a way far better

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A way Far Better Thanks to all worthy Friends who Motivated To write this. DEAR DIARY Love doesn’t make the world go around, Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. We were just playing around in
our colony, said Lara did you see That new boy in our colony, I said yes when I was playing, She Described him a boy with short hair, tall height and joined eyebrow Like angry birds and I laughed.

Gemini knew him coz they were friends earlier, We met in the garden I asked his name, He said Christopher. He Asked my name and I said lucyndra, he said sorry can you please Recall it and I said
why not!!! I said hey Christopher, nice to meet you and said we ‘ell see you Around tomorrow. He was a good dominator coz he made everyone His friends even me.......... Then that evening I told my
friend about him, Coz I knew that he surely understand....... Christopher was really an innocent boy, you ‘ill defiantly ask me ?? How did I know coz even you can see the way he portraits himself
but a clever mind player, shroud and diplomatic, not in portraying himself. After few days he started coming to our tuition and me, Gemini and Lara were very surprised. First day of the tuition, I
knew that he ‘I’ll be Little shy and embarrassed. Me just treating him as friend for few months and then the journey begins, when a girl me starts falling in love with this guy not physically but
mentally also. Gemini and Lara used to ask me, what do you find special in him that you started falling love with him? My reply was always same his innocence, his cuts, his curves, his jaw line and
his body… Like every boy stalking a girl, I used to stalk a boy, looks funny know.. But at every certain movement of time, I realized that I deserve better and even better… One of my best friend
said we just need to fly, fly and fly first …..

First . Love . Yourself Coz she knew that he ignores me and that which I never knew that ‘ill regret for it…………. She used to say me that loving at this age is like embarrassing yourself but I was
the one who never understood …. So I finally decided to propose him but literally a proposal of being friends to best friends ….. And know what; he said yes, I was feeling good. I still laugh
thinking of it!!!!! I was generously waiting for his birthday and finally that day came, I was excited as if my birthday was being celebrated, I gifted him a book named vampire diaries , a book of
lust ,love and life …………… Making these efforts was like getting closer to him but actually wasting your time on pathetic things........ Diwali was a good reason to get closer coz me wearing ethnic
Will surely attract him and like others girls I was correct in understanding his intention; No matter good or bad On Diwali I gifted him a Cadbury silk ……. And asked him for my return gift, I was
surprised that he really did. And know what he clicked a photo of mine and his phone…………… On Diwali night I went to his home to wish him and he picked up my dupatta and said take care of it, I said
, it can burn not just cloths but hearts ,he was like laterally blushing as if I was proposing him !!!!!!! This moment made him more special to me …………

By this time I started exchanging diary with Jemina, we used talk about the happenings of the day, highlights, day dreaming and the most important thing crushes!!!!! Jemina always used to motivated
me to go to him and tell him that I like him but I never had the guts to go to him and tell him coz I was always in fear of rejection but also a reason for self satisfaction……………… And the most
essential part of the story that still reminds was singing colours when he and me were blue.......... I was like Everything is blue His pills, his hand, his jeans And now I’m covered in the colour
Pull apart as it seams And it’s blue Love doesn’t hurt but our expectation do, so what mine did.... I genuinely expected a lot from him which he can’ t even imagine to be... In the end the reality
was really my expectations hurt me.

Now I was done thinking it ‘ s ok we can stay friends ,

So I started quitting him...... By this time he started giving me a ray of hope that he really does; l was really in a state of confusion thinking is it a game or reality. Then finally a year with
some good interpretation and nice hope. Seriously waited for a long, Jemina came to my house I was really happy and full of guts and today I definitely do it. After the tuition I called him, he
said ok wait I came up Dave I was little nervous that how am I suppose to propose him. It was so annoying instead of talking to me he went to nicks home I waited so long and finally a huge blast, I
lost my patience and I was just about to go he came running after me and said “did you called me up” I was really feeling to abuse him but I clamed myself. That day I really proposed him I said,” I
really like you” I asked him in formal manner yes or no , even I told no matter if you say no coz even after this I ell stay a good friend for yours and always there to stand by you in any
circumstances. He was genially asking Dave should I say yes or no , I was like damn man it’s your life you have to decide whether you want to say yes or no. He made excuses and said no lucyndra we
can just stay as good friends . Those broke my heart and from that moment i knew that it was mind game that was well played very well. Even though I’m his friend till date, but still feelings for

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