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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Contently Deranged Travelers

Cera is the heir of the stars and on earth she meets her human counterpart, the heir of the sun. Will they re unite as per their destiny and set in motion a number of changes? Will they allow the
sun to rest in peace? The heir of sun I was rude to her from the beginning because i knew that if I set my eyes on her, she will become mine forever. My mission is to kill her and to be able to do
so I must hate her.

The heir of the stars I know I shouldn't run behind him and introduce myself, but I do so, my corset heels make kinky noises against the metal floor. "Hey Atkins! I am Cera!" He just keeps on
walking without noticing me.

PROLOGUE I look out of the window, my eyes wandering off into the wide expanse of nothingness, my hands budging to adjust to the cold weather. An emotional realization leads me to the fact that I am alone in the house, with my parents and brother gone and I can do absolutely anything. This sensation of emprise forges me to kick off my fear and set out of the house to get some fresh air. My hearts pounds at every step that I take towards the elevator, the freezing feeling runs down my hands to my feet, I manage to press the elevator button and within the next few moments, the door opens with a shudder. I enter into it and allow myself to relax until finally I reach the ground floor. I walk through the corridors of the lobby into the ground, my head throbs with undeniable fear of ghosts or even worse predators. For a moment I let myself into the night sky, imagining about the small particle that we are. The night sky is dark with deep blue bruises framed perfectly on the pink scavenges, the dogs stray on the path barking at seemingly no one; the lights are all shut out, the drapes covering the scenarios of the horrors of the night. A black dog convulses rapidly in front of me, I take a step back and he is still staring at me with his wide white eyes. I run towards the elevator, inches away from the elevator I see him peacefully striding towards the opposite direction. The elevator door shuts as I get in it. My hands still tied with dread fail to press the button to my floor, but a strange and really magnificent force skids my hands on 5 random buttons, 32190. After few frantic seconds the door opens: strange noises linger through my ears, my eyes bulge out trying to capture as much area of the new world as possible. This time no one pushes me but my conscious, it propels me to walk into the new area of strangeness and nothingness, my hands have gone numb with the constant exposure to dread, my eyes have never been more wide open and my life has never been in such grave danger.

CHAPTER 1: THE TEST A huge red coloured, boney creature wearing nothing but a cloth in his private area approaches me with a kind and wistful gesture, it takes my hand and we are literally walking hand in hand. As I pace towards his mysterious direction, I gaze at the surrounding, it is literally a red coloured sky with crows surrounding each and every corner of the redness; they seem to be restricted by some weird compass. There is nothing special about this place it looks just like a desert . It starts treading really fast right now and it is difficult for me to keep up with his speed. I can hear weird, sad, sorrowful voices getting into my ears. My eyes divulge to my brain the missing information; the same creatures like him are dancing near a huge burning pot made of infinite numbers of bones, human bones. The horror just strikes me, I just realized what this is all about, I am being captured and I am going to be eaten alive, all of the adrenaline that had been suppressed for the very last moment kicks in and so does my stupid consciousness. I try to let go of the grip but it is really holding me tightly. There is possibly no way for me to escape except it seems that I am wrong. A crow falls from the sky creating a nerve wrecking crack in the sky. Its neck is broken, unable to fly it directly drops into the burning pot and the other creature are screaming and dancing around naked, soon more and more of them appear. Maybe being naked is a warning signal for them. The then calm and broiling pot ripples constantly. I take the chance and run like a horse but it seems like rather than running I am actually stalling at one place. My body is dismantling below me and my mind, maybe, is running. Not thinking of the moment I run and run and run or rather swirl with the wind and reach the elevator but unfortunately I don’t have hands to press the button, neither do I have legs, I am just moving with the wind. A person in a black hood and a black mirrored necklace presses the button for me and blows me inside. The elevator door closes and everything disappears. Slowly my body starts to restructure and then in an instance everything goes blue.

That was a weird dream! I feel something wet on my pillow, it’s really wet. Opening my eyes, I realize that my mom has apparently poured water on my head because I was not waking up. She is screaming her head off. I ignore her ranting and get a tissue to dry myself; I feel the sharp edge of a substance against my chest, I take it in my hand and look closely at it, it is a mirror necklace, a black mirror necklace.

