Crystal Crazy

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Many people hate to hear that they look just like their parents, although they have nothing in common. Well, finding things in common with your parents is something not many people can do, without
interviewing them first.

Crystal Crazy


Many people always told me I look exactly like my mother.  I have alway known that my mother and I look alike, but I always wondered what we could possibly have in common.  I am a smart girl with a promising future, and my mom has trouble simply keeping a job.  My mother Crystal also refuses to get help when needed, and I could not be the way I am without help from my school teachers.  I seriously thought we had nothing in common, but I soon found out that just wasn’t true.


My mother grew up with one parent, her dad Sammual.  She lived with him because he got custody of her when she was three years old.  Even though her dad had custody of her, she never really got to be around him.  She spent most of her time rotating between her dad, uncle Rich, and grandmother.  This continued until she was thirteen, and only changed because her father had bought a house in Manheim.  She lived their with her dad and grandmother until she turned sixteen.


She had a really bad rebellious side towards her dad since he was never really around.  This made her really upset since nothing ever changed with her relationship, no even when they moved.  The rebellious side stopped when she was sixteen because she got pregnant, and that caused her dad to basically disown her.  He kicked her out and had no other choice but to move in with her mother.  


When she moved in with her mother Susan, she definitely had a better relationship with her mother.  Mom loved how fun Susan was, she would allow my mother to do anything without so much as a punishment if she ever stepped out of line.  This was why she stayed with her mother when she ran away from her dad.  My mother only found out she was pregnant when she was with Susan.  Later however, her dad did find out since the police eventually found my runaway mother and returned her to her dad on a warrant.  


Anyone can imagine how he reacted to her being pregnant.  He was so angry since he didn’t want the responsibility of taking care of a baby, and forced her to move in it’s her mother.  Which she did and had her first son Ricky a year later.  The same year she had Ricky, is when she had me Faith.  Then two years later she had her third and last child Andrew.  The stress of having Ricky at a young age overwhelmed her, so she dropped out of school when she was seventeen.  


The children also effected her relationship with her dad, since he didn’t want her to have kids.  He felt she was not ready and could have done so much more with her life.  Her mother didn’t really care and just let her be her.  Although having kids ruined her relationship with her dad, she did have a few things to say about her kids.


Today she is proud of everything her children have accomplished.  She believes everyone of them has a bright future, even her son Ricky who is not doing so hot in school.  She knows all of her kids are teenagers and will be moving on soon, but her overall goal was to make it so they had a better childhood then hers.  Although she did end up patching things up with her father, she still believes her childhood could have been better.  She knows however, that she needs to take life one day at a time.


Her life and my life, had a very similar beginning.  I also grew up with only one parent that was extremely strict, and had a parent that was extremely lenient.  I always felt I had to prove myself to my mother, and that she would only be proud of me if I did better then she did in life.  Mom was also not around very much, and I had to stay with family members since was working all the time.  My mom is having me babysit the cousins of mine that she took in, and I two feel overwhelmed with how much work it takes to look after children.  She also seems very protective of me, and wants me to stay away from boys.  I always assumed it was because she got pregnant at suck a young age, and doesn’t want me to do the same.  The problem is, with all her protection and rules, she is basically controlling every little and big thing in my life.  To think my mom and I had so much in common, even though I thought we would have absolutely nothing but our looks in common.  Turns out I was so wrong, and she is overprotective because she wants me to have a better life than she did.


Listed below is some of the questions I asked her, and the answer I got for it

  • What was your childhood like?
    • “I lived with my dad because he had custody of me when I was three”
    • “I bounced back and forth between my dad, uncle Rich, and grandmother”
    • “When I was thirteen, my dad bought a house in Manheim”
    • “Me, my dad, and my grandmother moved in”
  • Did you like that?
    • “No, I was very rebellious”
  • How did your dad react to you being pregnant
    • “He found out when I was considered a runaway”
    • “I hid out for a month with my mom”
    • “He found out I was pregnant when I was with my grandmother”

Submitted: February 28, 2018

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