The Omega Event: Lilitha and Devin's Quest for Anime!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Lili goes off to watch anime with Lydia, but realizes that her whole collection of anime DVDs are missing! She enlists the help of the archer Devin in order to search the island and find the
perpetrator that stole her most prized possessions!

-cover by Kathrina Cneris

The sky was blue.

The trees were red.

The sun was shining yellow.

The ocean was a clear and sparkly blue.

and the grass was a nice full green.

For once I could see. Thomas had created a device in an attempt to restore my vision, a glass visor that went over my eyes. It wasn't perfect, but I could still see everything clearly!

My name is Lilitha, and I am a survivor. I was born in Florida, and a little over a year ago, sometime during the last week of school in June, the world ended. Russia and North Korea made an alliance against the U.S. and completely decimated it in a matter of days... hours maybe!

Normally I would have died, but I didn't. I lived with my little sister Zoey and my mother. But during that last week, the large plague of mutants began to grow. Soon you couldn't go outside without spotting one, and with the police in chaos it wasn't possible to contain them.

One day, an online friend of mine by the name of Anikan video chatted me and informed me of his plan. They found out that the bombing was at the end of that week, and they were going to Florida to leave the country beforehand. They came for me, and I was rescued. My sister died, and I still think about that moment today.

A lot has happened since when. I've gotten engaged to Andrew, Anikan's best friend. I've also had two kids, both of which are currently being babysat by Jaxi for tonight. I've also gotten blinded, been blown up, and somehow survived running through a wasteland of mutants for months.

And I'm still alive.

I sat on the grass outside, looking up at the clouds in the sky as they moved. I was just waiting for Lydia to come over, and then we could watch anime together.

With Anikan, Andrew, Ryan, and Rey off clearing out the large swarm of mutants that broke through the defenses on the other side of the island, we decided to spend that night they'd be gone watching anime.

My collection was probably one of the biggest, considering I had two bookcases full of DVDs and box sets.

Then, I heard it. The sound of fallen leaves being crushed under Lydia's white running shoes. I looked up to see the familiar pink haired girl, staring down at me with a smile. 

Lydia was Anikan's girlfriend, and one of my best friends. She had a love of anime just like me, and was absolutely adorable. She had short pink hair and grey eyes, always having either a cute or murderous expression on her face. Lydia also wore a white panda hoodie with black leggings, and chose to cover her face with the hood sometimes.

"Haiiii Lydia!"

"Hi Lili! Um... we have a small problem."

"What is it?" I asked, confused by what kind of problem there could be with simply popping a disk into the drive.

"Jackie and Dave need help at the hospital. Something about Sophia again."

"Oh... so we can't watch anime today?" I asked with a saddened expression.

"We can, just not till I get back."

She was looking a bit bummed out now, Lydia's happy expression fading to a sad one.

"Don't worry! Just go help Sophia and I'll have it all ready for when you get back!"

"Alright... see ya!"

She ran off towards the hospital down the road, leaving me to prepare the night of binge-watching murderous teddy bears.

I got up off the grass and ran off towards the front door, walking up the wooden steps and setting my sniper rifle down on the porch.

But as I entered, I was greeted with a horrific sight!

I looked to the other side of the room to see my bookcases of anime DVDs, a large spot missing. All of my favorites!

Someone had been in here, but who?

I quickly ran to the bookcase, looking it over. Five DVDs had been taken: Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, Fairy Tale, Danganronpa and Soul Eater. Those were the ones we planned to watch tonight!

This had to be on purpose, someone must have stolen them so Lydia and I couldn't watch them tonight. I quickly ran into my room, looking at my outfit lying on the end of the bed. 

Unable to do anything but think about where the DVDs are, I then began to change. I slipped off my leggings and ripped off my black t-shirt, exchanging it for a pair of ripped jeans and a white shirt covered by a jean jacket. I then looked into the bathroom, feeling my long red hair sufficed when I saw it's reflection in the mirror and ran out.