Few memories enter into my brain, red, tall, giant, person, bones, running. My brain can’t solve the puzzle and connect the dots. I remember vaguely and I am pretty sure that it was a dream but why..

Was I dreaming? Or was it all real?

CHAPTER 2 Perhaps I was really dreaming about the uncanny appearance of a deadly beast into my already boring and seemingly complicated life. I know it must be hard for anyone to believe including myself but I really felt as if I knew that place, as if someone had infixed the memory of it into my tiny brain. The shades of my room are already hoisted which causes a strain in my eyes, it hurts my eyes. What the hell? Can’t a girl get some sleep?

I wake up abruptly, stretching my legs across the hem of my bed, it is in an erring position, giving a broader look to the whole room, a square shaped window is stowed about the upper edge of the bed, it has drapes that move in a vertical way, a large bean bag is seated around the corner of the room which acts as a place of comfort for whoever sits on it, the far corners of the huge room are filled with creepers hanging loose from the ceilings, they are supposed to bring good luck and money to me! The room opens up into the corridor which is where it leads to all the other rooms, a crevice is engraved into our drawing room, it has metal bodies stapled to it.

“Cera, what will you be eating for breakfast, dear?” My mom shouts from the far corner of the kitchen, her voice is audible to even someone sleeping in the last room, she is 45 year old woman with a tall posture, a small face but filled with layers of makeup, olive skin, she is an epitome of perfection. Whatever she does no one can do, however she does it no one understands. I mean sometimes I envy her and my only evasion is to escape her elusive comments by trying to do my best in everything, even combing my hair. “Omelet, bacon and fries” I saunter around until I reach the kitchen, well to be honest it is just the ideal kitchen and what less could you have expected from someone so rich and powerful. My family’s lineage runs down to the beginning of this government, probably 120 years. All of us are a part of something bigger but what that is, is yet to be found out by me, I mean I know my mom and dad are top agents. But the description and the details of their job is still unknown to me. “So how was last night for you?” my mom asks me while still gazing at the stove and cracking the eggs, a tendril of her perfectly dyed silver hair graze against her face and she just blows it away. I try to capture her attention but she just ignores me and this has been going on for so long that it has become a part of my schedule. I really can’t remember the last time we talked and laughed, all she wanted from me was success and success. And I gave it to her because I didn’t want to lose to her. “I had a weird dream..” at this she steps away from the stove placing her hands against her chest, charging authority and dominance for the rest of the conversation, strolls and sits on one of the chairs and points at me to begin my story. I tell her each and everything that I could remember but I leave out the black mirror part, it’s like my mouth is restricting me from speaking any further. She heaves at my story and posts sapient comments at last, “ uh! So you passed the first level of the test.” She releases her arms stating that the conversation is over and if I wanted I could add further statements to my story. “So what is this test? What am I supposed to do?” I ask curiously and for the first time in my life she stays in the same position and answers my question delightfully. “It’s about time that you got to know about our family business. We are beast hunters. The beasts take control of your soul and eat away your body. They need to be tamed so that they don’t come into the human world. Their entire existence is a blur, because their origin has not been mentioned in any of the books or journals. Nowhere. Legends say that they were the guardians of the stars, other say that they have rained down on us for killing a star. We don’t know which one to believe. By the way not everyone survives the trial, you were just one of the few. And the code that appeared on the elevator is your identity number. 31290” I nod my head at every word she says, she pays no attention to it, my heart is racing and my head is aching, both of them are unable to process the intensity of the situation. “So the next part will be to check your powers, everyone has a special one and accordingly you will be assigned a partner. You ready for the test?” She finishes her sentence with a question which I am willing to answer because I know just what I want. I want to become powerful and get over her dominance. “yes, ma’am.” The words convey my determination and my destination. And in that instance I realize that every bit of my life will be changed like forever. I won’t be the normal and ordinary Cera anymore, I will part of something bigger, something bigger than my annoyance with my mom. She won’t pull the strings anymore because I will become stronger, stronger than I ever was before. My eyes will be full of dedication to righteousness, my head will be held high, my spirit will be undying but my heart will always belong to the people I love. I won’t mess it up, I promise. She asks me fervently to dress up real quick in formals. I have never seen this kind of look on her face, maybe something has come over her and she has changed. I quickly buzz off that stupid piece of consolation that I have been giving myself for so long. It’s just like an alcoholic telling for the nth time that he will stop drinking. I don’t rush over the choice of my dress because I want to look perfect and become perfect. This obsession has been killing me since day 1, but it has also helped grow as a person. I have never felt stronger yet angrier in my mother’s presence. She has been my source of hatred and my source of inspiration. I just look at some people and smirk while wondering what it would be like to be living with someone who cares for you. My only solace lies in my brother, Sivan. Finally my eyes falls on a silky black dress which has a zip covering the neck part, the sleeves are 3/4th which give it a rather elegant than formal look, the glossy texture of the dress appeals to my conscious and I put it on. I redo my straight hair and tie it into a bun that my mother always puts on but I leave out a strand of hair so as to compliment my small face with huge bubbly eyes. I wear black corset heels that cover only my ankles, they are so damn flawless. I jaunt out of my room and into S’ room. It’s full of games and I don’t know the other things. The interior of his rooms have been designs according to his specifications. The room reeks of green colour, a long couch extends from one corner to the other one, there is table top on the other side of the room which holds his belongings; namely video games and manga, he is currently sitting on his bed side with his back turned to me. He senses my coming and lets out a big sigh of happiness? “So you going already?” I walk over to his side and sit on the bed and smack him hard on the face. He murmurs something that I don’t understand. He is just one year younger than me and the best freaking advantage of that is that I don’t have to worry about making him cry, my beatings don’t wear him down. Uh! “Yeah I am, why don’t you come with? It will be fun! Plus I guess you will get some experience too.” He shakes his head. My mom comes jolting into his room and storming into our conversation, “He is not coming. Just get yourself together and let’s go. I can’t be late,” She begins to say something but I already know what it is and so does Sivan. I am the head of the organization and what kind of example will I be setting if I can’t control my own children. “and Ceraline where are your glasses?” I check my face and it feels empty so I must have forgotten to put them on.


