Royal Defense Team

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A young princess must turn her life around when she discovers she has super powers. This totally powered princess is good when protecting the citizens, but what about protecting her friends from
her secret.

Submitted: February 28, 2018

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Submitted: February 28, 2018



Royal Defense Team


The ancient royal castle is a really amazing sight to see, especially if you’re a tourist.  Since the age of royalty has come to an end, they turned the royal castle into a museum.  This museum celebrates the life of the royal family, and the heroes of the kingdom.  Well, let’s go inside and we can get a tour.


If you walk straight in, you come to a long red carpet that leads to two grand stair cases on the left and right.  If you keep walking straight, you will hit the royal throne room. Let’s go up the right stair case and continue to go right.  This leads to the royal bedrooms, but the most interesting one is the room of Princess and later Queen Alexa.  The room is exactly the same as it was when the Princess used it.  The giant grand bed made out of the finest lumber and the softest sheets on the right in the center.  Then straight is the desk she did make up, hair, and assignments.  On the left, the royal closet where she kept all her royal gowns and accessories.  Standing on a mannequin, the most beautiful pink dress that the Princess wore just about everyday.


Let’s continue down the hall, and eventually you will come to another staircase that only leads down.  If you follow down that staircase, there’s a really long hallway with a golden plaque with the words “Hall Of Heroes” written on it.  Follow the hall to a giant room that has twelve paintings, twenty outfits on mannequins, and five display cases with five rings.  


The first painting has a girl, she is holding a pink fan in one hand and is wearing a matching pink dress.  She has pink gloves made of silk on her hands, and has a tiara on her head.  The pink dress she is wearing, it looks very familiar.  On the golden plaque placed on the painting frame had the name “Princess Alexa Goldeneye”.  On the opposite side of her is a girl in a pink, short spaghetti strap dress, with pink leggings, a pair of pink high heeled boots, pink silk gloves, a pink mask, two metal hand fans with pink roses on them, and a pink cape.  The golden plaque placed on her painting frame reads “Rose: The super secret hero.”  On one of the mannequins sits the outfit in the painting.  On three others, sits similar pink outfits but set up to fit the different seasons.


There are two other paintings with princesses in them.  The one wearing purple cloths reads “Princess Eliet Moongem.”   The one wearing yellow cloths reads “Princess Mia Willowburch.”  Then across from the princess paintings are paintings of people wearing similar cloths to Rose, but the purple one reads “Tare: The beautifully invisible” and the yellow one reads “Tab: The strength of stretch.”  On the eight mannequins that sit around the portraits sits outfits that look exactly like Roses’ but in yellow and purple.  The only other difference, is their fans are one solid color that matched their outfits.


Then there are two paintings of Princes.  One of the prince are wearing a green suit with a sword on his side, this painting reads “Prince Sammual Ruby”.  The other painting is a prince wearing a dark blue suit with a sword on his side, this one reads “Prince James Emeralds”.  Across from the princes, are paintings of two men dressed in vests, with a white T-shirt underneath the vests, pants that match the vest color, color matching masks, color matching wrist gloves, color matching dress shoes, and a sword on their side with a color matching handle.  The green painting reads “Dan: The Hot Eyes”, and the dark blue painting reads “Dae: The Super Muscle”.  They also had four outfits, one to match the weather of each season.


On each of the paintings, both royal and hero, they have a ring with a gem that matches the color of their outfits on their right index finger.  Many people say that those rings where a special portal device that allowed them to jump into a special mirror that would take them wherever they wanted.  This device was believed to be made by the super hero Rose.  The last two paintings are a giant portrait of all the royals in one and one with all the heroes in another.


We know what you are probably thinking, what are five stuffy royals doing in the hall of heroes?  Well that is a fantastic story that begins with princess Alexa, in this castle, many years ago in the kingdom everyone called Gemstone.  Gemstone was going through a tough time, since a disease was raging through the kingdom.  This caused the queen to hire two scientists to come up with a cure for this deadly disease, Alexa was six years old when this happened and her life changed forever.  


The scientists where very well know since they cured a lot of diseases in other kingdoms.  One night, they where working on a serum that would solve all their problems.  One of the scientists where not paying attention and dropped a close vile on the floor.  The liquid inside of it turned into a gas when it came in contact with air, so they tried to close all the ventilation system ducts.  They forgot to close one however, and the vapor was able to get in the vents that lead to Alexa’s room.  While she slept and breathed in the vapor, although she was still sleeping, her eyes opened and turned pink before shutting again like nothing had ever happened.