Then, I heard it. A knock on the front door.

I walked across the room, slowly taking my butterfly knife from my belt. I put one hand on the golden handle, slowly opening it with my knife up.



I looked to see my knife digging into Devin's shirt as he stood there, trying to rip it out of his body.


I ripped it out, putting the knife back into my belt as he clutched his wound.

Devin was a friend of mine, a simple guy that just lived to help people. He's helped us a lot, mostly by shooting flaming arrows at things trying to kill us.

He wore his usual dark ripped jeans, a blue open vest covering his white t-shirt under that. His eye's sparkled green and he had short brown hair and wore a grey beanie with a black stripe on it. Devin had his bow slung along his back and a quiver strapped to his leg and shoulder, both filled to the brim with arrows.

Devin was also fitted with a metal mechanic leg, after losing his to a Zion and cannibals right after. He was still adjusting but seemed to be able to run at least.

"Ow.... why the hell did you stab me!?"

"Sorry! I thought you were coming to steal my anime!"

"What are you talking about?"

I let him inside, quickly closing the door behind me. He looked to the bookcase and noticed the large gap between Snow White with Red hair and Pokemon.

"Who did it?"

"No idea!"

Devin approached the anime filled bookcase, examining it for a moment. I then watched as he slid his finger on the empty spot. He then took it off, licking his finger with a curious expression.

"Uh... what are you doing?"

He stopped, staring at the bookcase for a second between turning around.

"Whoever stole your anime, they have handled medicine. I taste something horrible on here, cough syrup. They don't let people have medicine outside of the hospital no matter what, so it must be from there!"

"So whoever stole my anime is at the hospital!?"

"Has to be it!"

Devin began to walk off out the door when I grabbed him by the hood.

"What are you doing?"

"You're coming with me?"

"But I-

Without giving him a chance to speak I ran out of the house and dragged him behind me, giving him no chance to escape. I stopped for a second, picking up my sniper rifle from my front porch and dashing down the street....


The Island Haven, Hospital


We searched the entire lobby and second floor, no sign. Devin followed me up to the third floor, and as soon as we opened it... I stared in not horror, but infatuation.


"A kitten?"

We both looked at the ground to see a black cat sitting on the floor, meowing and licking its paw. It began circling around the floor, right around something small.

"Uh, it's got the case."

"The disk has to be in there!"

Devin walked forward and approached the cat, putting his hand out to grab the DVD.....

"Hey little kitten person... I'm just gonna-"



The cat jumped into the air, pouncing on his face and scratching his cheek. I ran forward and shooed the cat, who jumped off and landed right on top of the case. It hissed at me and Devin as I dragged him away back towards the door.

"What's its problem!?"

"No idea. But we're gonna have to tame it or we'll never get that disk."

"Or we could just-


"Bad Devin! Now let me try."

I crawled towards the cat, moving away from Devin who's face was scratched and red. I moved my hand towards the cat, watching as it turned it's head in confusion.

The cat just looked at me as I slowly put my pale hand out, before realizing what I wanted. It took a step off of the case, moving a bit towards my hand. 

It put out its paw... our hands would meet.....


I winced as the claws cut through my wrist, causing a bit of blood to trickle down my arm. A single tear began to run down my cheek, succumbing to a small bit of pain.

"Ah... why.."

The cat meowed, staring at me as I clutched my bleeding wrist. It then walked off of the DVD case, pressing the top of its head at my wrist. The cat purred as it rubbed its body against mine.

I looked at the cat and it looked at me, meowing before licking my arm. I giggled as it tickled me, but then it stopped. The cat then jumped up onto my shoulder, letting me take the DVD.

Devin walked past me and picked up the DVD, turning it around to show me. Sure enough, it was mine, the DVD case reading Soul Eater.

The first disk!

I quickly snatched it from him, opening the box to make sure it was okay. The disk was fine, but we didn't have any idea where the next case would be. 