After some time we reach the bureau. It is just as I imagined it to be, fully metallic interior with self-detonators and detectors and surveillance cameras everywhere. My eyes wander off the wide area that this office takes up, I look at the elevators which are all in function, the reception is hardly a reception because we are examined thoroughly from head to toe, inside out and under their discretion we are allowed to step out of the testing podium and into the real deal. My eyes once again fail me, I feel like even with my specs this whole place is a big blur. A beam of silver light falls in my direction which makes me realize the entire intensity and depth of the place. The metallic ceilings are entirely divided into sections and sections of light giving roofs, a pole runs down from each crevice of the ceiling cutting deep into the ground and having spiral wires thick enough to handle an entire squad of people, there are many green liquid filled tubes which are installed in every corner of the room, there are millions of wires gazing out from them which makes me think of horrible things, but I trust my nation. I do. My mom follows me up to a point and later she asks a person named Kim to escort me to the crystal room. They can’t really be serious building a room of crystals but as soon as my tiny body, expecting noting more than a let-down, enters into the giant mess of a place my eyes pop out. The room is made up of pink crystal and there is an only single elevated platform in the center which has a small button on it. The room has nothing else, literally nothing. That small piece of junk could have fitted in my bathroom, talk about being over the top. The next thing I know is me being hauled up to the podium, my hands shiver for balance because I wearing heels and I am indisputably standing on the edge. My mom looks at my way, “Now press the button while introspecting yourself. Be focused. This happens once only.” I glare at that minuscule piece of button in front of me that holds the power to decide my future. I focus on the only thing important to me, my nation and press the button. My heart is seriously going to get out of its cage; the excitement is over before it even began. I walk down the aisle to my mom’s site; she is running her finger through the air creating gestures for something to appear. After some time she is finally done drawing her figure, it is a star burned into the crystal. “You have the power of the stars.” She doesn’t look happy instead she looks scared and for the better part of it I think that she really is but of me? I have never even considered myself to be a threat to my mother. She has always been the best in everything. I could have never topped that excellence. “I don’t understand.” She has her eyes fixated on the air screen, she dials some things on her phone. “Of course you don’t. Every one of us has a unique power. I have the power of intelligence while your father had the power of brute strength. We complemented each other and hence had been selected to serve as each other’s partner. You have the power of the stars, that means that you can only use your powers at night, you ask the stars to lend you their power. And since you can’t be resourceful during the day..” “I have to be paired with someone with the power of sun. I get it!” I wind up her speech and she doesn’t look surprised. “So when am I going to meet my partner?” She eyes at the door anticipatorily as if waiting for someone’s arrival. A knock appears on the door I turn my head to the direction of the sound.