The next day, the queen Cleo heard of the accident that had happened that night and fired the scientists that where responsible.  Cleo then got Alexa ready to come with her to the doctor since Cleo was explaining another daughter.  Alexa was so excited to be a big sister, but Cleo had some news for Alexa while on the way to the hospital.

“Alexa darling are you excited,” Cleo asked.

“Of course mama, I will be the best big sister ever.  Me and my new sister will always be best friends!” Alexa responded.

“Right,” the smile on Cleo’s face turned to a frown, “Alexa you need to understand that I will have to choose one of you to rule when you are old enough.”

“What do you mean mama?”

“It’s all part of the rules, and you will learn more about those rules when you start princess school next week.”

“Princess school, what’s that?”

“Well you will learn everything you need to know to be a great leader.  Then I will choose either you or your sister to be the next queen.”

“But mama, why?”

“Those are the rules we must follow.  No more of this, we are almost there, but the roads are getting really bumpy.”


With that, the carriage they were driving crashes.  While Alexa is flying towards her mother, she touches her wrists together.  Soon after, a villager who heard the crash comes and helps them out of the wreckage.  The villager then takes them to the hospital, the queen is unconscious but the princess seems to be perfectly fine.  While in the hospital, the king is informed of the situation and rushes to the hospital.  He is delighted to know his daughter Alexa is perfectly fine and didn’t get a single scratch.  He is very sad to hear that although his wife will be alright, their unborn daughter is dead and had to be removed from her.


Later that night, Alexa was getting ready for bed when she decides to check on her parents.  Alexa found her parents talking about the situation with the baby.

“We have to tell her Daniel, she needs to know.” Cleo pleaded.

“We can’t, you really think she will be ready for something like this.” Daniel replied.

“She needs to know, she is the only heir we have now.”

“We will tell her, just not now;  We must wait until she is older.”

“Very well, if you believe that is best.”

“I do, and you know the rules.  If she isn’t a suitable heir, then we will have to let our family die out with her.”

“Okay fine, I will tell her she must excel in her classes.  We must keep this between us, at least until she is older.”


What the king and queen didn’t know, was that Alexa was standing at the door to their room.  She heard everything, and all she could do when she got back to her room was cry.  She knew from here on, she had to be the best princess anyone had ever seen.  She took this promise into account the next morning, she got out of bed and was already reading her school books.  She didn’t start school for a few days yet, but she wanted to be the first one to get everything right. She was basically determined to be the absolute best princess anyone had ever seen.


A few days passed, and it was time for Alexa to start princess school.  In just a few days, she easily became the most popular person in the school.  With the way she knew almost everything that a princess must do, and the latest trends of the royals.  About a month after she started school, they started the charity lesson in school.  To show they could help people, they had to give out some supplies and needed things to the poor villagers of their kingdoms.  The teacher assigned Alexa and Eliot to go out into the school apple orchard to pick some apples to give out.  As they used a little ladder to get some apples, Alexa wished so much that she could reach the big apples at the top of the tree.  She suddenly felt herself going up like she wished.


“Thanks for the boost, Eliot!” Alexa said.

Eliot was silent as she could not believe what she was seeing, then she spoke “Uuuuuuhhhh Alexa, ....... you um are you’re flying.”


When Alexa looked down, she realized she was in fact flying.  She starts panicking, and this causes her to fly around uncontrollably.  As she hits the branches of the tree, she cuts her finger.  While both Alexa and Eliot panic, a drop of red falls into Eliot’s mouth while she was screaming.  Eliot begins to choke, so Alexa starts panicking even more.  Alexa then falls on top of Eliot, then the teacher comes out to see them both covered in dirt.  She sends them both to get new dresses on since it’s not very princess-like to wear a dirty dress.


The next day, Alexa tried to talk to Eliot about what she had seen yesterday.  Eliot however, just wished she was invisible, since other royals kept saying she was jealous that Alexa was more popular that her.  This made her even more angry at Alexa, since she was not telling others what really happened the other day.  Alexa is finally able to find Eliot alone in the bathroom.


“Please Eliot, I must request that you listen to what I have to say.” Alexa pleaded.

“There’s nothing to talk about so request denied,” she responded.

“Please I need to tell you what is going on.”

“Honestly I just wish I was invisible right now.”  Then as she finished the word invisible, Eliot turned invisible.

“Uh, Eliot I know you are mad at me right now, but...”

“There are no buts, everyone keeps making fun of me.”

“Eliot you are invisible.”

“What,” she turned around only to see their is no one staring back at her in the mirror.“What did you do to me?”

“I didn’t do anything to you.”

“Then why can’t I see myself?”

“I don’t know, wait a minute.  Try calming yourself down, take some deep breaths.”


