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This is set in the same world as the Dragon King but is years before the events in that book, it's through the eyes of a new and powerful mage going through Academia. Hope you enjoy.

Submitted: February 28, 2018

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Submitted: February 28, 2018



I stepped out of the carraige, and took in a huge breath. I looked up towards the large tower infront of me, a large bright red gem at the top shining and giving enormous amounts of power. The small buildings surrounding the tower, and all the brown robes following behind single blue robes.

"Academia, the magic academy." i said to myself softly, feeling the joy and excitement swell up inside of me.

"Alright all brown robes in class 4-77 please make your way to me."

I looked over and saw a tall female in a blue robe, i walked over to her. "Okay 1, 2, 3, 4....7...12....and 20 there you are. Ok everybody welcome to Academia or how most people know it as, The Academy. My name Eliis Rete, and i will be your Assistant Instructor."

"Now if there isnt any questions, let me begin the tour so we can get you all settled into your dorms and get ready for tonights ceremony."

They followed her towards the center the large tower, "Ok first stop is....." she said expectantly waiting for one of us to answer.

"It's the Tower of Alri. It was built by the first Mages as a stairway to help the fallen god Alri get back to her home, in return she unlocked the secrets of magic to them, giving them the knowledge to do anything. She also gave their tower her heart since she wouldnt need it up in the Kingdom of Deo." I pointed to the big red gem at the top, "It's the heart Alri, it's what protects the Academy from outsiders." i said proudly.

"Impressive." Eliis said, "What's your name Miss."

I blushed slightly at the attention, "Ummm, it's Jesena, Jesena Drake." i said. Eliis smiled at me and continued, "Everything Miss Drake said was correct, this is where magic truly began to spread. The 5 mages who recieved Alri's blessing became the first Great Headmasters, they founded the Academia here and promised to give the gift of magic to anyone who wanted to learn." She pointed to five buildings that surrounded the tower, "Each instructor taught a basic skill, the house of Wisdom made sure every pupil received the proper knowledge of the origins of magic. The house of Strength in which they teach students how to withstand grueling conditions and increase their mental strength which is required for one to properly use magic. The house of Elements where you will learn to master the elements around you and how to use them to your advantage."

She took in a deep breath, "And finally the last two houses, the house of Aid and the house of Attack. Which will teach you and evaluate you to see if you will be sent to a team to fight against the threats of Haglethorne or if you are sent to Arcadia."

"Umm excuse me m'am." i raised my hand to grab her attention, she looked over to me and smiled, "Ah yes Miss Drake, question?"

"Actually no ma'am but youre wrong there were 6 mages who initially built the tower. No one ever mentions the sixth because he was an elf, also because the other five intructors were jealous that he was given an extra blessing. Serius Frel, the first elven mage was given the power to reanimate and control the dead, they nicknamed him the 'Death Mage' for that reason and even tried murdering him in his sleep, which is why he left them and dissapeared. He was the very first necromancer." i looked over and saw Eliis's face in disbelief the rest of the kids looking at me as if had grown a second nose.

"Ok well let's continue on to your dorms, umm Miss Drake could you stay back here for a bit. Mr. Treag would like to speak to you." she said with a smile, she walked away along with the rest of the class and left me behind.

I dont believe i did anything wrong at all. All i did was make sure that everyone was receiving the correct information. I sighed and looked down, this alwyas happened though. I'd open my big mouth and people would begin calling me a know it all.

"Excuse me Miss, why do you seem so depressed and by yourself. Where'd your class go?"

I turned around and saw an old man with a long white beard, he had a large staff and was wearing a dark purpler robe etched with golden designs.

"Youre Headmaster Ayl!" I quickly turned to him and bowed, "It's a pleasure to meet you sir, my class instructor told me to wait here for Mr. Treag and they went to go see the dorms." i answered quickly.

He chuckled, "No need to be so formal, i'm nothing more than an old man." he said softly, i looked up to him and smiled, "Now that's a beautiful smile, you should keep it there young miss."

"Headmaster! I apologize if this child has been a bother to you, i will correct her this instant." an instructor said as he ran up to us and grabbed me by the shoulders.

"A bother? Oh Jeung, she could never be such a thing. I can see the intelligence pouring out of this young one." he took the instructors hands off me and put his finger on my forehead, "Dont let anyone discourage you, the knowledge this head of yours holds is your weapon." he smiled warmly at me.

"Mr. Treag please take her to her dorm, i believe it is room 224." he winked at me, "I will see you at the ceremony, Miss Drake." he said as he walked off.

I couldnt help but smile, Headmaster Ayl knew my name... Wait he knew my name and my room number.

"Let us go then Miss, i shall take you to your dorm."

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