Life in Resser

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

This is a quick idea that popped into my head and needed to write it down. Let me know if you want me to actually continue this, I will try and see if I can take this somewhere but for now please

He opened his eyes slowly, bringing his hand up instinctively as his eyes adjusted to the bright sun.

"What in the world?"

He slowly sat up and groaned. Looked around attempting to remember where he was. He was in the middle of a green grass field.  A few roaming cows around and a large forest off to the right in the distance. He looked down and saw a sword laying by his feet.

He felt a sharp pain in his causing him to groan and hold his head. He slowly got up and picked up the sword, for some reason it flickered for second he stared at it to see if it would do it again but nothing.

"Where am i?" he asked himself as he slung the sword over his shoulder. He shook his head and walked, he didnt to where or why but he just walked. On his walk he tried hard to remember what had happened, to why he was laying in a field, and what his name was. He stopped, realizing that he doesnt even remember his name. He looked down at his hands, a tattoo running up his arm. He touched it following the pattern. It was writing in some sort of language.

"Fallen." he said softly. He continued walking, he needed to find help.

For what felt like hours he walked beside the edge of the forest, the sun had already started to make its way across the sky. He fell to the ground and laid there, his feet had starting aching and were all scratched up from walking without shoes.

He breathed heavily and tried getting up but he wasnt able to muster enough strength. Would it be so bad if he just perished here, a forgotten and lost man. What point was there in even continuing, he couldnt remember anything. If he had a wife or kids that worried about him he didnt know. He was nothing more than...


That word popped in his head again. He slowly closed his eyes and drifted off.


"Reich get up, theyre attacking us!"

He opened his eyes up fast and jumped out of his bed. Explosions and gunshots could be heard all around the trench, the muddy water pouring into the trench as well.

He grabbed his rifle and helmet, 'Let's go they want us on the left side providing cover for the runners!!" the guy that woke him up yelled.

"Alright you lead i'll follow." Reich said to him.

They ran through the trench, dodging all the other people that were running around trying to regain themselves. A surprise attack, figures they would so something like this. They reached a small ladder off to the left side.

Reich began up the stair and got out the trench, he ran quickly to some fallen wooden beams and took cover behind them. The other guy went to the right side of him taking cover as well. The man signaled for Reich to look up and see, Reich peeked his head over and brought his rifle up to see through his scope, he could see the enemy troops running around their trench preparing to fire their machineguns. I looked over to the guy and gave him a thumbs up, he nodded and peeked over with his rifle.

All they needed to do was wait for the machinegunners to take their position and then they'd take them out.

A loud engine sound came from above, Reich and the guy looked up. A large plane was overhead and headed for them. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion, a compartment on the bottom of the plane suddenly opened, dropping large bombs. Reich stared at them knowing that there was nothing he could do. They were only a few feet away from him now, he turned to his buddy. It looked like he had tried getting up and running but now he laid on the ground motionless and with a large hole in the back of his head.

"Idiot why did you have to forget to wear your helmet." Reich thought to himself. He closed his eyes and took in his last breath. The bombs hit the floor and decimated their trench, engulfing everyone in flames.


He snapped his eyes wide open and got up quickly, he ran his hands across his body feeling heat and pain all over.

"Hey are you okay?"

The man turned his head and saw a startled young woman standing with a bowl of water in her hands. He looked around, he was in a bed with nothing but his underwear on. He looked at the girl, "Where am I?" he asked her.

She put the bowl down and walked over to him slowly, "You're in my place, i found you on the side of the forest. You were passed out and had an insane fever." she sat down on the bed next to him and place her hand on his forehead, "I decided to bring you here." she said softly.

"Hmm your fever seems to have gone down a bit." He looked at her, "Thank you." she grabbed his arm and gently placed her hand on his tattoo.

"Youre a Fallen arent you?" she asked him.

"I... I... dont know.." he said softly. She traced his tattoo, "We don't know where Fallens come from but they always have one thing in common. They don't remember anything from before they woke up."

"I'm guessing thats the case with me as well." he said. He furrowed his brows and thought for a second, "Rrrr... Reich." he said.

"Thats my name." he said to her.

"Incredible, you do remember something." she said.

"It's just a name that i remembered while i was sleeping but i dont remember anything else." he said. He tried getting up slowly. "Here." she handed him a shirt and a pair of trousers. He slipped into them and got up from the bed, he saw his feet had been mended and the scratches were no longer visible.

He walked over to a small window and peered from behind the curtains. A large kingdom stood in the distance, and around him a bustling little town.

"Where are we?" he asked her. She smiled and walked over to him, "Well this is Boler, and over there is the Capitol. Fallen usually know absolutely nothing about our world, but Reich you are in Resser."

Submitted: February 28, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Alex Cruz. All rights reserved.

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