“Ma’am.” He treads to her side and the closer he gets augmenter his aura becomes, he is one of the few boys I have seen who dress up like a guy from the wedding scenes. He is wearing a black tuxedo that fuses with his lean and strong body, his black hair is soiled and tossed up against his head, a fringe of his hair comes out to cover the temple, his smile is deadly and should be rather describes as cunning. He knows what he wants and he gets it. “Yes, Atkins I had called for you. Congratulations on your test results. I knew you had it in you. So you a sun man?” She has never been this cool not even for my dad and suddenly she is all lovey-dovey with this gentle of a man. He smirks and lays her hand off of his shoulders. So he does have some dignity. He places one good look at me, which makes me subconscious in a weird way, I am constantly thinking should I have worn my hair down? Applied more makeup? Perhaps not worn my glasses? He reaches for my hand and seals it inside his, the touch startles me and as much as I want to pull away I stay put. “Here we are sealed, now can I go back to my house?” asking was just a formality, he just leaves.the seal is made up of a sun and a star, I guess he has the same too. There are tons of things going on in my head right now and the most prominent one is that he didn’t even ask me for my name, he just completed the task and went away. I know that I should not run to his side and introduce myself but I do that. I run in my corset heels making kinky noise against the metal floor. “Wait up Atkins!” “What?” he doesn’t even turn, he is just walking. I meet up with his pace. “Hey I am Cera. We will be partners so should not we at least discuss some things out?” “I don’t think so.”

I think I have finally comprehended the encounter with the strangest being alive. He doesn’t think I am worthy enough of being his partner. I reach home and meet up with Sivan, who his juggling between which game to play. He catches my eyes and gives out a weird smile, “Have I become so hot?” “I should not have come here. B-bye!” “Come on, I was just joking. What’s up? Why you so tensed up?” he approaches me and slides his hand around my neck nearly crushing me to death, he tickles me until I let out my intention. “Okay, let’s go” We go to the nation’s only library. It has books about almost everything. I intend to find a book about stars and my powers something that will help me run this ego of his down. Sivan is already hoping around asking people for details. After hours of research he gets me a couple of books which have been sealed by thick leather and not regular book material. They have threads tying them down instead of strings, the writing is really old and written out of red ink, oh wait that’s… “Blood!” Sivan exasperates. The power of the star This power is also uniquely referred to as the power of the heirs. The individuals retaining this special ability can make wonders happen. An individual with a strong will power and intention can work out the spells perfectly whereas one having a fickle mind and lack of will power will suffer from the torments of the stars. How to: Hold your hands out to the sky Express your mercy and demand your right The stars shall rain on your enemy dismantling their inner strength and their physical appearance. Spells The spells have no particular wordings but only one demand; you But however once a user has retained enough magical power, they can reach out to the top spell explained below. “show me where the stars collide Where the moon collapses into the see The sky engulfs the sun Show me how the stars stay alive how they have mercy on me show me your strength I bleed your name and your fame” Precaution: can only be used by members above 30 years old, if used before then the user might suffer death or eternal torment I instantly learn the last spell. I know I won’t be able to use it but at least I will be able to learn it and harness my power accordingly.

“Hey sis?” Sivan comes closer to me and places his head on my shoulder and even if he is as tall as anyone could get, I can still handle him. He still believes that this tiny piece of human menace can take care of him and I intend to deliver on my promise. “Yes?” “I will miss you when you go out on missions. Just don’t forget about me. Okay?”

CHAPTER 5 I am hurdled up against my blanket when I hear my mom shouting out my name. It sounds important so I simply go down in my shorts and an oversized t-shirt. She is sitting on the sofa along with Atkins and his mother. They are talking over a cup of tea and Atkins is invariably looking at me and he looks surprised. “Come sit!” my mom orders me. I approach her side but Atkins insinuates his mom to fill that space which leaves two choices: to get out of here or to sit next the self-esteem eating beast. I choose the latter. “Yes! So why has he come here? I thought the meeting was over.” “Didn’t you hear? You guys are going on your first mission today.” My jaws drop and eyes open wide, my blurred vision becomes blurrier and I ache for some air. Today? Ugh! My damned luck. His eyes are filled with a different type of amusement, he is visibly planning something and I am afraid I am not going to like that. “So when is it?” “Now!” Atkins rises from the seat and orders his mom to get the door open. He looks at my side and points me to get changed into my gear. I am really bummed because we have to go to the mission during the morning which leaves me at his mercy. I have no power whatsoever.

