it's okay

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short romantic excerpt.

“Would you be sad if I died?” I say, quietly.

He looks at me incredulously, brows furrowing. “What kind of question is that?”

For a moment we just lie there, facing each other, with the setting sun illuminating the room with a scarlet hue.

I hesitate. “It’s just…a question.” I turn so that my back is facing him, basking in the evening breeze as it hits my face. Suddenly his arms are around my waist and his chin nuzzled into the nape of my neck. Shivers flow up my spine.

“You’re not thinking about doing anything like that, are you?” He presses a light kiss into my hair. “Don’t do anything like that.” He pulls me to face him. “Promise me.”

As my tears well up, I press my face into his chest, finally letting the sobs wrack my body.

“It’s okay. It’s going to be okay.” He murmurs, holding me close.

We stay like that for what seems like a long while.

Submitted: March 01, 2018

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