The Diner

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Just trying to gag down a greasy burger when the proverbial shit hits the fan.

Submitted: February 28, 2018

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Submitted: February 28, 2018




I was in the back booth of one of those dingy run-down roadside dinners you see if you spend any time on the back roads of United States.I was gagging down a greasy cheeseburger and over salted French fries when he entered.There wasn’t anything special about him, just your average joe wearing a long trench coat.He ran his eyes over the patrons until he saw me then time just seem to slow down as he pulled a pump shotgun from under the coat.My greasy palm wrapped around the grip of the pistol in my shoulder holster as I scrambled to get out of the booth.

By the time I had pulled my pistol the screaming had started.There was always screaming then bleeding and finally death.I pulled the trigger as I dived behind the counter.He must have pulled the trigger at the same time because my food got blasted against the wall, no big loss there.I risked a quick glance around the corner of the counter as I heard him working the slide.He had taken one in the chest, but there was no blood, so he must have had on a vest.I ducked back as he walked towards my hiding spot.

“Tommy Rook your days have come to an end.Come out and I won’t kill all the nice people in here.”

“I’m no hero.I don’t care about these people so kill them all, I’ll kill you either way.”

He ambled, keeping the shotgun aimed at my hiding spot hoping I would pop out to try another shot.I switched the gun to my left hand and fired around the counter without aiming.He fired back and worked the slide on that shotgun.

“I heard you were a real tough guy, but you don’t seem so tough now Tommy.”

“Tough guy, it doesn’t take much to kill your kind.The only reason I haven’t killed you yet is cause I’m grateful to you for saving me from that burger.”

He laughed as I moved to scramble on all fours keeping close to the counter.He jumped up on the counter swinging that shotgun towards me.I throw myself on my back and aimed up at him pulling the trigger.I caught him in the shoulder spinning him then I dropped my aim and shot his legs out from under him.

The body hit the counter and slid off as I jumped to my feet.I flipped the counter just in time to see a black oily blob slither out of the body.That was what had tried to kill me and unless I finished it now, it would be back.I fired into it, but the bullets just passed through it.A tentacle shot out of it and I barely dodged it in time.I needed it to take on form, so I could finish it, but it seemed determined to stay in that liquid state.

As more tentacles shot towards me, I dived over the counter.The blob began to move towards the door and that told me it had another body nearby.It would get in that one and come at me again unless I stopped it now.I looked around and grabbed a salt shaker from the counter.I unscrewed the lid as I jumped on the counter.I threw it and salt flew out most of it missing the blob, but where it was hit by the salt it smoked.A scream shook the walls and it turned back to attack me again.

Diving behind the counter I realized the shakers weren’t going to do the job.I was sure I was screwed until I saw it.It was a whole shelf of salt cans, or whatever the hell you call containers of salt.I stood up barely dodging another tentacle and ran for the shelf.My feet were pulled out from under me as a tentacle wrapped around them.My fingers grazed the shelf before I was being pulled back away from my one chance.I was slowly drawn towards the corner of the counter.

Rolling onto my back I tried to sit up and pull the tentacles loose, but they were too slippery.I was sure I was dead when I spotted a knife in a dishpan under the counter.I grabbed it and slashed at the tentacles.The thing screamed again and withdrew its tentacles.I was on my feet running to the salt again.

I grabbed a can and tore it open as the tentacles came back at me.I swung the can flinging salt all over the place.The tentacles began to smoke as the thing screamed in pain.I grabbed another can and jumped on the counter.I ripped the container open and threw it at the blob.The screams from it as the salt burned it shattered all the glass in the dinner and it began to transform.Eight-foot-tall coal black skin with horns, a tail and wings, there was no mistaking that thing for anything but what it was, a demon.

“I haven’t felt pain in a thousand years, you will pay for that!”It roared at me.

I jumped off the counter and scrambled for the pistol that I had dropped earlier.It leaped over the counter and landed in front of me.I threw myself backward at the things huge clawed hand barely missed me.I turned and ran.I’m no coward, but you don’t fight a demon hand to hand no matter how good you are.It roared and came after me.I dived over the counter and hit the floor as it smashed the countertop behind me.I was lying next to the demon’s human skin and the shotgun.Grabbing it as I rolled onto my back I fired point blank into the demon that was just bending down to grab me.I worked the slide and shot it at in the face.It screamed in pain and lashed out with those big clawed hands.I pushed myself backward still on my back as I fired again.I shot it a fourth time and the gateway opens drawing it back to Hell.

I was out the door and, on my bike, headed down the road before the other patrons of the dinner realized it was all over.I could have stayed and played along as they praised me for killing the crazy man with the shotgun.They wouldn’t remember the demon at all, just his human skin, that was how it worked.But if I had stayed I would have had to talk to the cops and I’m still a suspect in a couple dozen hits, so it is best I just move on.



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