The car jumped off my shoulder and sat on the nurse's desk, looking at Devin who stared at it in fear. I handed him the case and he sighed, looking it over. He opened the case and I watched as he noticed something.

"Ah... there's sand on the inside."

"Sand? The beach then?"


The Island Haven, Beach


The two of us headed to the beach, which was right across the street from the hospital. It was clear to people, yet it was a beautiful sunny day.

Then we saw it, the small shining DVD case sitting in the sand on the other side. But the tide was getting higher, and if we didn't get it then the ocean would destroy it!

But there was another problem, Zions were stumbling out of the ocean and right up onto the beach.

"What now?"

"Snipe from afar?" he asked as he grabbed his bow. I put my hand up, stopping him. I then revealed a large brown cloth, containing two long items. I had taken it from Thomas's cart.

I opened it to reveal two familiar looking sword replicas, Elucidator and Lambent Light.

Devin gripped Elucidator and smiled, swinging the sword twice. He didn't know how to use it, and to be honest, I had almost no sword skills either. The only time either of us had held a sword is when Zayla taught us that one time.

I gripped Lambent Light and charged forward with Devin behind me, running at the mutants. Devin swung his blade and cut through one, slicing its leg off before stabbing it in the chest. I swung once and cut through one's chest, spewing blood onto the sand.

Two more went for him, and he threw his sword forward. It stabbed itself into the ground, piercing the leg of a Zion. While that Zion was stuck, he aimed his bow and shot another, before finally pulling his knife and stabbing it into the skull of the trapped one.

Four went for me at once, surrounding me. I cut two down before one got close, cutting into my jeans.



Devin ran forward, pushing me away before blocking a slash and cutting down another. One went at his arm, ready to stab it's claw into his shoulder when I attacked.

I jabbed my sword at top speed, stabbing into its body and splattering blood onto the sand. The Zion collapsed, falling backwards into the sand. It was dead.

More came, stumbling down the beach and keeping us from the disk.

"You watch SAO?"

"Uh... not that far... sixth episode?"


I swung my sword and cut down one, Devin running to the side and kicking one in the shin. He then smashed the sword downwards, cutting into its shoulder before piercing its stomach with the darkened blade.

Meanwhile, I cut down two as well, noticing the tide getting unusually close to the DVD. One more wave and it'd be gone!


Three of them went for me and I put up the sword, blocking their claws. Devin snuck behind and dived for the DVD, hitting the sand. He shielded the DVD as the wave came down, splashing down on Devin's back. He cringed from the cold ocean water before taking his bow, aiming it at me.

He fired, killing the Zion I held at swordpoint. He hit another before I finally kicked and cut the last one down. I smiled at him as he went to pick up the DVD....


I watched as the hand of a Zion burst from the water, grabbing him by the leg and trying to yank him back down. I quickly pulled my sniper and fired twice, both shots hitting the Zion in the leg.

He broke away, climbing out of the sand and grabbing the DVD. Sword Art Online!

He handed it to me and I opened it, seeing the DVD inside. It was fine, besides a bit of sand collected on the inside.

Devin took back the DVD and looked it over. Hopefully he would find another clue, or else we'd have to improvise.

"AHA! There's a leaf inside the case!"

"So? It's fall there are leaves literally everywhere."

"Yeah, but not kind of leaf. The only tree on here that contains this leaf is in the fields!"


The Island Haven, Grassy Fields


Devin and I arrived at the fields, the tall grass blowing in the wind. A single large tree sat on the hill, the leaves blowing in the fall breeze.

Each step we took the leaves crunched under our feet. It would be hard to find the DVD here, considering the grass was tall enough to hide something in. If Devin dropped an arrow and didn't notice at first, we'd never find it.

Devin smiled and looked up at the clouds, "It's peaceful."


She charged towards the tree, clutching her sword until it came. But something was hiding behind it...


