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Submitted: February 28, 2018

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Submitted: February 28, 2018



Dear Earth 

My Dearest Silver Elf.


We are taking a brief break from our journey at the half way mark. The Llil have not rested for more than an hour at a time during the first half of the migration and now need to sleep, except for Luther who rests when I do. I do not have their stamina even with my symbiont. Because they move at a very slow pace I can rest for a few hours everyday.

I have taken to scouting out the way ahead, though it seems unnecessary for I have found nothing to interfere with the journey.  




I think I do it because the Llil move so slowly I find it difficult to hold back so I go on and rest while they catch up.

Also, because they move so slow we can almost feel the northern temperatures dropping and chasing us south. I wish I could convince them to use their technology to make the trip safer and quicker but they insist on tradition.

I suppose I am not one to pass judgement seeing that much of what we do, humans I mean, is all about traditions and sticking to them. I am staying close by while they sleep, just in case old enemies show up


Luther has taught me so much as we become more in one with each other. This morning I managed to levitate, though it took a lot out of me. He says it will get easier as my body adapts and my skills increase. He also told me something that I find most enlightening and intriguing.

 The Llil have not always existed in their current form. Once they were quadrupeds, much the same size as they are now. In those most ancient days they explored the galaxy and on occasion visited earth. It seems that their may be a few Llil still there, and they will have transformed. Luther suspects they inhabit human bodies as he does mine and the hosts are quite aware of their presence.


I wonder if maybe some of our magicians, witches and warlocks are the host bodies. Well, I guess that is a little fantastical to consider. But, you never know. We now know for certain  we are not alone in the galaxy, thanks to me.

Anyway. Life is good here but I have to admit I miss earth in some ways. Not the ways that got me sent here, but the good stuff like art and music, movies and the theatre, all the things I enjoyed when I was still there...happy.


This morning I went for a little walk about while the Llil were sleeping. I discovered another intelligent life form of the rooted family. These were a variety of flower in appearance, and looked a little like tulips. They get fed by attendants, as they call them. We call them bees, though these servant like creatures are more like a bee and humming bird cross. The flowers who call themselves Avas are very friendly and look forward to a visit from the Llil before moving on southward.


According to Luther we will be moving on in a few hours. After every one wakes up, visits the Avas and enjoys a feast.

Another thing I miss about earth is the spoken word. Everyone hear uses mind talk. The only time I hear a voice is when I talk to myself or sing. I don’t sing much around my hosts. They find the noise appalling. They don’t seem to have any understanding of musical tones.


Wow. What a festival. The Llil entertained the Avas with a co-ordinated  body colour show that lit up the night. And the Avas did a sweeping, waving dance on their long stems. The mind chatter was deafening and for the first time I heard these creatures do something that sounded like laughter though that is a very lame description. Joy would be closer.

The attendants put on a flying show which was totally amazing.

Hundreds flying in formation in synchronized aerobatics. I could actually see in my mind how they communicated each move.



We have set off again at their dull, slow but relentless pace and I am about to go ahead. I am told we will be going through a canyon that is many days long. I suspect it is, by my standard of travel no more than a day or so.

Apparently it can be a little dangerous because of falling rocks and dust swirls. Some will not make it through I am told, but I am going ahead to do something that might change that. If I can cause those rocks to fall before the Llil get there maybe fewer will perish. I don’t think I will be able to save everyone. I cannot fix all the slides and falls.


Well. That’s about it for now. The next time I write we shall be in the southern community. It takes several days to get settled in I am told.

I saw something in the air that has me concerned. It was a beast of huge proportions, even for me and it had bat like wings. When I mentioned this to Luther I could feel him cringe but I could not get him to talk about them. I will scout ahead, well armed and go find out for myself. If they are dangerous I shall also determine how to protect my friends.

I Bid You Ado


© Copyright 2018 Donald Harry Roberts. All rights reserved.

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