A Broken Kingdom

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

In the Dwarven kingdoms, three things are important to all: Beards, ale, and family. Family is paramount, so what is a dwarf to do when the one they love the most goes missing? Well, they find them, and Oskar vows to tear the world in two before giving up.

Table of Contents

A Dragon

Oskar and his companions flee an ancient silver dragon chasing them through the forest. However, the dragon is insane, and terrifyingly good at tracking adventurers through the dark woods. Oskar
must make a last stand to give his injured friends time to escape.
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A Bloodrager

Oskar has convinced his companions to flee, and alone, he faces the dragon! Can one man take down such an incredible force of nature?
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The dragon is dead, wounds have been bandaged, and our heroes have passed the night in peace. Now, it's time for a breakfast of exposition where we get to know our heroes a bit better.
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Second Breakfast

Rando's nosy questions are the perfect opportunity for me to squeeze in some backstory on Oskar, the Dwarven nations, and how these people know each other.
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Did Oskar catch the disease from the dragon? Will Amnestria be scarred for life? Can Rando keep his hands to himself? Let's see...
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The Clearing

Why did our heroes go after this dragon in the first place? Whatever happened to the group's potion supply? Where is that pesky dragon's treasure hoard? Why do Oskar and Marent keep watch so
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How exactly does magic work? Will Oskar and Rando ever get along? Time for spelunking!
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The Lyre is saved, the party is rich, and Oskar has new books to read. Score! In return for saving Oskar's life, Rando is now allowed to pry into Oskar's past. Let's take a look at one of the
events that shaped our protagonist into the man he is today...
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With these awkward beginnings, an epic romance is born. The group enters the cave, and encounters the minotaur. Then things get dark, literally and figuratively.
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The Cave

Poor Oskar :( In the next couple chapters I hope to accurately convey the physical and mental trauma I've subjected this poor guy to.
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These chapters took me almost 12 hours to write, in a single afternoon/evening. They've gone through revisions and edits since then, of course, but for the most part, it was all done in one
coffee-and-mania-fueled epic writing session.
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