I spring towards my room gracelessly; I dive into my closet and take out my gear. I slide into it and it fits perfectly. I comb my hair into a ponytail, I wear my glasses. I am wearing black shorts that are fitted into my waist with a brown belt, a white tank top with a leather jacket and a backpack where I only have 2 water bottles. I place that black necklace around my neck because it matches with my outfit. It feels heavier than before. I wear my boots which have got a sly look to them. I walk out of the room and into the summoning arena, Sivan comes with me. I see Atkins in his black trousers, white shirt and a black jacket. He doesn’t have a backup. His hair is tossed back just like last time I saw him. Sivan gives him a weird look maybe because I told him that he was being rude to me. “Hey! Be cool to my sister. Don’t touch her or I will kill you. Get it?” “Uh-huh!” it looks like he is ready to pump some sense into Sivan but backs down because of my glare. Sivan looks at me and is almost on the edge of crying. “Don’t die on me. You still owe me big time.” I just nudge him. “I think I am gonna go without this girl. I can’t wait around.” Atkins loses his temper which means it’s time to go. I really can’t understand why I am putting up with his rudeness, maybe because its my first job and I don’t want to screw it up. “Yeah, but what is the mission?” “He will explain it to you, now go.” My mom commands while having a wicked smile on her face, what is she planning exactly? We get out of the house and enter the elevator, so we are going back to that place. But how are we going to go? He presses some non-random numbers. 31290. A woman’s voice emerges from almost everywhere. Dear passengers we will be at the site in 10..9…..2..1 The door opens into the same nothingness of red sand and hazy sky, the crack from the day before still remains there. The giant beasts are nowhere to be found. I wonder why is it ? “Hey! Where are the boney creatures?” “They are probably sleeping. Now let’s hurry up.” He screams at me. I stumble on the hard surface of the area, the blizzard is ruining my hair and I am not able to see anything. I lose my balance and am about to fall face down on the sand when he catches me.

ATKINS I don’t hear any footsteps from behind me so I check to see if the subject is alright because no harm can happen to it before my mission is accomplished. I turn back to find it falling I catch it in time. She throws away my embrace and sits on the ground. “I don’t think you should take me with you. Its broad daylight and I am going to be useless. Just gonna add to your list of burdens. Go on carry your routine. I don’t even care anymore; I don’t even know the mission. So just go.” She mutters those words with every last ounce of courage she had left in her. She takes out her backpack and starts sipping on her bottle. This makes me laugh and I lose my composure. I should not be mingling with the subject, this is my first assassination and it has to go perfectly. I can’t fail. I throw my hands around her thighs and lift her up. She groans but she is just too weak to fight. I look at her and remember the first time that we met. It was scheduled my Ma’am Martha. She had asked specifically for me, probably because of my powers. The moment her daughter returned from the other world she has realized that she was the heir of the stars, that she was the leader of the beasts. This is precisely why we have been sent to this location in the morning and why I have been selected. And no one ever passes the test at night, nobody has ever survived the test. So my mission is to kill Cera, the heir of the stars, the queen of the beasts and the destroyer of the world.

CERA After my brief disclosure of my feelings, he lets go of me allowing myself to settle on the sand. I take out my backpack and nervously gulp down a ton of water, but I don’t fail to recognize the look on his face. He is puzzled about something and my first instinct would have been to consult him but no, I am not being the sweet pea anymore. “You take off without me and it is not like you care if I stay by your side or not. Hell will freeze before you do that!” I comment on his behaviour by trying to get up and out of his sight but he lifts me up in his strong arms and orders me to shut up. I don’t want to be lifted but I don’t have enough strength so I give in. I look at his face while he is walking and notice something odd, he looks tensed. “Hey! Um.. what is the mission about?” I nudge him but he doesn’t flinch. He puts me down and corners me even if there seems to be no edge to this place. He shadows me with his strong body and shoves me down, he climbs on top of me and presses his hand against my mouth. I try to bite him but he doesn’t shy away. He brings a knife towards a nerve on my neck. He wants to kill me. There is possible explanation for this insanity, maybe he is bored and he enjoys killing or he was ordered by someone. The circumstances seem so favourable, he really does not want to kill me. And if so, someone might have ordered him to do so. I need answers and I ain’t dying without getting them. I bite him with all my strength and he gives away and lets go of his grip.