Eliot complied and was visible again.  It all made sense to Alexa, when Eliot swallowed that drop of her blood it must have passed on Alexa’s secret.


“Listen Eliot, I think I know what is going on.  When you swallowed that drop of my blood yesterday, I think you got a super power.” Alexa told her.

“No, that’s impossible!” Eliot replied.

“But it’s not, I have been getting super powers.  I get at least on a month, but I never got the power to turn invisible.”

“When I said I wish I was invisible, I think that triggered it.  I gave it the power I could get.”

“That means, you are just like me, and I can help you master your new power.  Then maybe one day, we can stop the people who dare to attack our kingdoms.”

“That would be awesome, but what about my parents.  If they find out, I will never get the throne.”

“ I have been hiding this from my family for about a month now.  I can help you.”

“Okay then, train me and lets team up.”


Within a year, Eliot had just about learned to control her powers.  Meanwhile, Alexa has been stopping crime in her kingdom for about six months now.  With the weather being hot outside, she wore a pink, spaghetti strap dress, pink high heeled boots, pink knee high leggings, a pink cape, and a pink mask.  The very first crime she stopped, was helping a young girl who was pulling a wagon of food and other supplies to her house.  The little girl was about halfway home when someone attempted to steal the wagon, but a girl wearing all pink stopped him.  The next day, the girl was explaining how a pink wearing super hero saved her.  Eventually, word got around to the royal family.


The queen was happy, someone helped a little girl and captured a criminal in the process.  She really enjoyed the thought of someone else helping to protect the citizens, besides the royal family.  After six months of saves from this pink mask wearing hero, the queen and king decided to have a public celebration with the hero there.  Of course, the hero excepted the invitation.


The celebration was more than enough for the hero, she thought it was actually two much.  All the citizens buying dolls and costumes of her, it was just not what she expected.  Especially when she was told she would have to make a speech in front of the kingdom.  She decided she would make a special announcement during her speech, the reveal of her new sidekick.  Alexa believed Eliot was ready, but Alexa first had to sneak away from her parents to get into her suit.  The opportunity finally came when her parents left her alone so they could go find out why the pink hero was not there yet.  Alexa suited up, and flew onto the stage.


“Thank you everyone, thank you so much,” the pink hero said.

“Tell us please, what is your name,” the queen pleaded with the hero.

“I will tell you my name, but first I have a surprise for you all.  Today I would like to tell you that I have been training someone who will help protect the Howling Creek.  Her she is.”

“Thank you everyone, it truly is an honor to be here in the Gemstone kingdom,” a girl in purple clothing matching Alexa’s said.

“Now everyone, you wish to know my name,” the pink hero said.

In a giant cry of cheer that almost made both of them fall off the stage, the audience replied, “yes.”

“Very well, I am Rose.  This is my sidekick Tare.” Rose replied.

With a loud cheer, Rose and Tare exit the stage and have some fun with the people.  Then, a princess that goes to school with them came up and seemed very worried.


“Excuse me Rose.” Princess Mia said.

“Yes princess, what can I do for you.” Rose responded.

“Me and queen Cleo are very worried, princesses Alexa and Eliot are missing.  Do you think you could find them?”

“Of course we can, lets go Tare.”


With that, they ran off to find them.  Princess Mia thought there was something off with them when she said Alexa and Eliot, so she fallowed them.  Mia then watches them go into the tent belonging to the heroes, but witness princesses Alexa and Eliot come out.  She decides to confront them.


“Alexa, Eliot, Rose and Tare found you that quickly!” Mia asked them.

“Yeah, you could say we are best friends.” Alexa replied.

“Then, why did I catch you coming out of their tent?”

“Because we where in there, watching over their things.”

“Are you sure it’s not because you are Rose and Tare.”

“What, no way.”

“Really, then why do you wear the exact same colors they wear?”

“We are just big fans of them.”

“Then how did Eliot know what Tare would be wearing today if she was only just revealed to exist today.”

“Because, uh because.  Alright you got us, I princess Alexa am Rose.  Eliot is Tare.”

“How did you get super powers, you guys have been in school with me now for a year.  Alexa you are the most popular girl in school, and Eliot you are the  one who was jealous of Alexa when you first started school.  Why did you team up with each other, and how did you get powers?”

“Honestly, I don’t know how I got my powers.  All I know is, one day I was going to the hospital with my mother and our carriage crashed.  Then, I noticed I could generate force fields when I am scared or concentrating really hard.”

“Okay, but how did Eliot get powers?”

“The day we went out to pick apples for class, a drop of my blood fell in her mouth and I guess that gave her a super power.  I noticed though, when she got the power I got it too.”

“Can I a hero too?”

