stolen bars

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i got rhymes for dayz

i never know what i might say

these bars just help me get through the day 

my mind is caged 

i got my flow when i was locked in a jail cell

my soul i cant sell

it was never mine 

on the outside i might look fine

but darkness fills my mind

over her i dont mean to pine

but she was so dam fine

and now shes not even mine

and she still rules my mind body and soul

i know that ill never again be whole

so even though i stand here in front of you my hearts lays 9 feet in a hole

i used to  lie cheat and even stole 

my days were like dice i never knew what id roll 

iremb all most everyday chilling at the mall

all the late night phone calls

but now our love was "as real as a 3 dollar bill"( this line is half limp bizkit)


Submitted: March 01, 2018

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