CHAPTER 6 ATKINS I glimmer down at her tiny face when she bites my hand so hard that I have to let go of it. She sure does have some courage. She speaks softly but firmly, her aura corresponds her intentions, “I need answers. And you know the questions. Tell me it’s my mom and I will die without fidgeting.” I don’t get it, why she wants to die. No one wants that, not even a devil. I know I don’t have to reply to her insolent questions but I want to. The way she looks at me, the way she is still smiling reminds me of how I wanted to be happy. I took onto assassinating people and beasts because the latter harmed my family and killed the entire clan, I took onto killing the former because they hurt my feeling. I took on to killing my feelings because as our motto says, a hollow but weak assassin is better off killing the entire nation than a strong but emotion filled one will only get himself killed. “Your mother-wants-me-to-k-i-l-l-you.” I can’t enunciate the entire word kill because I can’t gulp down the guilt. She doesn’t look away, she is a true warrior one who is not afraid to die. “I don’t want to hear anything else. Just tell me that you will deliver on that promise. At least she will be happy. And promise me that you won’t lay a finger on Sivan. Just tell him I got shipped off to another nation. Just don’t tell him the truth, it will break him down.” She struggles to speak as I am sitting on her. The weight is killing her so I get up. She catches her breath, I have left myself completely open, but she doesn’t dive and try to kill me. Instead she waits for her punishment. “Why do you want to die?” I interrupt her last sentence and she lets out a gasp. “Is it not obvious? I am done being the daughter who doesn’t satisfy her mom’s requirements. I want to make her feel proud of me or at least I want her to be happy. If killing me makes her happy then so be it. I have been afraid of death my whole life but when it stands in front of me, it looks like a small price to pay for my mother’s pride. I will be happy to..”

CERA Moving as fast as someone’s muscles could possibly work, he dives in front of me but this time he takes me under his wings of protective arms and fends my tiny build from the raw clenches of my angry mother. My glasses fall off my face and topple on the red sand, getting smothered with the dust and depriving me of clear vision. The impact of the onslaught concludes with Atkins dropping with a thud on the ground below us. “What the hell mom?” even if my eyes can’t figure out the person standing in front of me, my heart can. It provides me with an inner vision, it’s my mom seething at my… I guess my partner. “and where the hell are my glasses?” I scream at the top of my lungs, Atkins wriggles through the sand searching my glasses and clearing them, then he throws them at me and fortunately enough I catch them in one piece. “Why you? You dare betray the head of the organization? You dare stray off your path? If this weakling can’t do it then I am going to do it.” She freaks out right in front of me and to my incredulity, she is not perfect anymore because perfectionists don’t scream they make you understand. She approaches me with a blazing dagger in her hand, the dagger is covered by a rhythm of black flames, the heat is undeniable to be felt, the dagger perforates through my heart, cutting a deep hole and breaking me down completely. This can’t end like this. I am supposed to be protecting Sivan and be by his side, I can’t fall down not now. I pull my courage and pull myself up, even if my brand new outfit is getting destroyed by that one single shot, I am not giving up. Even if there is a hole in my heart, my soul is still intact. The scorching heat from the sun falls upon my eyes, it hurts. I look back to see Atkins struggling to stand, he is going to die if I don’t do anything. “What is wrong with you? I am your daughter, mom?” “No, you are not. You are just an obstacle that I have to clear out. If my attack didn’t dismantle you, then this might.” She comes with full force towards me, my holed heart and my intact soul advise me to raise my hands and pray to the stars to protect me and my beloved. The atmosphere reflects the attack by drawing in long breezes across our bodies, my anger gets impressed on the blowing wind and the rage of the stars rain upon me, they provide me with the strength to fight my greatest demon; my mother. Something comes over me and I chant the only thing I learnt show me where the stars collide Where the moon collapses into the see The sky engulfs the sun Show me how the stars stay alive how they have mercy on me show me your strength I bleed your name and your fame

