The fantastic misadventures of Seig

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Just a Idea nothing in depth most characters and stats are place holders I havent even spell checked anything yet Summary: A reincarnated salary man (You) know the drill by now Truck-kun) gets OP
stats and is born to an elite family what he doesn't realize is this is an amalgamation of 3 games a single player dungeon crawler, a vastly popular VRMMORPG and you guessed it an Otome game. Seig
was a secret capture target. The otome game had an MC who you can make male or female. His was voted #1 rout because his sisters were also targets. Now he has to strike down flags while preparing
for the daemon kings return. Why cant the hero do it? Simple he's the third games male MC. So in a muddled world that doesn't have any Idea what its going for Seig has to set everything on the
right path. So long as the sub par author who he is magically aware of doesn't kill him off and end this whole fiasco.

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New life and sisters

Almost done with intro and yes it doesn't get better anytime soon chapter 10ish is the generic academy arc.
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Everyday life of an OP baby.

There shouldn't be anything dirty so get those thoughts out your head, after the debacle known as Val'Rathii I'm done with romance because obviously my attempts were less than admira- STOP PUT DOWN
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