“What, no way!  Eliot got her power by accident, and I felt it was my job to teach her how to control it since it was all my fault.”

“Fine then, I will just tell your parents your secret.”

“What, that will make it so none of us could become the ruler of our kingdoms.”

“Not my fault, now make with the power.”

“But, fine, if I give you powers you promise you will keep this between us.”

“Sure, after all, I will be the same as you guys so the throne is on the line for me two.”


With that, Alexa pricked her finger and let a drop of blood fall in her mouth.  After Mia swallows, someone next to her dropped a tray of drinks on her.


“I wish I could have caught that before it fell on me” Mia said.


Then Mia’s arms started stretching way out, and she picked up the cups on the floor.  Luckily the person who dropped the drinks on her went to get something to clean her up with.  Mia had the power to stretch her arms and legs farther that humanly possible.  Since Mia will need to know how to control and use her new power, Alexa put Eliot in charge of training her as a way to test Eliot’s knowledge about what she learned from Alexa.  


A few years passed, and Mia learned to control her power becoming the yellow hero Tab.  Since it was also the time of Alexa’s tenth birthday, it was time for her birthday ball.  Everyone from the royal school attended this event.  This was after all the night Alexa might have found her prince in shining armor.  Alexa was very excited, if she was able to memorize all one thousand rules of being a princess, a ball would be easy.  


When it was time, she entered the ball room with the prettiest pink dress that would make anyone’s heart stop a beat.  The princess having a fan in her hand, approached the door and opens the fan to cover her face.  When she entered, she was greeted by her parents as she proceeded to curtsy and then face everyone in the ball room.  The princess stood there still until she was finally approached by someone she was very familiar with, prince James of the Emerald kingdom.  She went to school with him, so she excepted a dance from the most popular prince in school.  The most popular prince and princess, what could be better than that? As the song rages on, they continued to dance as gracefully as swans until two people dressed in black with black masks that covered their entire face came in and grabbed the princes.


Princesses Mia and Eliot seen what was happening, and went to suit up to save their leader.  As princess Alexa could do nothing but try to escape without using powers.  She pulled and struggled but had no luck, until two princes came to the rescue.  The princes James and Sammual both equipped their swords and prepared to save the princess.  In an effort to get the princes to yield, the masked man began to cut Alexa’s wrist next to the refreshment table.  The princes had no choice but to let the man go for now, or risk them hurting the princess more.  Then the yellow hero Tab and purple hero Tare arrived.  Tare used her power to turn invisible while Tab used her super stretchy arms to distract the masked man long enough for Tare to get Alexa back.  The two guys knew their plans had failed and tried to make a run for it, the two heroes tried to stop them but they just could not go fast enough and the bad guys got away. 


Queen Cleo thanked the heroes for saving her daughter, and let them stay at the party.  Meanwhile, James and Sammual enjoyed a drink with Alexa.  They grabbed the two drinks on the refreshment table and Alexa thanked them both by dancing with them and staying with them the whole party.  Alexa was also very interested as to how they where suck awesome sword users.


“Tell me princes, what is your strength with a sword” Alexa asked them.

“Well many people say I have laser vision and accuracy with my hands while using a sword” prince Sammual said.

“Well many people say I rely more on brute strength when battling with a sword” prince James said.

“Well you two brave princes must be the bravest for helping to save me.  You have my ever lasting gratitude” Alexa said before leaving the princes to their drinks.


While Alexa enjoyed some time with the two heroes who also helped the princes save her.  Suddenly, the snack table collapsed when prince James put his hand on it.  The room fell silent, and Alexa’s party was ruined.  First some people tried to kidnap her, then the prince she thought was brave ruined her cake and all the refreshments.  The party was a bust, but Alexa believed their was something up with prince James.  Alexa however decided not to confront him, at least not yet.  


At school the next day, James decided to apologize to Alexa by giving her a new tiara.  When James went to grab the box, he crushed the box but the tiara was okay.  Alexa knew something was not right, so she had James and Sammual meet her after school.  


“James and Sammual, I want you to tell me now if anything weird had been going on to you”Alexa said.

“Well, I have been able to break anything by just simply touching it” James responded”

“And the glasses and gloves I have on, are shielding me from firing lasers” Sammual responded.

“Okay listen, when that bad guy cut my wrist at the party, did you eat or drink anything from the refreshment table?”

“Well yes, I had a drink.”

“I had a drink two.”

“Yes, I remember.  Then you crushed the refreshment table.  Listen, I have been hiding something for years now.  You know princesses Eliot and Mia, and how they always hang around me.”


“Of course.”

“Well they wear the same colors as the super heroes Tab and Tare.  The there’s me,” with that Alexa began to fly.