ATKINS This is impossible, no one can use that spell without proper practice hell at this age also. The spell is too complicated and if not used properly might destroy her. She raises her hands and prays to the sky for them to change. The enormous mass of clouds shift their colours, they become darker with every passing moment, the hot breeze commutes with her energy spreading coolness all around us, the clouds make way for something bigger to come, a ray of light appears from the extravagance emerging down on Cera. She absorbs the entire potion making her twist and turn in several various ways, she shifts her hands through the night sky, dipping her fingers into the light themed heavens, her body bends in the direction of their upcoming, her clothes fall out of her tiny body but still the radiance of the above shields her body. Her entire attire changes into a gown of moonlit stars, the crevices form part of her bracelets and necklaces, she smiles down at me with her face enlightened by thousand many souvenirs from the stars itself. She trails her mother towards her with the stars roping her body making her unable to move. Her voice is heavier and somewhat scarier, “Why did you attack me? Was not I good enough? Mom I loved you with all my heart. Since the day I set my eyes on you, I knew you were the perfect mom. But moms don’t kill their children. Why?” Her mother doesn’t even flinch or cry, she stays put for the rest of her assault. “You are a monster, and as the head of the organization it was my right to kill you. You are a threat, dear. You always have been. You are the heir of the stars, the queen of the beasts and the destroyer of the world. I can’t let you live.” Her mother is not even weakened by her incursion, she screeches with pain but moves forwards with a sliding arm into her armor but the stars cut through her arm and drop it on the ground. “Mom, I can’t die, clearly they don’t want me to die too.” Pointing down towards a herd of the same beasts I had encountered during my trials. They haven’t changed a bit, they stride forwards on the order of their queen and bow. “and I can’t let you die either, so I am going to seal you away into a constellation. You will return to the planet earth as soon as you are rid of your darkness. Mom, this is farewell!” she cries out the last words she will probably be speaking to her mom. A coagulation of stars surround her mom, covering every part of her body, the darkness tries to escape but the stars win over it, the effulgence soon engulf her and she flies to the never ending night sky and becomes a constellation. The darkness inside her can be witnessed by the dullness of her constellation. Soon after, the radiance falls apart into a glimmer of star dust, the beasts fall back and immerse into the sand, she loses her armor, the sky changes colour and reverts back to it old form and with a simple twist Cera falls down from the sky, she looks like a shooting star and my only wish is for her to forgive me. I catch my breath and run as fast as possible to catch her before she collapses into the dust, a beauty with radiance like her should never be allowed to be inundated by darkness. “Cera!” I grab her in my arms, shielding her with my hands, I clear her face off the dust. She is my shooting star, she is the one who has granted me with the wish of hope. “Atkins, I hate you for being a bitch to me. How could you be so rude? And then again why would you want to go out with a nerd like me.” She wimps out and grins. It’s nice to have that look on her face. “Where are my clothes? You can’t see me like that! Get the hell outta here” Her body is covered with nothing but sand, and I can’t help but look. Haha! I remove my jacket wrapping it around her tiny frame, she yanks me with her hands. “I am sorry for looking. And I didn’t hate you. I knew that I liked you the moment I saw you but I had a mission and I couldn’t let anyone hold me back. Plus my mission was killing you so the only thing I could do was ignore you so that my stupid head doesn’t fall head over heels for you.” “Uh-huh! Tell that yourself. I am done with you and your stupid games. I need to go back, grab Sivan get out of here.” She manages to utter those words while still struggling to get on her feet. She falls down every time that she gets up. I can’t watch her fall anymore. My body aches for interceding her, but interrupting her rage and helping her get up. My head discommodes with the way I was with her. “Stop! I will get him. Just stay here. Don’t move!” She assays to get up but I gently put her down, now that the sun has come up I can finally use my powers. I chant a spell to cast a protection spell around her, the sweltering heat cannot hurt her, not while I am here. In my entire non-significant existence, I have never felt this drawn to an individual, to a person of this stature and posture. She is definitely something else, something that is yet to be discovered.

Submitted: February 28, 2018

© Copyright 2020 Kritika09. All rights reserved.

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