I flew backwards, the creature knocking me into the air until I came crashing down into the tall grass. Devin stood his ground and held the sword, staring up at the creature as it emerged from the other side of the hill.

We both stared at the Zion as it shined, emerging from the darkness. The only problem was, this Zion was tougher than the rest. It was a lot taller, going higher than the tree. Its claws were sharper, thicker, and deadlier and its teeth were sharpened and blackened.

"Oh...... f-


The Zion smashed it's fist into the ground, creating a shockwave and knocking Devin off his feet. The Zion approached him and he quickly made a run for it as it attempted to slash his back open. 

Devin made a dive for his sword, ripping it from the dirt before throwing it at the Zion. The mutant slashed its claws and knocked the sword away, the blade spiraling into the air before getting caught in the tree branches.


He made a run for it as the Zion followed, attempting to cut him open. He then stopped, ripped an arrow from his quiver, and fired.

The arrow smashed into the Zion's skull but did absolutely nothing as it continued it's rampage and began slamming its fists into the ground. Devin was again knocked off his feet as the Zion approached him. He was trapped. No more running.

Lili quickly recovered from the initial hit, running towards the Zion who had it's back turned to her. Then... she saw it. The green patch on the back of the Zion's neck. It's weak spot.

Letting Devin distract it, she charged at the Zion and unsheathed her white shining sword. He shouted and screamed as it attempted to claw into him... then... the hit didn't miss.

He kicked up and the claw stabbed at his metal leg, knocking it to the floor. He couldn't move it, the prosthetic was damaged.


The Zion ignored his pleas, preparing to strike him down when.


I quickly ran up it's back, my boots hitting its rough grey skin. I then jumped up into the air, bringing my sword down to cut into the back of its neck.


The Zion screeched as the blade dug deeper into its body, blood spewing out onto my jeans and boots. But I kept it there, digging it deeper and deeper. I then ripped it out, swinging the sword right across to cut into it's skin, before finally jumping off.

Devin ran and caught me, the two of us tripping and falling into the tall grass. The Zion's body hit the grass, blood spewing onto the ground.

"We gonna need to call a cleanup crew?"


Then we saw it, the DVD. It sat next to the tree, sitting against a large tree root. I ran towards it, picking up the DVD and looking it over. Attack on Titan!

"Okay, so now what?"

"You look at this and tell us."

I handed him the DVD, which he opened and looked through. 

"Yes... there is a clue. There's a red sliver of carpet in here."

"Who has red carpeting."

"There's a carpet in Anikan's basement, the bunker!"


The Island Haven, Anikan's House


We approached the house, walking down the street. Only two more DVDs to find, Danganronpa and Fairy Tale.

Devin went first, slowly approaching the window and attempting to open it. He struggled and grunted, trying to open it with all his might.

"You do realize the doors unlocked?"

He stopped, looking at me as I stood in the doorway. He smiled sheepishly before following me inside.

The lights were off and the room was empty, looking as if nobody had been there all day. Anikan left early this morning, Jaxi was babysitting Jade, but Axel was most likely supposed to be here. 

Before I could call out his name Devin put his hand to my mouth, stopping me.

"Listen," he whispered. 

I couldn't hear anything. But an idea came to mind. I removed my blue visor, blinding me once again.

Then I heard it. Two people were in Axel's room.

"Ignore it," I whispered back as I put back on the headset. I knelt down to the bunker hatch, slowly prying it open. But even after I managed to lift it out of the floor, I looked to the side to see Devin creeping towards the door.

"Devin! Get over here!" I whispered to him. He knelt down at the door, pressing his ear against the wooden barrier. 

He stood there for a few seconds, before smiling and giggling to himself. He crawled back over and looked through the hatch. I followed him down, Devin still concealing his smile.

"What are they doing in there? Watching some kids show or somethin?"

"Uh... not even close."

"They aren't?!"

"No, they're not having sex. Just making out on his bed."

