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Discussing some ideas behind unconsciousness and consciousness, and their differences and reasons and 'what are they's? Will do more stuff like this in the future. Things to look forward to:
Subconsciousness, The Simulation World Idea, and other things about philosophy and/or exestantialism. Enjoy y'all!

Submitted: March 01, 2018

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Submitted: March 01, 2018



Think about it: do you really know what conciousness is, or are you just being tricked into thinking that? There's a hypothetical situation which I'll call 'The Game'. If you think about 'The Game' you have lost and are out and must say, 'I have lost the Game.' You have thirty minutes to forget about 'The Game' again until the next loser. But the twist is that if you win, you are forever unconscious of that fact and will be to win.


The same way, imagine an ever-sleeping creature that only lives out its conscious life in the realm of its dreams to percieve them as reality. They would have no idea that they exist in any world beyond, or exist at all.Imagine a lucid dream, which is where you are mildly conscious in a dream. If clearr enough, this dream will be indistinguashuable from reality  all the way till the waking. Since dreams can often go much faster than reality,we might feel and experiance weeks of things, but in the real world, we have only slept one night.


Unconsciousness represents a state of trickery; maybe you aren't reading this text, maube it's just adream and you can't tell, and maybe this textis just your subconscious sending you a message to wake up alreadyyyyyy...? Okay, I got a little carried away. More imagining; this time I want you to remember of your earliest moments, maybe when you were one or two and a half years old. Do you remember your first food, your first breath, your first movement, being in the womb of your mother? You probably can't tell me all of that stuff , because at that time, your memories weren't always there, because at most points, your memory was taking no permanent intake, so you were basically almost unconsciously there for several years. Think, for several years of your life, you were empty-headed, lost, unconscious.
But to truly understand this, let's talk about what unconsciousness is and its definition. It reads the following: 'Being uninformed or unaware.' Now the uninformed part you can probably get past quick, but read unaware. 'Aware is sometimes used as in aware of your surroundings, or concsious. So what's that then? What's being conscious. Well the definition for that is being aware of what's around you, catching onto what's happenning. So you could say that it is a feeling of true existenance, of being. But phisically, really, what, why,when, how, or whatever other reason question, is consciousness there? 

Well actually, nobody on Earth right now can tell you - oh, and neither can the guys on the ISS or something else. When your conscious you are beholding things; though the fact that they are real is questionable. We have now got extremeley good tools and computer game programming techniques on our side and are also starting to realize their true potenial against us. If eventually you could simulate entire universes up till a certain far, far away point, then you could maybe even simulate conciousness. That's seperate, but this whole story is to explain something else.We may doubt everything that has ever existed or that is around us, but no matter what, we cannot doubt the fact that there is an 'I' doing the doubting in this situation. This was the thought process of Rene Descartes, the famous 18th century mathimatician and philosipher. As he famously quoted it, 'I think, therefore I am.' with 'am'  meaning  that you exist. Therefore, we can conclude that all conscious creatures know that they exist. Every conscious creature cannot conclude this in the simulation argument, but that's for another time.

When 'you', as your physical body shows,  are at your first birthday, are 'you you' at your first birthday? This might be compared to the state of death, as is often done. You could call death our final sleep, our last slip, all those things.  It is our ultimate, enigmatic unconscious trip, never to be conscious ever again. But this is only a close comparism, not an exact, perfect tie. When a guillotine blade severes someone's head, it is till conscious without a body for 7 WHOLE SECONDS!! Count that with me one.... two..... three..... four...... five....... six...... seven....... long for a 'dead' person, right? What about sleep, what is it? Is it like a conscious death, in which we awake again. Another thing; if people are conscious, how do we know? Now we also have robots that can seem to perfectly mimic humans in most aspects, so how do we know that anything beyond our questioning, thinking machine in our head is real, even this article that you are reading?

Unconsciousness is something really weird and hard to understand, or grasp, or have conscious knowledge about just because of the true internal nature of the things invlved in this question. And so is it even possible to find out anything about the true nature of what is physically causing 'consciousness'? Probably yes, eventually we will have these answers, and we will figure it out. Humans are a clever bunch after all( yourself included, of course:). But on the philisophical side - most of thus text - nobody has any idea about anything.

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