something has changed

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this short piece of writing is to explain my story about depression and hopefully show others how it can affect people and the thought patterns they go through

Submitted: March 01, 2018

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Submitted: March 01, 2018



Something has changed
By Max Hayden, My story about Depression

Something! Something about me had changed, I was no longer me I was…. Depressed, stressed and tired. Tired of living the same old day over, over and over again.

I started to feel like something was weighing me down making myself seem like I was shrinking. No one to talk to. Alone… I felt trapped, my mind had been tainted with something evil, like a spirit which once controlled me, making me break out in rage, pure anger. What was making me think like this? 

I travelled back to the sweet smell I remembered as a child, lying on my bed. Thoughts ran through my head. What is making me think like this? I felt like a shadow was watching over me, telling me I’m a failure that I wasn’t worth living.

Tears drippled down my face, wipe them, don’t let anyone know, wipe them! Fear, dread, that was all that was rushing through my head. Just go to bed! I walked down a narrow path of blackness just to find myself alone. No one knew what I felt, no one knew what it was like. 

I found myself looking through the web, trying to find out what was wrong. DEPRESSION, what was this unfamiliar word. Am I alone? ‘Stress, Anxiety and Depression are caused when we are living to please people’-Paulo Coelho, I knew I wasn’t alone, I could be saved from this never ending pit of guilt and sadness.

Something! Something had changed me.


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