Valentine's Rain

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A story telling the story of two lovers through Love, War, Peace and Death....

Submitted: February 28, 2018

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Submitted: February 28, 2018



Love - 


We reveal when we are in love, hold me with you to touch skies above. Silence consuming as I begin to shiver cold, love begins young then begins to grow old. I can't be with you as time passes by so quickly to turn love into sand. The love I share with you is there when the skies in my heart are blue. Thinking of you my heart is a gift basket, you are each flower in the world. Each distant day away is a funeral paused, your love digs my heart six foot deep. I will hold you in my heart forever, nailed on two crosses we will beat together. Within my message the flame of my love burns, hold onto my love upon my loving return....

When the skies are blue and the clouds empty, her eyes are the blue world spinning aplenty. Birds have the whole world to fly, they are love letters holding written ink that can never cry. When the grounds are a poetically emerald green, the sand is a sickly gold of jewellery melting. He holds out his hand and she will take it, needing a guide for when love is blind. Her heart is innocent and free from disease, not a prostitute fucking the streets with syphilis. It is virginal and never contrasted the tides of love, the virgin dolphin and the rapist shark. He is no rapist for he writes her poetry, in different ink so that love can see. Their hearts are breathing like blowing leaves, they both wear their hearts on their sleeves. 

Opening up the sun, creating a light for the heart to run. As they hold their love together, their hearts are a blot clot to last forever. The city found in lost waters before the war, as mythical as Atlantis. Love is the language spoken silently, the air balloon of the heart flying in each other's body. Each step walking causing minor earthquakes in their hearts, and their lungs are the breathing tornadoes that threathen. He is shivering under the cold avalanche of her heart, for winter came in her tears instead. Their love is both ends of the rainbow, instead of gold his slit wrists will show. Playing his first song on the violin, his veins the string of a musical journey that will begin. 

In love time passes by so quickly, that it makes the moments gone sickly. He knows he has to be gone soon, and cutting himself is the first footsteps on the moon. He puts his hands on her face, reaching the moon in the sky. He colours in their hearts with kisses, protecting areas that cannot be contaminated with human tears. Telling her the love he always has for her will always be there, even when they are walking in the air to marry at the gates of Heaven. The white clouds above her wedding dress, the silver skies above his wedding tuxedo. Telling her he will hold her in his heart, beating for her when they will be apart. Within his message he asks her if she will hold her love for him until he returns, but even in the fire love burns.

War -


Love shall always be there, it's life making us care. Heroes are born in war, in death their eyes saw. Running away becomes my destiny, destination departure is your love. Fighting the enemy to keep alive the soldier of love. Crossing lonely seas on ships, crashing into rocks without guidance. Along untold roads my body drives my heart into crashing. The years become so long, for you I stay strong. Fighting into freedom for you, we lost skies without blue....

His journey has left her but love is always there in a person's heart, even if they are eternities apart. Fallen angels they are not so it is not their farewell, their distant love will contain pieces of heaven instead of hell. Their wings are changed to stone and cutted off, confused for gargoyles at the gate. His heart is now born in war, and his heart is a shield protecting against the enemy that is Cupid's Arrow. Running away from the one you love to become a hero on the battlefield, the birth and death of life. On one knee holding a grenade, the engagement ring for the enemy. The sirens of screaming bombing all around him, blood spilling and gore learning to speak make survival slim. He throws the grenade like a baseball, striking out the enemy and making their team fall.

Blood on his face, he is an army of one standing in place. Fighting the enemy to keep alive, keeping alive the love in him with passionate drive. When the night comes, there is no light switch on the war field. With other men he does not know, they cross lonely seas that are as lonely as his love. The seas so lonely that even sirens are seven widows deep, for the treasure chests found by their husbands contain scurvy instead of gold. The disease leaving the sirens a widow, both one with the sea depressed and lonely. Cutting into the chest of his enemy, volcanic blood pouring so that love can see. The colour of blood is the rose of the heart red, bullets impale him so the rose without water is nearly dead.

He is now back on land, holding a girl's invisible hand. The hand carrying him as the roads are untold, and the cards in a game of poker fold. The years that passed have become so long as a snake, constricting his heart out of air. The hand cannot guide him as she is a lost desire, a compass would look more human. He keeps fighting into freedom for her so he can finally reach the road that leads to her name. Several letters missing on the sign that gives directions, he could end up in a different continent. The wounds of war cause him hallucinations of the woman he loves, but in death his eyes won't see her above. His body is still punctured by bullets that are making his blood water flowers, showing that love is no longer his superpowers.

Fighting into freedom he is surrounded and outnumbered, and even the sun has departed being his friend and has slumbered. They circle him to lock him inside a shape, holding knives that love to rape. Holes in his pouring body are the missing bullets in a gun. Slowly the blood of a volcano is erupting for the first time in twenty years. The enemy cuts his face and his blood is leaves departing the autumn human tree. A tree without leaves is a human body without breathing. The enemy stabs him with knives that were a stolen gift from his wedding, this is the renewal of vows he was dreading. War is now the battle inside his heart to last for years, love is the first soldier down when this first occurs.