I sighed, though realized it wasn't much better. Devin walked along the shag carpeting, moving towards a large machine on the wall.


The machine was familiar, and I watched as white hands emerged from the sides, grabbing onto Devin's arms and legs and strapping him against the wall.

"Uh... please tell me this isn't some robot sex dungeon."

"No..... at least I don't think so."

I looked it over, seeing a label on the side. Sure enough, Thomas built this. Why he built a machine from UDG I didn't know, but what I did know was how to escape it.

Devin screamed as it strapped him down, holding him against the wall. Then, they came.

I turned to see several small objects coming from the shadows, and as soon as they emerged I was horrified. The familiar black and white teddy bears with the deadly evil smile.

As their robotic speakers began to play the usual evil laugh, I gripped my butterfly knife and stared them down. Then... they attacked!






I began slashing back and forth, my body heating up with each hit. The knife just bounced off the robots, and soon they'd eventually hit me.


I finally managed to stab my knife into its skull, the robot beginning to spark. I flew backwards as it exploded, the other ones going with it.



Everything was dark.


I couldn't see.


No... I couldn't move either.


But.... I can't die now. 


Lydia is waiting for me.


Devin is waiting for me.


Andrew is waiting for me.


Anime is waiting for me!



I took a deep breath as I got back up, lying against the wall of the basement. I looked over to Devin, who was attempting to keep the hands from groping him.

"Ow! Get off you stupi- OW!"

I laughed for a second before grabbing my sniper rifle from the floor, picking it up and aiming right for the machine. I fired and the machine sparked, Devin falling forward as the machine shut off.

"Seriously... what the hell is that thing?"

"It's from an anime. But I'm just wondering why they have it here."

"Thomas Bell make it?"

"Yeah.... just wondering why this one in specific...."

Without questioning anything else, we were about to leave when I remembered. Neither of us had retrieved the DVD yet.

I walked around the table, finally spotting it. I knelt down to the DVD, finding the small case under the table. I looked at it, examining the name. Danganronpa The Animation.

"Alright what next?"

"Look inside the dang case!"

Devin sighed, opening the case and trying to find something specific inside.

"There... wait. There's a bunch of dirt in here.... and a broken leaf."

"The woods?"


The Island Haven, The BloodWood Forest


Devin and I arrived at the woods shortly after, ready to fight. Devin put on a bulletproof vest and held an AK-47, his bow swung over his shoulder. I had my sniper, my knife in my belt.

"Why did we gear up to go anime hunting?"

"You never know, maybe there's a traitor hiding out on the island."

"Why would they be stealing your anime then?"

"Lure us out? Like seeing animated violence? Masturbate? I don't know their reasonings!"

Devin sighed and followed me into the woods, both of us leading the charge. 

The woods were relatively empty, nothing but leaves and the occasional bird chirp. Each step we took caused leaves to crack and break under our feet....


"That you?"

"No, you?"

We both looked to the side, seeing a Zion stumbling through the woods. I sighed, walking over to creature. But as I got closer, I noticed something different about it.

Suddenly, its claws grew longer. Not only that, but I was forced to watch as two large black and purple wings sprouted from it's back.


We both ran off in the other direction, the Zion jumping into the air and swooping down at us.

Devin turned around, beginning to fire at the creature. The bullets flew right through it, causing blood to splatter onto the ground and the creature to spiral out of control.

The Zion smashed into a tree, falling into the leaves right after and all life draining from its body. Devin and I approached it, holding our weapons to its body.

"What was that?"

"No idea."

More growling came from behind, and I quickly spun around to see it.

A Zion was stumbling through the forest, wearing the most peculiar outfit. It had a long necklace going down its chest and was wearing braces over its arms.

I approached it and pulled my knife, ready to stab it.

But I couldn't. It....

The Zion lunged at and prepared to cut me down, right up until an arrow blasted through its skull. The mutant fell to the ground, blood dripping down the wound.

Devin looked at me, grabbing my arm and pulling me close.

