shoulders and massive fangs. Dark brown fur coated its body with blood red eyes peering out beneath it. It
stood on its hind legs and reveled its massive claws as it prepared to strike Elion down. He dodged the creatures swing and rolled behind
a tree, his mind racing and his heart pounding. He had little time to regain his composure, as the creature lumbered to the tree he
used for cover and began slashing rapidly at its trunk. With just a few quick swings, the tree began to tilt and soon fell over, leaving
Elion exposed. He had no choice but to combat this creature. He rushed toward it, sliding under its gigantic arm as it swung, and
between its legs. Without even thinking, he jabbed the creature in the back with his spear and was quickly met with a retaliatory
swing. The creature smashed Elion against the rock wall, cracking his ribs and ushering a sharp cry of pain from his lungs. He 
frantically searched for some way to escaped but found that he was trapped, a tall cliff behind him, the massive creature before him.
He began picking up rocks and hurling them toward the creatures face, hoping to cause enough of a distraction to get by, however, this
only angered the beast, causing it to charge. At the last moment, Elion jumped, landing on the creature's back. He quickly pulled his
spear from the monstrosity's back and dove off. He stumbled on his landing, clutching his ribs and wincing in pain. The beast gave him
little time to recover as he lurked over him, preparing to deliver the final blow. In a moment of desperation, Elion thrusted his spear
toward the creatures chest and braced for the impact of its claws. He stood with his eyes closed for several seconds before he gathered
the courage to gaze upon what had befallen himself and the creature. When he opened his eyes, he saw the beast leaning back, blood
pouring from the wound in its chest. With a final cry of agony, the creature fell backwards and perished. Elion could hardly believe
it. He had vanquished a creature that few in the tribe even believed to exist. He fell to his knees, tears streaming down his face.
He had no need for the boar at this point, as the meat from this creature would sustain him for some time. After a short recovery
period, he shambled over to his prey and began his work. The tribe had taught him to use everything he could from each kill, and he
did just that. He crafted a a new outfit from the beast's skin, a new spear from its sharpened bones, and prepared a hearty meal with
its meat. Despite this victory, he had a long way to go before he could face his tribe again. He built a small shelter and set up camp
beside the rock wall, where he would recover from his injuries and resume his training. He had made it his goal to master the forest
alone and return to his tribe to show them that each class was equal. He had made great progess over the past weeks, but his journey
had just begun.

Submitted: February 28, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Bainator. All rights reserved.

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