Blood soaks the ground underneath him, a new scam for making people get slim. The enemy makes a map on his skin, the destination starting from his intestines and reaching destination at his heart's sin. Cutting deep into his stomach, pulling out intestines that are a new toy in a limited colour. Cutting up his stomach and crossing his mountainous chest, a bloodied avalanche his drowning of snow. Digging deep into his heart, it's a total eclipse when Bonnie Tyler is singing. His eyes losing colour like the sky being drawn without the sun, the city of his body sleeps in the darkness of death. Before he dies he will think of her summer face, failing to breathe she will find new love in his place. Fighting into freedom he fought for her, he lost after the time they were.

Peace -


While there ilove and war, we forget peace as world's tore. People losing their lives never forgotten, buried six foot deep and rotten. I forgot I'm here with you, time you've been away life support. I never had a letter come, your ink writes dead on earth. With the years suddenly gone by, the peace in my heart attacks. We can finally go outside without fear being a battlefield. Everyone lives again with peace hollow, it is the place I'll follow. Waiting for you is my crime, I'll hold your hand in time.

Every soul is always fighting a battle of love and war and losing their lives, dying to knives and leaving lonely wives. Suicidal souls use Juliet's dagger, that make life's earthquake stagger. The most aspect is lost when we are are fighting, and peace will take years to count the seven billion jigsaw pieces of people. The years have passed by, and the girl is still in the same home sitting in older skin. She is looking at a framed photo of his face, where the pressure of the glass is holding him down stuck so he cannot run off to war tomorrow. The glass also protects his face from her human tears when she decides the skies will rain on broken glass in her sorrow. Her eyesight is there but her love is not, her vision is blind not knowing he was stabbed and shot. She lives in peace by herself, he is the book missing from the bookshelf.

Many people lost their lives during the years of night and day, each balloon losing air as they fly away. The air of death awaits, a reaper is waiting to capture their fates. The man is now a ghost and he is standing behind her, seeing himself human in a photograph that keeps him free from disease. Being a ghost he forgot those lives lost because he is now here with the girl, and when you are in love you forget about all the people in death. His ghostly wounds are still revealed on his body, his intestines dangle like the rope she needs to escape. Leaves fall green in autumn and diagnosed with cancer in winter, decaying brown in spring and dying in summer. She will let the framed picture drop to the floor, a broken white flag in love's war. Seeing her laugh and seeing her cry, seeing her love in the photo become less human the moment he had to die.

The years have passed by faster than a flock of birds, flying away with the love letters containing his words. Cutting herself her blood rising is communication without a phone, she was always left alone. She opens her front door where he does not return home, the last person got off the train last night. The fading sun a desolate innocence, it gave her sickly yellow cancer in her older years. She takes her first steps outside her home in years, and it rains like heaven is crying for someone. Seeing everyone walking outside into the sun again, they all live in peace without the weakness of a vampire. The girl looks up into the sun to see peace that has a light at the end of the tunnel's door, so the blood pumping from her heart is not on life support anymore. The ghost of him unseen standing next to her as he holds her hand quite rightly, even if she won't feel it holding her heart in peace tightly.

Death -


When tragedy is forgotten through, I live again in you. I face death in you, my love departing from blue. The years may have passed like children growing into adults. I was here for you, but now angels don't watch. I wait for the reaper, I don't fear his scythe. Please hold my hand instead, so love has a soul. Love that was our lifetime, be remembered like a rhyme. Yostayed but I'm gone, in stars we're forever one....

In the life of the girl who became a woman old, it has become a tragedy of this story told. Since he was the first to leave, her life became a theatre of tragedy where only she can grieve. All alone she did not receive the message that heaven sends. The man is still with her, living again as a ghost after he faced death in her. She has been alone for years, her soul never had a neighbouring soul mate. Smoking a cigarette to gain cancer instead of the cure, each one smoked cutting another five minutes off her youth. Seeing her cough blood and choke, the reason for why her life is broke. With no more family and friends, life ends.

Their love lasted a lifetime, Shakespeare's poetic ink in Romeo and Juliet became a tragedy instead of a crime. Their love was a lifetime of sleep with opened eyes now seeing slumber, towards the reaper it will now lumber. The sun has gone down on her health, and as a young soul she is lying in her death bed. Coughing violently in her throat with twisted waves colliding, the choking blood rising a vortex of death. When she got older love became the black paradise, but now in her death bed it is her bones becoming ashes. Her choking blood rising onto her face life the reaper's volcano. Her eyes still open for the survival of life, she will have her dream of becoming a wife. He may be forever gone but she stayed, the day asking for safety from the night when she prayed. 