"You froze. Why?"

"Because...... look."

We both looked at the Zion, and he finally noticed. The Zion was wearing white braces with a golden design, long white boots as well. It wasn't the full outfit, but I could recognize it. Sailor Moon.

I fell down into the leaves, slumping against the boulder trapped in the ground. He knelt down to me, taking my hand. Tears began to rush down my face... it broke me.

"I.... I can see myself there."


"She was like me, an anime obsessed cosplay girl. The only difference is that she died, and I didn't."

"Any day it could happen to me, just a simple trip down the stairs and a broken neck..... or I leave my back turned for a minute. So many ways to die, so great of a chance to die these days. I haven't been eating much lately... so maybe that could kill me."

He looked into my eyes, taking my wrist. Slowly he helped me up, and I was barely able to stand. My knees shook and my hands trembled. I fell into his arms, splashing my tears on his chest.

"Lili, you are not dying. I won't allow it, and neither will Andrew. You've survived so far, so what's stopping you now?"

I immediately embraced Devin, pulling him into a hug. He stood there nervously as I wrapped my arms around him.

"Thank you... Devin."

"You're welcome Lilitha. Now can we get back to anime hunting? I'm into blondes, not redheads."


"I'M TAKEN! AND WHAT'S WRONG WITH REDHEADS!?" I asked him as he slowly backed away.


We both turned to the side, seeing something moving. It was close, it was coming....

It was... a wolf?


We both stared down at Anikan's wolf, BloodLust, as it sat there in the forest. It wagged its tail and looked at us, holding something in its mouth.

"Wait a minute."

I took the other cases from Devin, looking each of them over. Sure enough, teeth marks on the corners of them all.


The wolf let go of the DVD, letting Fairy Tale fall into the leaves before barking and panting happily.

Devin scooped up the DVD and shoved it in his bag as I knelt down, hugging the wolf and patting him on the head. Now we were ready!


The Island Haven, Lilitha and Andrew's House


The sky was a shining gold, the sun finally beginning to set. A simple look up at the sky showed pure beauty, and the whole way back to the town me and Devin stared up at it.

"That looks like a pancake."

"That looks like.... a cloud!"

"Oh that's a Spriggan!"

"What's a Spriggan?"

"Dude you seriously need to catch up on SAO."


We got back fifteen minutes later, having to run across the island to get back home. 

As we approached the door, Devin handed me the DVDs. He then ripped off his vest and threw it back onto my porch.

"Thanks for the help!"

"No problem. Call if you need anything else.... even though there ain't no phones here."

"Wait, you're leaving?"

He began to turn towards the other house, probably not looking to be coming back. But he stopped, turning his head to face me.

"Well yeah. You have your anime night with Lydia right?"

"Yeah but..... you should stay."

He turned back around, facing me and looking into my eyes.

"Stay with me and Lydia, then you can finally catch up on SAO."

He sighed, throwing his compound bow down onto the porch.

"I guess I have no choice."


I ran down the steps and took his wrist, pulling him onto the porch and through the door.


"Damnnnn he lost a hand!"

"Eh it's a game, it'll grow back."

The three of us sat on the blanket, staring at the large TV as two animated figures sat on the screen. Lydia sat next to me, munching on a chocolate chip cookie she had taken from the platter while Devin laid against the couch and stared at the screen.

"You never told us you could make cookies!"

"I've always been able," I said as I took one. I bit down and a feeling of warmth and comfort flowed through my body in a single wave. The gooey chocolate chips, the soft dough. It was... perfection.

I then jumped onto the blankets, wrapping one arm around Lydia and grabbing Devin by the other.

"Promise me... we can watch anime. Together, and forever."

"I'll always be here for you. Just give me a call."




"Hey Lili?"

"Yeah Devin?"

"Where's the pocky?"




Submitted: February 28, 2018

© Copyright 2021 AnikanDarkness. All rights reserved.

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