He-Man Unearthed

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Submitted: February 28, 2018

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Submitted: February 28, 2018



This story happened to me when I was eight or nine years old, making the year either ‘94 or ‘95. My friend Lonny from the neighbourhood I used to live in coincidentally had an uncle in the same cul de sac as I was living in at this time. He came to visit aforementioned uncle for a weekend.

It was a bright and sunny Saturday afternoon and we just stopped for a break from riding our bikes like crazy for two hours. Lonny pointed out that at the end the of the hedges dividing his uncles’ house and his uncles’ neighbours’ house was a plain, square patch of grass about four feet by four feet. “Let’s dig a hole in the middle.” He suggested.

“Somebody will see and we’ll get in trouble,” I retorted.

“You only live once.” And he was off around to his uncle’s backyard. My guess was he was going to grab a couple labour-type shovels. Nope. He returned with two dinky garden spades. But we started digging anyway.

After about two or three minutes, we had scraped a circle clear of grass about eighteen inches wide. A good ten minutes after that we had dug a full foot into the ground. We hit something a beige-tan colour.

“It’s an arm of a toy!” Lonny exclaimed. But it wasn’t just an arm. About two minutes later we had unearthed a fully-assembled He-Man action figure.

It was the chronology that knocked us off our feet. We already knew that He-Man was a huge ‘80s thing, and this was the mid-’90s. We started yelling at each other: “How young are these houses?!” We never bothered to ever actually ask somebody who would know the answer to that question. Something about the mystique became a gem in the memory of our childhood.

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