“Oh my princess, you are.”

“I never thought or seen.”

“Yes I princess Alexa am the super hero Rose.  I realized a few years ago, that anyone who drinks my blood gets a super power.  The super power they get, I also get.  This means that you are just like me, Eliot, and Mia, you are super heroes.  At least, you have the potential to be one.  I can have Eliot and Mia train you to use and control your powers.”


“That would be awesome.”

“Well this solo thing has officially became a team.  That’s it, we are the Royal Defense Team.”

“I’m definitely in.”

“So am I.”


With that, James became the dark blue hero knows as Dae, and Sammual became the green hero known as Dan.  The five continued to fight for the good of the citizens and their kingdom.  Alexa eventually even got the power of intelligence, using this it was believed that she created the rings they wore.  The rings, they could use to contact the others, have a hologram of their suits when needed to get dressed fast, and when the ring gem is scanned on the mirror that matches the ring patter it will open a portal, and transport them to their secret headquarters.


Ever since the birthday incident happened, Alexa was determined to find a way to help them get from one place to another faster, and keep her blood from making anyone else have super powers.  Alexa figured out a way for them to move faster, she put tiny rockets in the shoes that match their con stumps to make rocket shoes.  Then she made it a requirement for all of them to have every patch of skin covered so no one else would get powers by accident.  All of them agree with her, and fallow the instructions.  The years continue to pass, and Alexa along with the other are saving people without anyone knowing who it really is.


Alexa, prepares for the day she turns fifteen.  When she turns sixteen, she officially becomes queen.  This means it’s almost time for her to be done with school and being princess.  It also means, her days as a crime fighting hero had just about ended.  This was very upsetting for her, but to help cheer herself up, she decided to have a sleepover with Eliot and Mia.  


The sleepover was normal for a princess about to be the queen.  They had some tea and scones, then enjoyed some dancing in the ball room.  Alexa did not feel any better after the activities.  The thing that made being a hero fun to her, was the fact that she could finally go on adventures and actually made a difference in the kingdom.  Being queen might involve making a difference, but she would never really get to be on the front lines making a difference.  Since she couldn’t feel any better, she decided to go back home.  Their was a very upsetting surprise waiting for her.


As she entered the castle, her parents where no where to be seen.  She continued to walk around the castle when she heard a scream that came from her parents room.  When Alexa entered her parents room, she found two people wearing black masks grasping her parents arms behind their backs. Alexa prepared herself for a fight, but she couldn’t use her powers to stop them with her parents being right in front of her.  So when the masked guys began to run, she was not able to catch up.  Using the ring on her finger, she contacted the other four to come assist her.  The two masked guys continued to go up the stairs leading to the roof.  In an attempt to stop them, Alexa dropped her ring.  She didn’t notice this, and continued up the stairs.


When she was about to get to the top of the stairs, she realized her ring was missing and couldn’t use a hologram to trick them into thinking the princess called Rose.  When she got onto the roof, she prepared and demanded the two men to take off their masks.  They complied, but the royal family was familiar with the two masked men.  They where the two scientists Cleo had hired to find a cure for the disease rampaging the kingdom, but fired when they spilled the chemicals in the research lab.


“Watch out Alexa” queen Cleo said.

“Don’t worry mother, I got this” Alexa responded.

“Ah, so you are the famous princess” one of the masked guys said.

“Yes I am, what do you want with my parents?”

“We don’t want your parents, we want revenge for them stopping our research.”

“Well, that’s not going to happen.  I already contacted the royal defense team, they should be here shortly.  Until then however, I will take care of you.  After all, princess rule number thirteen states a princess must always carry around her fan” Alexa then pulled out one of the fans she uses when she fights as Rose. 


Now armed with her fan, she started running at the bad guys. She managed to get the two to release her parents, but now their was a problem.  Alexa’s parents saw her fight the two using her Rose fan.  They now know who she really was, and there was no way they would allow her to be queen now.  While Alexa was distracted with thought on the edge of the castle roof, one of the scientists threw a knife at her.  Alexa managed to dodge it, but could only feel the great force of wind that appeared to be making the ground closer as the seconds passed.  Right after Alexa fell, the rest of the royal defense team arrived.  They easily captured the two scientists, but the queen and king where more worried about their daughter.


When they made it to the bottom of the castle, they began to look around for Alexa with the help of the other super heroes.  The search was in vein since they didn’t find any trace of her.  But off in the distance, a shadowing figure appears at the top of a tree that surrounded the castle.  The figure just looked down, and vanished into the dark night.


© Copyright 2018 Faith Simpson. All rights reserved.

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