The man stays with her in her last moment, even the the rainbow faded years past to become colourless pieces of cement. She is struggling to breath, and his lack of humanity is struggling to grieve. He cannot wipe away the tears, and her room is decorated in wallpaper that will peel every time she cries. To give her room some human emotion, the entrance to her room a graveyard of pain. A knife always placed on her bedside table is her loyal Bible. Picking it up in her final strength she will be saved. Touching the blade feels like the love of his hand, the gentle land. He gave it to her as a present to save her own life, now all of her love and death belong to the knife.

To tame the stormy weather coughing in her throat, she slashes her throat so her life can sail safely in the blood of death in her boat. A beautiful line of gore created so her life can take a shortcut, never believing in her gut. In the last few moments her eyes are open, every blink is a struggle to close and open them. Every time she blinks and opens her eyes for a new world to see, the ghost of him fades more and more the closer she is getting to her place. As a ghost he sees her alive one final time, then she closes the curtains to her eyes. Her blood keeps pouring out of a wounded mountain to spray water on flowers that always die. He fades away as she dies, he won't reveal to his loved one how much he cries. In death their love becomes a jem, the moon and the stars are watching over them.

Valentine's Rain -

She lays resting in a place, in the warm lands of a bloody winter on her face. He is nowhere to be seen, their love was once life's has been. The blood on her face is the last piece of her life alive, cold as water but not the element of life to heal. Seeing her in her laid down state a reaper appears at her bedroom door, and instead of knocking he walks through it ready to guide her to her crossing on the other side. Now sleeping in purgatory, once she has lived her life but now must sleep in a better bed. The reaper is standing over her but realises she died so young, by natural causes with the alibi of a knife. He places the edge of his scythe on her forehead, but instead of taking her soul temporary life will be fed. He will allow her to open her eyes, soon in a place with no goodbyes.

She is still dying alone, a temporary human built by no bone. When she opens her eyes, she will be able to see his ghost with lullabies. Her smile slight, she draws it. She could flip both sides of the coin and both of them would be faceless, because she can see his face in both of her eyes. He walks to lay beside her, and flowers are growing on their wounds. Through love and war, they are together again after peace and death. Engaged like diamonds kissing on the ring, he wants to hear her sing. With her last words she will sing a song she wrote in her mind, so their love will never be lost or blind.


The light nights are no longer here, death is the darkness I now fear.
They died out long before you went, I know from heaven you were sent.
Tears fall for a child is lonely, too young to understand his mother dies.
The light you left before me is your ghost failing to haunt my dreams.
Please tell me is somebody out there? We departed in love before our time.
If there is I still can't see, but I still feel your human touch.
Love please show me how to die, so I can see you and cry.
If not tell me you are here, I'll open my eyes for you dear....

Everdrop of water I see dying, another drink of alcohol after my crying.
Every tear another knife massacring my face, my heart needs to sense your place.
Dreams once big sorrow turning them small, my love is God embracing Mount Everest.
I see you now when years didn't, come cover me with all your eternity.
cried alone resting in our place, now you're here I see the stars.
The dark nights shining in my life, I don't mind if my blood wins.
Trivial my life it used to be, yet being with you it is free.
No longer is my deep love lonely, marry my blood and be my only....

The years may be quick in passing, people and liars are still always grassing. 
Seems yesterday you are a century gonetoday this century is two becoming one.
Stalk me at night with pressureless pain, bring vision to my eyesight that captures.
I still love you my love dearly, you came back to love me forever.
I dream of you while I run out of life and into your death.
You come througthe garden of heroes night and take the villain's nightmares away.
You take me away from this place, to one which has a beautiful face.
A place I can lay with you, to where the skies are forever blue....

The rain may be falling heaven's eyes, weeping for the sun saying its goodbyes.
But I can't see it my sweet, rain not ours is not our defeat.
In my place see Mother Earth stare, no terrorism can ever hurt her harmony.
You are here to witness a rainbow, and at the end my blood's gold.
The reaper made us human before death, I'll kiss you before my breathing ends.
Your lips are ghostly so my human kiss will now turn you completely corporeal.
The reaper made our love human again, now we die without the mortal pain.
The rain might fall at once together, but my love it won't fall forever....

The reaper walks them to their gravestones, a child being walked to a secret door lead by bones. Where tears run down them showing that even things like stone have feelings, their love will sail through wind and through stone ceilings. They don't fear the reaper, he is Shakespeare writing Romeo and Juliet together in eternity. The next day it is raining, and the rain is running down the window of their souls. The raindrops create an image of a heart, and inside it is a hand of a woman ready to be held. Also inside is a hand of a man, and they are holding hands forever without love and death being their tug of the rope. No image of them is shown, just an image of holding hands on love's throne. That will never be separated regardless of the weather, Romeo and Juliet are truly together forever.

Valentine's Rain © 2018 by Dexter Angelus Draven. All rights reserved.

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